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Patoranking talks ‘Three’ album and more on Apple Music’s Africa Now Radio this Sunday



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This Week’s Episode Features a Conversation With Patoranking, the 5 Hottest Tracks of the Week, and Ami Doshi Shah’s Favorite African Proverb!  

Tune in to Africa Now Radio With Cuppy This Sunday, August 2nd at 2p Lagos/London / 3p Johannesburg/Paris / 6a La / 9a NYC Only on Apple Music

Award-winning Nigerian dancehall artist Patoranking joins Cuppy via FaceTime on Apple Music to talk about his new single from his upcoming album, his educational scheme and the meaning of “Abule.”

The Big 5
Cuppy shares the 5 hottest new African tracks of the moment. This week’s selection includes new tracks from Djoje, Navy Kenzo, LaSauce, Locko and Mannywellz.

Africa Rising 
Nigerian newcomer Crayon is this week’s Africa Rising artist, a campaign which shines a light on the next generation of African superstars.


Proverb of the Week 
Kenyan jeweler and applied artist, Ami Doshi Shah, shares her favorite African proverb in Swahili, taken from Sauti Sol’s single “Isabella”: ‘Vunja mifupa kama meno iko.’ The proverb, which translates into ‘Break the bones while you still got teeth,’ means ‘You only live once.’

Tune in and listen to the full episode this Sunday, August 2nd at 2p Lagos/London / 3p Johannesburg/Paris / 6a LA / 9a NYC only on Apple Music at

Patoranking Tells Apple Music About the Concept Behind His Forthcoming Album ‘3’
“Three, because most of the good things in life comes in three. Check it out. This year I turned 30. Forbe’s 30 on under 30.”

“And when you pray, you say, ‘Oh, in them of the Father, the Son, and Holy Spirit.’ That’s Trinity. But here we’re talking about three major things, which is life, love, and happiness. So that’s what we did with album ‘Three.’ “

Patoranking Tells Apple Music About the Meaning Behind His New Single “Abule”
“ ‘Abule’ means village, but for us here in Lagos, we termed ‘Abule’ as hood area, ghetto. Like my Abule is Surulere. You get? This song here is me trying to talk about… My environment actually influences me. I’m highly influenced by where I come from, which is a slum. Before I make music, I just have a reflection of where I come from. That’s how I write music. I said, ‘This time around, let me even talk about the parties, how the party is in the hood.’ ‘What happens in the party and all those things.’ “

Ami Doshi Shah Shares Her Favorite African Proverb
“Well, it’s actually a phrase from an amazing, amazing group called Sauti Sol, a Kenyan group who have really made waves. It’s from their ‘Live and Die In Africa’ album. And it’s from a song called ‘Isabella.’ The phrase is ‘Vunaja  mifupa kama meno iko.’ ‘Break the bones while you still got teeth’ is the literal English translation, meaning ‘you only live once’ or ‘seize the day,’ ‘carpe diem.’ I think it’s a particularly poignant kind of phrase in this time that we’re living in.”


Radio & TV

Guest Blog: TV3 ‘Brings’ Big Brother to Ghana?



TV3 entered the media sphere on October 1 in 1997 and since that time it’s been peerless on the television scene. The Kanda-based TV station ain’t just “first in news” and “best in entertainment”, but it is “first” and “best” in virtually everything in relation to television broadcasting (and I am talking about Ghana, not the whole wide world).

TV3 is currently so far ahead that by the time the other television stations operating in Ghana match its ‘level’, the world would have probably come to an end. Apparently, the other TV stations are just mere statistic, lagging behind like a “tortoise” racing a “cheetah” (no disrespect, please. I am only stating the obvious).

Over the years, the TV network has established itself as the home of ‘original’ TV programming in the country. Whereas the other TV channels mostly telecast imported TV shows and/or TV contents from independent TV production companies (not forgetting the relaying of signals from international broadcasters viz. Aljazeera, BBC, DW TV, et al.), the folks at TV3 have invested in creating, developing, packaging and producing their own TV formats/concepts, albeit often ‘copied’ from other foreign TV programmes. Adesa Productions Limited (APL) was actually set up to oversee and handle all ‘original’ television productions at TV3.

In recent times, the team at TV3 has found its mojo for producing enthralling and entertaining TV shows (especially relationship/dating programmes), that keep increasing the number of eyeballs for the channel, making it the most viewed TV station in Ghana today.

