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Outliers presents the ‘Ghanaian Dream’



Outliers is a movement for people who are not afraid to go against the grain. It is a movement for those who are not afraid to tread paths where others might have failed. It is for the dreamers, movers and shakers of society. These are not just cool clothes, they are uniforms for dreamers #outliersrise



Our first collection themed “Ghanaian Dream Set” is a tribute to Ghana and the Africa continent. We do not in any way believe that going to Europe or the Americas to seek greener pastures in itself is bad, nonetheless we disagree with the mindset that the only way one can succeed is to leave the continent. We are advocates for the thought that “success lies in one’s hand and “the grass doesn’t become greener by magic”. It requires us with our hands and skills to grab hold of opportunities doing what is expected of us, that is the Ghanaian dream.

The Ghanaian dream set has three designs namely the sun splatter shirt, The Pastel dream shirt and the movers and shakers shirt. All shirts from the Ghanaian dream set are now available for purchase. You can follow us on all social media platforms   

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