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Parcel Tracking Sites Assist eCommerce Development in Africa



Ghana is one of the most economically powerful and potential countries in Africa, and this has been proven in the past. Ghana’s economy is growing rapidly, and more and more Ghanaians, especially young people, like to shop online and buy goods from home, China or other countries.

As in other continents and other countries, cross-border parcels also challenges Ghana’s local logistics system. Most African countries do not have a national street system, and couriers need to contact customers frequently on the day of delivery. In addition, many countries in Africa lack paved streets, and it is difficult for global logistics companies to enter African market. Couriers deliver goods mainly through motorcycles. Most of the local logistics only provide mainline transportation, resulting in very expensive last mile transportation, which is at least three times that of in developed countries.

E-commerce companies must solve this problem. Kikuu’s practice is to spend money on building a logistics system, particularly in important markets like Ghana. Recruiting delivery men, purchasing hundreds of motorcycles, Kikuu has built its own logistics team, and now has established more than 200 pick-up stations throughout Ghana.


In addition to local logistics, when cross-border packages have not yet arrived in destination country, how to track is also very important. People in Africa also shop on AliExpress, yet there are many logistics companies on AliExpress, some are truly not reliable, thus people would gradually reduce their purchases, which’s not good. Other e-commerce platforms often involve third-party logistics firms, even fourth party. Under this circumstance, if the e-commerce platform does not offer clear, simple and full path logistics tracking information, it is very necessary to get all-in-one universal parcel tracking sites.

Packages tracking is divided into two big types usually, bulk tracking and individual tracking. The former can visit to track packages in batches, copy and paste and click “Track”, suitable for those who buy a lot online, shopaholic you might say; the others can access to to track online orders. The system will automatically identify the exact carrier. Both websites support tracking national and international packets, and most express, postal services and EMS worldwide. Products from China are popular with Ghana people, and people can visit China Post Bulk Tracking and China Post Tracking to track and trace parcel and packages from China Post to Ghana Post. As long as your carrier has updated logistics information, there will be updates on these two sites. In this way, people who like to shop online have no need to open multiple sites of multiple express carriers just to track their items.

On either site, Tracktry or Ordertracking, you can get the most-updated tracking information of your domestic or global parcel. And, caringly users can leave their comments and questions to do with logistics, sharing shopping or shipping experience with others.