In their quest to continue drawing big TV ratings, TV3 rolled out yet another compelling dating TV show called “Perfect Match Xtra” (PM Xtra) about a fortnight ago. PM Xtra is the sequel to TV3’s blind date show “Perfect Match”, which premiered last year on the network. Unlike “Perfect Match”, PM Xtra houses the participants together in a residential facility with rotating cameras/microphones capturing and picking every activity and sound in the house, à la Big Brother.


A 24-hour online streaming platform has been created to stream the show live for those interested in watching what the housemates are up to in the PM Xtra house. In addition to this, there are daily slots allocated to broadcasting the live feed on TV3 (Media General should ‘sacrifice’ Onua TV for the 24-hour live feed. LOL.).

A Copycat Version of Big Brother?

It’s no denying the fact that TV3’s PM Xtra reality dating TV show bears the imprint of internationally acclaimed Dutch reality TV franchise, Big Brother. And any first time viewer might even mistake it for “Big Brother Ghana” (this version of Big Brother doesn’t currently exist though).

However, the Big Brother show itself is not an original TV concept. The idea for Big Brother stemmed from the “1991 Biosphere 2 experiment” in the Arizona desert (U.S.A.), in which 8 men and women discovered how ‘hellish’ it is to live together inside an airtight glass and steel geodesic dome, that sought to replicate the Earth’s environment.

Big Brother was also inspired by MTV’s “The Real World” which first aired in 1992. This MTV show pioneered the concept of putting “strangers” together for an extended period and recording the drama that ensued.


Moreover, the idea of introducing a 24hr/7 live streaming video on the Big Brother show was highly influenced by “” (defunct since December, 2003). JenniCam was a popular website created by Jennifer Ringley (now known as “Jennifer Johnson”), an American college girl who became an “internet celebrity” in the late 90s and early 2000s after installing video cameras in her college room to share her daily activities with “web watchers” and “netizens”.

That’s not all, the term “Big Brother” was even taken from George Orwell’s dystopian novel “Nineteen Eighty-Four” (often published as “1984”), with its theme of continuous oppressive surveillance.

So clearly, ’tis not a big deal at all for the producers of PM Xtra to ‘copy’ some aspects of Big Brother or draw inspiration from it.

The PM Xtra Housemates

When TV3 announced that they were going to launch PM Xtra, some of us were hoping to see new faces on this new TV show. “Everyone deserves love” and there are a myriad of people out there searching for their “perfect match”.


But on that day, some former contestants of “Date Rush” (TV3’s other dating show) were the ones inducted into the PM Xtra house as housemates, much to the disappointment of some viewers (including yours truly).

Even if the organisers wanted to select persons who had taken part in the other dating shows on TV3, it should have been those youngsters who partook in “Perfect Match” last year and got “partners” from the show. After all, this is “Perfect Match Xtra” (PM Xtra)!

If this new show was created to feature “Date Rushers” (people who have taken part in Date Rush), then it should have been named “Date Rush Xtra” (DR Xtra). And this would automatically be the “Part 2” of Date Rush, such that if lovers met on Date Rush and afterwards proved to be in a serious amorous relationship, these “Date Rush couples” would subsequently be housed together with other couples from Date Rush to compete for “best couple prize”.

Considering how very popular Date Rush is, this TV concept too would be another hit show on TV3. There is absolutely no need for a sequel to “Perfect Match” because it is not highly acclaimed as “Date Rush”. It’s only advisable to do a sequel to a TV show if and only if it becomes successful and received rave reviews from the public and/or critics.

The team handling PM Xtra must go back to the drawing-board and “review” this PM Xtra format for next season. It is not too late to make changes to it after the maiden edition.


The PM Xtra House and Happenings therein

TV3 and the show’s sponsors no doubt lacked the wherewithal and big budget to construct a plushy home like the ones we have seen in the various editions and versions of Big Brother screened in different countries across the world. Nonetheless, they deserve a big pat on the back for putting up such an ‘elegant’ housing structure, which looks quite comfy and squeaky clean.

Looking at the live images, I wish the production team could add more cameras so viewers get to see the live feed from more different angles, especially in the bedroom, which looks too small for 10 housemates (the weekly eviction will eventually reduce the number of housemates). The 9 or so cameras in the house are not enough for this kind of elaborate television production. At least, 15 cameras would suffice.

