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Patrick Nkrumah, The Man Who Has Travelled to 38 Countries To Watch His Favourite Team Play



Patrick Nkrumah, The Man Who Has Travels to 38 Countries To Watch His Favourite Team Play

They say travelling is like reading a book and happiness is a way of travel, not a destination. That’s why Ghanaian-born traveller, Patrick Nkrumah has spent almost half his life breaking the record of being the man to have ever travelled to 38 countries of the world for football matches.


Born in Ghana, into the Asante tribe that traces its origins as far back as 1670, the Asante Empire of Ghana now known as the Ashanti Empire, he joined his mother in England at the age of 10 years where he got to experience a cultural difference of sorts. From a hot to cold climate, having to adapt to eating fish and chips often and not plantain.


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Having lived and studied in Liverpool, his love for the Liverpool Football Club grew to an utmost extent and it is at this time that his travelling expeditions started growing, giving him one of his most memorable nights in Istanbul in 2015 where he watched his favourite team play at the UEFA Champions League final against AC Milan.

Patrick Nkrumah, The Man Who Has Travels to 38 Countries To Watch His Favourite Team Play

Patrick Nkrumah, The Man Who Has Travels to 38 Countries To Watch His Favourite Team Play

He recalls, ” Liverpool against AC Milan, the stage is set and it’s 3-0 at half-time. This looks like armageddon for the hopes and dreams of us Liverpool fans, after 21 years of waiting. for the European Cup to return to its spiritual home. And after 45 minutes, the dreams and hope of a city and its fans appeared over. 3-0 down to the mighty AC Milan.”

It is at this point that he decided to mix his business of travelling with football and well, he proved us wrong about the fact that we can actually mix business with football. He has since travelled to all the 38 countries that Liverpool FC has played in.

Patrick has been to Wales 18 times since 2001 just to ensure the team never walks alone as is their team slogan. It was in April 2001 that he travelled to Spain to witness Liverpool take on Barcelona at the Nou Camp in the UEFA Cup Semi-final 1st leg he saw the team draw at 0-0 something really broke his heart. His love for the team almost fell out but as they say, football isn’t for the faint-hearted, so he kept his head up and still showed love and support.


His social media is built on the premise of travel and lifestyle which he describes as the go-to page for every person in society that wants practical travel tips and restaurant tips around the globe, particularly from one of his favourite cities – London.

“All of this is done in a fun and factual manner,” he says.

Mr Nkrumah is hoping to visit all 195 countries of the world and watch his favourite team play against other teams across the globe.

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