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Pastor Joe Beecham to host impartation conference



Ghanaian gospel singer and songwriter, Pastor Joe Beecham is set to host the first edition of his ‘Impartation Conference’ to help today’s Christian youth to know and experience God through gospel music.

The one-day program, scheduled for Sunday, October 27, 2019, at the Jubilee Hall of the Charismatic Evangelistic Ministry in North Legon, is themed the ‘The Holy Spirit and the Song Service’.


Pastor Joe Beecham noted that most people just enjoy gospel songs without allowing God to visit us during music services. He believes it is time Christians, especially the youth tarried in God’s presence to receive more from Him.

“This is your time to receive the Impartation of the Holy Spirit. God will open up new doors and direct your path”, he said.


Through music, Pastor Joe Beecham has drawn many souls to Christ over the years with songs like, ‘Ao Yesu’, ‘Egya Fakye Hen’, Kae Me’ and ‘Masem Bi’ and seeks to continue through the series of Impartation Conference across the world.

Pastor Joe Beecham is a seasoned anointed Minister of the Gospel in Word and Music. His ministry carries the message of hope and righteousness to mankind.


With five (5) music albums to his credit, Pastor Joe Beecham’s Music ministry over the years has seen tangible miracles, numerous testimonies, life transforming experiences, a strong manifestation of the presence of the Holy Spirit and countless deliverances andprophecies.


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Bawumia says Ghana Digital Innovation Week will help to define a common vision for Ghana’s digital innovation agenda



A one-week programme bringing together pace-setters and stakeholders in the digitization ecosystem has been launched in Accra by the Vice President, Dr Mahamudu Bawumia.

The ‘Ghana Digital Innovation Week” is designed to bring together entrepreneurs, investors, researchers, university faculties, venture capitalists, as well as other technical service providers such as accountants, designers, contract manufacturers and providers of skills training and professional development to provide a common platform for practical conversations on turning innovative ideas into useful reality to address societal problems.

Under the auspices of the Office of the Vice President, Government, through the Ministries of Communication and Digitalization (MCD) and Environment, Science, Technology and Innovation (MESTI) also engaged at the highest levels, the governments of Israel, Germany and Rwanda, known for their innovative prowess, to help provide technical assistance.

Commending the organisers for the “excellent collaborative work done”, Vice President Bawumia said it was imperative that all stakeholders “talk to each other” as the nation strives towards achieving a digital economy fit for the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

“For far too long, things have been happening a in ‘silo-like’ environment in the digital innovation space. It is important that all key stakeholders are brought together, in a common space, to have frank conversations and cross-fertilize each other.

“This Ghana Digital Innovation Week will serve as a platform to discuss and define a common national vision that drives Ghana’s digital innovation agenda, generates wide interest, and prompts concrete actions in the polivy, legislative, regulatory spaces and the needed infrastructure.

“Furthermore, let us use the opportunity of this conversation to highlight our nation’s achievements in the digital innovation ecosystem and lead the conversation on how best Ghana can position itself to drive its development agenda through inclusive and collaborative stakeholder participation in this ecosystem.

“It is only through an open, inclusive and participatory process, where the voices of all can be heard, that we can craft Ghana’s digital future and unleash the true potential that innovation holds,” he urged.

While outlining some of the deleterious effects of Covid 19, Dr Bawumia maintained that technology provides one of the surest ways of recovering from the pandemic through accelerated and inclusive development.

“To rebuild our post-pandemic economy, there is an urgent need of investing in innovative technology to leapfrog the obstacles to inclusive development. There is perhaps no more important development revolution facing us now than the fast-approaching digitization and leveraging of technology to develop our country, Ghana.”

Cross-border cooperation, he emphasised, is key.

“To achieve this inclusive and accelerated development, all stakeholders must work together in order to grow Ghana and African countries’ innovation ecosystems.