Still on the bedroom, I think the organisers should have gone in for “double beds”, one for each couple. As a matter of fact, those bunk beds in there really make the whole bedroom looks like a dormitory for high school students (free SHS “fuor”! LOL.).

And instead of hanging long boom microphones from the ceiling like chandeliers to pick up sounds from the house, the production team ought to get tiny high-tech microphones that are invisible to camera, like the ones installed in the Big Brother house. The body mics the housemates always don not sufficient to be picking up sounds for TV.


The crew in the master control room (MCR) have been trying very hard to rotate the cameras in a way not to capture those hanging boom mics in the house, but oftentimes the rotating cameras betray them. I am just praying that the microphones don’t fall on any of the housemates.

Besides, I have been wondering why there are no cameras and microphones fixed at the lounge area of the house, knowing very well that the housemates would be spending time there every Friday night. Seeing TV3 cameramen in the background busily filming the housemates as they “party” all night just doesn’t look good on TV.

So far, the show has witnessed some squabbles and dramas, which mostly originated from the Date Rush show. Some of the housemates have a history together which dates back to Date Rush, and so, if you place these same characters under the same roof, issues from that past would surely crop up.

Right from the outset of the show, my ‘worry’ has always been how the housemates are inundated with excessive supply of food items to the extent that they take gleeful delight in wasting them, something they would not do in their individual homes.

For this reason, a limited ration of food must be provided to add a “survivalist” element to the show, just as it is sometimes done on Big Brother. The housemates must be starved like “prisoners of war” from time to time, or better still, the organisers should build a “piggery” near the PM Xtra house so as to be carting the tonnes of surplus food generated in the PM Xtra house to this facility.


Is it possible for the production team to install cameras in the bathroom for “shower hours” like Big Brother? This is definitely tongue-in-cheek, chale!

The Hosts

Since PM Xtra (Perfect Match Xtra) is the continuation of “Perfect Match”, I was expecting that Helen Appiah-Ampofo, who had hosted the maiden edition of “Perfect Match”, would be asked to take charge of the “-Xtra” edition too.

Another on-air TV3 personality I thought could also effortlessly host PM Xtra was AJ Akuoku-Sarpong, who had shown at her previous workplace (Citi FM/TV) that she has the gravitas to handle dating/relationship programmes.

Surprisingly, TV3 opted for Thiery Nyann and Adwoa Noella or Noella Donkor (as she now wants to be called) as hosts of PM Xtra. Honestly, these two were simply not up to the task. Thiery and Noella were such a colossal flop that AJ (the “Radio Princess” herself) had to be brought in last Saturday to salvage the show.


Thiery may be good at presenting sports programmes on TV3, but hosting a dating/relationship show is just not his forte. If TV3 ever create a sport reality show (like MTN Soccer Academy which used to air on Metro TV), they could ask him to host it.

For Noella Donkor (Adwoa Noella), she is still a budding TV presenter and must “understudy” her seasoned colleagues like Berla Mundi and Anita Akua Akuffo. She often seemed overwhelmed and tongue-tied on the show, which is a clear indication that PM Xtra is beyond her. TV3 shouldn’t ‘rush’ this lass who looks very promising on the media scene. Asking Noella to host a TV show of that magnitude is just like placing a “deep freezer” on the head of a “teenager”.

By: Eugene Selorm Owusu

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BBC World Service relaunches flagship shows in Africa with renewed editorial vision




New episodes of Dira ya Dunia, Focus on Africa TV and Focus on Africa podcast will air from 5 June 2023 on BBC News TV channel, BBC World Service radio and media partner channels. Focus on Africa TV, presented by Waihiga Mwaura, and Dira ya Dunia, with Roncliffe Odit, will build on the use of digital storytelling methods in the programmes, including the introduction of explainers, to help break down complex news topics with in-depth analysis, context and insight.

The new Focus on Africa podcast will continue to diversify the range of opinions coming out of Africa, and offering more context behind African news and current affairs. From 5 June, the podcast will replace Focus on Africa radio.

BBC News Africa will continue to hold power to account, and amplify African voices and a wide range of perspectives across its programming.

The changes support the BBC World Service’s plan to create a modern, digital-led and streamlined organisation that drives the most value and delivers more for audiences.



Mehvish Hussain, Executive Editor, BBC News: “The way audiences are seeking news is evolving and so are we. With the BBC’s trusted brand and our deep understanding of Africa, we are uniquely positioned to provide audiences with the independent news and analysis they need to make informed decisions about their lives. These changes mean they will be able to watch and listen when and where it suits them.”


