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Past Miss Malaika queens share their audition experiences



“In the end, we only regret the chances we didn’t take”Siera Bearchell (Miss Universe Canada 2016).This quote from a beauty queen who went ahead to represent her country at the global level sums it all up. Yes, there will always be that fear. But if tomorrow comes, which do we stand to regret the most? That we took a chance and didn’t quite excel or that we didn’t dare to try at all? For most ladies, the fear of being a part of a beauty pageant like Miss Malaika Ghana has mostly been the fear of surviving the auditions. That very first step where many beautiful ladies show up for a shot at the cash, the car and the very enviable Malaika Crown. But after 15 years and 15 great editions, there is no denying the fact that many young ladies have taken that bold step, conquered that fear and gone ahead to unleash great potentials through the Miss Malaika Ghana experience. 2015 Queen Kuukua Korsah narrates how she nearly gave up after being “overlooked” at her first audition. “I felt so broken…I was sure I did everything right and I didn’t even make a mistake when the judges threw questions at me. The people just said I should try again the following year…’”. And that was exactly what she did! “Tried again the following Year!” “The good thing this time round was that I had been here before so the butterflies were in check. I looked better, smiled broader, walked more gracefully and felt very happy within. I didn’t mind what the outcome would be because somewhere deep down inside, I could feel that it was my time”. Today she is Miss Malaika Ghana 2015! “Having experienced two auditions and winning at the second try, I am inclined to believe that beyond the beauty and elegance, the judges are also looking for a cheerful, free spirited and happy young lady who is willing to give her all” Kuukua Korsah.   ‘I went into the competition completely naive in terms of what to do or expect in a beauty pageant like this. But I kept an open mind; I was totally opened to the learning process and intentionally chose to be the best version of myself and gave it my best shot’. Naa Oyoe Quartey, Miss Malaika Ghana 2013. Audition morning was a totally different ballgame for this talented young queen. ‘The first two items I checked on my list were confidence level and speech delivery. What was the point in leaving home if I didn’t have the conviction that I would be picked? I looked in the mirror; walked, talked, sat, stood, turned and did everything before my very own eyes. You see, I needed to be triple sure that I was ready and by the time I left home, I knew I was set. Preparation…it’s always key!” Naa Oyoe Quartey. For Miss Malaika Ghana 2016, Leah Brown, audition day experience was somewhat surreal. ‘I was as shocked as the many who would later on see me on TV when the series started airing. You see, whoever knew me growing up would never have guessed I would ever join a beauty pageant. I almost didn’t even believe it myself so I was pretty lost on audition day” Despite all her fears and timidities, the lady who would later become the darling of many followers of the series arrived at the audition venue with a plan. “Perseverance! That was my theme and my plan. Told myself, no matter the intimidation or self-doubt, I was going to do this one step at a time and push through, giving the very best of my intellect, beauty and flair.” Three months later, Leah Brownwould be announced Miss Malaika Ghana 2016 at the grand finale hosted by Berla Mundi! Before Leah however, Eirene Binabiba, owned the Miss Malaika Ghana Crown, having won it after a rather exciting 2014 season. She recounts her audition experience with a broad smile, giggling from time to time. ‘Prior to the auditions I had heard many stories about the judges; said they were intimidating, strict, mean… so I devised a strategy that worked perfectly. Talk to them as though I were talking to my lecturers or older siblings; with a lot of humility and respect while keeping the butterflies and my composure in check” She had such a swell audition, the rest of the series was just a fun experience for her. Eirene Binabiba, Miss Malaika Ghana 2014 For reigning queen Pearl Mensah Nyarko her audition experience is summed up in three words; ‘Prepare, Prepare and Prepare some more!’ ‘Ahead of the search, my Mum and sister had acted as judges, while I prepped. They asked me questions, worked on my walk, my speech, my self-assurance etc. I took every single word of advice from them seriously and kept my mind and heart open to criticism. When I arrived at the auditions I felt ready. It was like going to write an exam…the kind where aside the subject being your favourite, you were dead sure you had covered every single area. I was ready and it showed. Preparation! It never fails. One can never be too prepared” Pearl Mensah Nyarko, Miss Malaika Ghana   And so we return to Siera Bearchell’s quote, “In the end, we only regret the chances we didn’t take” Auditions for the 2018 edition of Miss Malaika is slated for Friday 13th July at the plush Tomreik Hotel- Accra at 8:00 am sharp. Will you take a chance or live to regret it one day?    ]]>



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