“Tapping on the experience, expertise and networks of all countries, particularly our Pan-African brothers and sisters, will not only offer us a wealth of lessons and insights, but will also help us build effective collaborative innovation ecosystems.

“Innovation sees no boundaries. But for us to explore its full potential, we must join hands within our local ecosystems in Africa and elsewhere to strengthen our foundations accelerate innovations.”

Source/ AsaaseRadio

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Hurela Hair Brand – All Types Of Hair Wigs



Everyone is familiar with the details of fashion which gives us a unique look, that is, it sets us apart from others in terms of style. When it comes to hair, women are obsessed with managing it in their own way but are afraid of losing it due to other conditions like hair loss and dryness.

Some popular online platforms offer wigs and hair extensions that perfectly match your mood and environment to avoid such problems. Hurela hair is the most popular wig company which provides cheap wigs for customers.

Why Choose Hurela Hair?

If you want to change your hairstyle without damaging your hair, you can use Hurela Hair Products, as they come in different colors and sizes. Now you can fulfill your dream of dyeing your hair. You can stop the process of breaking the hair because the hair extensions are already broken with invisible hair lines to make it look real and natural. The product is considered a non-itchy and comfortable size that fits perfectly on the head.

Different Types Of Wigs Offered By Hurela Hair



Wigs are the basic layers of hair patterns that are associated with the hairstyles available on your head, such as straight hair, curly hair, wavy hair, and much more in different colors. You can choose the level of your hair and the length you want for the wig.

Human Hair Headband Wigs:

This superb headband will keep your hair wig and scarf from slipping. It is adjusted with hook and loop (scratch) fasteners for a perfect, secure fit. Wear it under your wig to provide a solid base that will prevent your wig from slipping on the back of your head. This is a must-have, for any Affiliate, promoting any program! These human hair headband wigs are soft and extremely comfortable on the head. Depending on the texture of your wig, wear it over or behind the ears. One size fits most. Just clear the space.

Curly lace front wigs:

Wigs that are becoming the most trendy among wig wearers are Curly lace front wigs. This wig is gaining popularity because of its ease of wearing and the comfort it provides to the wearer.


Hurela’s Hot Offer On The Occasion Of Black Friday

We are here with an activity that gives you heavy giveaways and gifts with huge discounts on them. 40% off is given on all products of our website and this is pretty sure that you would have to pay very less as compared to the original price of the product.

Free wigs are offered for customers who purchase more than a certain amount. A free 10-inch hair weave wig comes free with any purchase above and of 349 dollars. Free Pixie wig is offered for the customers who purchase for a certain amount of and over 399 dollars. The best of all offers is the free giveaway of the free bouncy hair wig that comes with a purchase of over 489 dollars.

Small gifts are certain to be given to every customer that is packed outside the package with hair tinsel in them that offers them for free.

Certain codes could be availed by the customers that shop for or some simple wigs.

  1. $10 off for customers who order over $99 code: BF10.
  2. $15 off for customers who order over $169 code: BF15.
  3. $25 off for customers who order over $249 code: BF25.


Hurela Hair is one of the top hair extension online stores that originally launched in China many years ago. They manufacture products from only certified and certified raw materials to ensure quality for consumers. Each product is customized according to your convenience and needs.

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10 earring ideas for this Christmas



They say the best things come in small packages so why not treat yourself or a loved one to a pair of earrings this holiday season. (more…)

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Hip Hop and R&B comes alive at Day N Vegas 2021, the highs and lows!



It was good returning to Las Vegas for a second time for Goldenvoice’s Day N Vegas (DNV) Festival, featuringperformances from hip-hop and R&B acts at the Las Vegas Festival Grounds, from November 12-14. (more…)

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Things You Should Keep in Mind When Buying a Car



Cars are expensive, and you should consider your options carefully before making such a big purchase. Buying a new car can be intimidating, and you must do your research and get all of the information that you need to make the right decision.


Here are the top things you should keep in mind when buying a car.