Alice Muthengi, Editor, Focus on Africa: “We are thrilled to unveil the refreshed Focus on Africa TV and podcast to audiences. Our incredible production teams have worked hard to create new and engaging content that will provide our audiences with more value than ever before. Focus on Africa will be closer to our audiences,  providing more than just headlines, and putting African voices at the heart of our programmes.”


Athuman Mtulya, Editor, Dira ya Dunia: “For decades, Dira ya Dunia has been a trusted source of news for millions of listeners in East and Central Africa, as well as diaspora audiences. We have brought quality news to audiences in Swahili, evidence of BBC News’ unique multilingual broadcasting offer globally. As the new editor, I look forward to bringing our audiences a more in-depth, more engaging, and more relevant show than ever before. We want to ensure that we focus on stories that are representative of our audiences.”


BBC News current digital weekly reach in Sub-Saharan Africa is 15 million people, and has been a trusted source of news for millions in the region and the diaspora. It has a strong digital offer on multiple platforms which the programming refresh will build on.

Viewers and listeners will be able to access the programmes through BBC News TV channel, BBC World Service radio and via media partner channels across Africa.

Where can audiences find our programming?

  • Focus on Africa TV will continue to broadcast on BBC News channel at 1730 GMT and media partner channels on weekdays (Monday-Friday).
  • Focus on Africa podcast will be available via BBC World Service radio at 1500 and 1900 GMT on weekdays (Monday – Friday). You can also listen on global podcast platforms at 1500 GMT, and on BBC Sounds.
  • Dira ya Dunia will broadcast at 1800 GMT via media partner channels across Africa on weekdays (Monday – Friday).
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Empire FM pairs Joe Kumi with Hertilicious on Empire Drive



Empire FM pairs Joe Kumi with Hertilicious on Empire Drive

The hottest late afternoon show in the Oil City , Empire Drive takes a different twist this time as Hertlicious pairs up with Joe Kumi.

The introduction of Hertilicious on the show comes as exciting news as she has cemented her name and craft in the Takoradi media space .

She brings on board a new energy of charming engagement coupled with smooth voice of Joe Kumi , which promises to offer more fun on radio .

Hertilicious since her entry in the mainstream media three years ago has proven her growth to blossom into a household name.

Her new role , would add a whole new vibe to urban Radio in the Western and Central regions since Empire Fm has remained the undisputed leading urban brand in recent times and always noted for introducing innovations to delight its numerous listeners and followers .


Starting June 1st 2023, tune in to the leading urban radio in the western region , Empire Fm 102.7 from 2:15pm till 5pm every week day to experience this blend of the 2 exciting drive hosts , Joe Kumi and Hertylicious .

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Apple Music curate Afrobeats playlist inspired by Ted Lasso’s Sam Obisanya



unnamed 8 5

To celebrate the Season 3 finale of Ted Lasso, the series that has captured the hearts and minds of a global audience, Apple TV+ has joined forces with Apple Music to curate an exclusive Afrobeats playlist inspired by Sam Obisanya, expertly played by Toheeb Jimoh.


When Sam isn’t encouraging his football team, The Greyhounds, with his sunny optimism, this treasured character is proudly working at Ola’s, the Nigerian restaurant he opened and proudly named after his beloved father.


From Wizkid’s masterly crafted track “Essence” and Tems’ game-changing single “Free Mind”, to Ckay’s chart-dominating release “Love Nwantiti (ah ah ah)” and Libianca’s viral smash “People”, Sam Obisanya’s Afrobeats for Ola’s playlist is a tour de force of Afrobeats staples that have become known the world over for their irresistible groove.



Discover this eclectic selection of songs Sam plays for the diners of Ola’s on Apple Music today, and remember to catch the Season 3 finale of the show on Apple TV+ on Wednesday May 31, 9am SAST/ 11am Ghana Time/ 08:00am WAT/ 10am EAT


Stream Sam Obisanya’s Afrobeats for Ola’s here:

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Apple Music’s ‘The Dotty Show’ to feature Africa Month Special



unnamed 8 4

Apple Music 1’s The Dotty Show’ features Dotty interviewing the artists lighting up Apple Music with the biggest tracks across hip-hop, pop, Amapiano and everything in between, from across the globe.


On the last Wednesday of each month she hosts a special feature on her Worldwide Wednesdays show dedicated to the hottest sounds from around Africa.


“It’s impossible to celebrate the global impact of Black music without spotlighting the abundant sounds coming out of the African continent,” said Dotty, Apple Music 1 host and Lead Cultural Curator, Black Music, UK. “Our monthly playlist specials allow us to dedicate time to what is, to me, the most exciting and innovative music market in the world right now.”



This week’s episode is dedicated to Africa Month and features Seun Kuti, Fally Ipupa, Angelique Kidjo, Brenda Fassie, Alikiba and more, as well as an exclusive ChopLife Soundsystem mix that features the best in Amapiano and Afrobeats.



Check out The Dotty Show this Wednesday, May 31st at 2p London / 3p Lagos/Paris / 4p Johannesburg / 6a LA / 9a NYC on Apple Music 1.


Cover Stars Shine
As Africa Month draws to an end, The Dotty Show will celebrate the origins of African music to bring Apple Music’s campaign to fitting conclusion, spotlighting artists across various genres, namely Nigerian trendsetter Seun Kuti, Congolese singer-songwriter Fally Ipupa, Benin icon Angelique Kidjo, South Africa legend Brenda Fassie and Tanzanian megastar Alikiba.


Africa’s Greatest
Each of these artists were pioneers in their respective genres and their music became cornerstones for new generations to explore, sample and enjoy their rich discographies.


Check out the full episode this Wednesday, May 31st at 2p London / 3p Lagos/Paris / 4p Johannesburg / 6a LA / 9a NYC on Apple Music 1.



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EUROPA LEAGUE FINAL: Sevilla and Roma battle for trophy on May 31; LIVE action on GOtv



Pogba and Erik

SuperSport viewers on DStv and GOtv can look forward to the final of the UEFA Europa League which pits Sevilla against Roma at the Puskas Arena in Budapest, Hungary on the evening of Wednesday 31 May 2023.

DStv and GOtv is the only true home of football in Africa, offering a range and depth of action that no other rival can match  it’s literally ‘Unbeatable Football’! If you’re going to spend your money on something, it may as well be on the best football in the world.

Path to the final

Sevilla, who have the amazing record of winning the Europa League every time they have reached the quarterfinal stage, ‘dropped’ into the competition from the UEFA Champions League and went on to defeat PSV Eindhoven (3-2 on aggregate), Fenerbahce (2-1), Manchester United (5-2) and Juventus (3-2). They are just 90 minutes away from winning the Europa League for a record-extending seventh time (adding to triumphs in 2006, 2007, 2014, 2015, 2016 and 2020).

Roma’s path to the final saw them finish second in Group C behind Real Betis, before going on to defeat Red Bull Salzburg (2-1 on aggregate), Real Sociedad (2-0), Feyenoord (4-2) and Bayer Leverkusen (1-0). Last season’s UEFA Europa Conference League champions, the Giallorossi are hoping for continued continental success.


In addition, the winners of this match will earn a place in next season’s UEFA Champions League regardless of their finishing position in their domestic leagues.

Head-to-head stats

In head-to-head stats, Sevilla and Roma have met in just one previous match: a round of 16 single-leg tie (due to the effect of Covid-19) in the Europa League in August 2020 which the Spanish side won 2-0 thanks to goals from Sergio Reguilon and Youssef En-Nesyri.

Battles to watch

Jose Luis Mendilibar v Jose Mourinho – Mendilibar has done an amazing job in turning Sevilla’s season around, but he faces a tough opponent in the wily and wizened Mourinho, who is chasing yet another continental title.


Fernando v Nemanja Matic – These two veteran midfielders have defied father time to be outstanding performers for their teams in the ‘engine room’ this term, but only one of them will walk away a Europa League champion from Budapest.

Gonzalo Montiel v Tammy Abraham – It has not been a vintage season for Abraham in goal-scoring terms, but he remains a talisman for Roma and will be a player that the determined Montiel will have to keep a close eye on.

No rival can compete with SuperSport’s coverage. Our viewers on DStv and GOtv enjoy an unrivalled selection of football from around the world!

UEFA Europa League final broadcast details (All times GMT)

Wednesday 31 May


19:00: Sevilla v Roma – LIVE on SuperSport Grandstand, SuperSport Premier League, SuperSport Maximo 2, SuperSport Maximo 360 and SuperSport GOtv Football

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