New vs. used car

The first decision you need to make is whether you want to buy a new or used car. There are advantages and disadvantages to both options. For instance, you will have access to a wide choice of vehicles when you buy a new car, and most new vehicles come with a three-year warranty as standard. Whereas used cars are considerably cheaper, but they are typically less reliable than newer models. Check out this blog by for more information on new vs. used cars.


If you decide to buy a new car, you can visit a car dealership to view and test drive different models. Do some research before you go to car dealerships so that you have a good idea of what type of car you like. Many dealerships also sell used vehicles, or you can look for second-hand cars being sold by private sellers on reputable sites like Autotrader or CarsDirect.

Ongoing auto costs

Running a car is not cheap, and you must not forget about the ongoing costs involved. Some of the ongoing costs of car ownership include gas, auto insurance, tax, and maintenance, such as repairs and annual services. Make sure you consider these expenses when you’re buying a car and check that you can afford the running costs.


There are ways to lower your ongoing car costs. For instance, you can save money by shopping around to find the best value auto insurance policies. Root Insurance offers car insurance in Colorado Springs and uses a unique app to measure your driving behavior, and if you drive safely, you could get a lower rate.

Financing options

There are several different financing options available when you buy a vehicle. Many car dealerships offer interest-free financing plans, although most will require you to put down a deposit. Calculate how much you can afford to pay back each month and don’t borrow more than you can afford. According to, “your new-car payment should not be higher than 15% of your monthly take-home pay.” Use Edmunds free calculator to roughly work out how much you can afford.


You may also qualify for an auto loan which you can repay in set monthly payments. Another option is to pay for a car upfront if you have the savings available.

Bottom line

Buying a car is a big decision, and there are lots of different things to consider, such as whether to buy a new or used vehicle and what financing options are available. Keep the above in mind to ensure that you get the best quality car at the lowest price and choose the right vehicle for your needs.




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KGL Foundation Launches Partnership With Achievers Ghana



KGL Foundation has launched a partnership deal with Achievers Ghana in Nima. The partnership, which was kick-started with the renovation of the Achievers Community Learning Centre, also in Nima, was attended by community leaders, parents and pupils of the Centre.

Speaking at the launch event, the CEO of KGL Foundation, Mr. Elliot Dadey, said girls have the same right to education as boys.

 ‘I was raised by strong Ghanaian women, and they instilled in me the crucial values of respect, compassion and a strong work ethic. If you educate a man, you are educating an individual, but if you educate a woman, you are educating a nation. And Achievers Ghana truly embodies that statement. Before me, I see the leading future engineers, surgeons, artists and scholars of this country. And it is our collective duty to safeguard that future’, he said.

The Director of the Centre, Mr. Amadu Mohammed, lauded KGL Foundation for the partnership saying, “the introduction of KGL Foundation and the refurbishment of the Learning Centre will help in reaching as many girls as they can. There are so many girls in the community who we would love to get into contact with to assist them in reaching their life goals and with this partnership, Achievers Ghana can get this done”.

The renovation included refurbishment of the classroom block, new desktops, Wi-Fi connection, replacement of wooden windows, provision of chairs and tables for pupils, tiling, among others.

Established in 2011, the Community Centre was established out of the need to help salvage the plight of the girl-child in Islamic communities. Hundreds of girls have benefited from this initiative, acquiring oratory and leadership skills; moving on to higher educational levels and giving back to the society and Centre that once trained them.

Mr. Dadey concluded saying the partnership with Achievers Ghana is part of the Foundation’s commitment to assisting local grassroots organizations whose contribution to society reflect the key areas of focus the Foundation aims to tackle in society; of which girl-child education is central to.

The KGL Foundation is a corporate social responsibility initiative set up on behalf of the KGL Group. The Foundation focuses on youth empowerment, arts & culture and health & sports. Their approach is to collaborate, innovate and empower all local grassroots organizers working in these areas, ensuring they have the resources to improve and safeguard their own societies.


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