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PDFBear 101: Getting To Know More About Some Of The Best Features Of PDFBear



People are using PDF as their primary platform for their files since it is more convenient, and it’s easier to edit. If you’re one of these individuals that want to have a more comfortable life to edit and carry their files, then you need to check PDFBear right away, and here are some of its best features.

Compress PDF

If you’re looking for a PDF tool that will compress pdf files in the most excellent quality, then you need to check on PDFBear’s Compress PDF tool. PDFBear has been providing excellent PDF services for quite some time, and what’s incredible about PDFBear is that all of its features are for free, so you don’t need to create an account or pay monthly fees.

Going back to Compress PDF, this feature is very simple to use. You can access it by visiting PDFBear’s website, and when you’re already inside of PDFBear’s page, you’ll see right away all of its available features that you can also use for free. Just click on Compress PDF, and after that, you can now start uploading the file you want to compress.

Once PDFBear completes compressing your file, you can now download it back to your personal computer, or you can send it directly to your email via Share Document of PDFBear, which you will also learn how to use since it will also be discussed here. Also, Compress PDF can compress files up to 1GB, which is very impressive.


Share Document

Are you having problems sending your PDF file via email? If yes, PDFBear has the perfect tool for you. Using the Share Document of PDFBear, you’ll be able to send your PDF in excellent quality without a problem at all. PDFBear also uses AES 256 bit encryption to ensure the privacy of the clients. Also, the system will delete every record that you uploaded.

Just like the other tools of PDFBear, sharing your PDF document is very easy. Just go to PDFBear, and click Share Document, which you will find right away on the front page of PDFBear’s website. When you’re already inside the Share Document, you can now start uploading the file and adding your recipient’s email.

PDFBear will also allow you to send an optional message to your recipient if you need to. After sending the file, you can copy the link and send it to other people, which is very convenient. PDFBear is very much compatible with any operating system, so you’ll have no trouble using PDFBear’s tools on any device.

Repair PDF

Repair PDF is one of PDFBear’s most valuable and useful tools that you can use to recover or repair your PDF. Dealing with damaged PDF is very inconvenient, mainly if that PDF of yours contains valuable information that might cost you your job or grade. With that, you can try using Repair PDF of PDFBear, and hope for a better outcome.


PDFBear doesn’t provide a 100% guarantee that your PDF will be repaired back to its original form, but at least you can do something rather than doing nothing at all. Although PDFBear provides a guarantee that if ever it can still recover or repair your PDF, PDFBear will do its best to offer you your PDF back in its most original quality as possible.

Suppose the question running to your mind right now is how to use Repair PDF in PDFBear. Just go to Repair PDF first, and once you’re there, you can click “select files” so you’ll be able to choose the particular PDF that you want to repair or recover. After choosing, PDFBear will start analyzing your file, and the system will automatically begin the repair process.

PDF Reader

Are you experiencing a hard time viewing or accessing your PDF? If that’s the case, you can try the PDF Reader tool of PDFBear. With the PDF Reader, you’ll not just be able to access or view your PDF, you can also print to have a hard copy of your file, and you can also share it with anyone.

Another cool thing about PDF Reader is that you can access it in PDFBear with ease; the interface is simple to navigate and very user-friendly. You can also use any device such as a mobile phone, computer, laptop, and tablet to access this feature from PDFBear, making it very convenient.


Add Watermark

PDFBear has a tool wherein you can add images or text as a watermark to your file. Having an option to add a watermark is amazing since other PDF sites out there don’t provide this kind of feature. It is also beneficial, especially if you want to patent your work or pictures so that no one can steal it from you.

The steps on adding a watermark to your PDF is very simple. You can start by uploading the file you want to have a watermark. After uploading the file, PDFBear will allow you to select the image or type the text to add as a watermark to your file. It also gives you an option to place the watermark, and you can start the marking process.

PDFBear eSign

Here’s another unique and useful tool from PDFBear, the eSign. With this tool, you don’t need to worry about putting a signature to your PDF or other person’s PDF. You can upload the file to PDFBear’s eSign tool, and after the file is successfully uploaded, you can now write your signature electronically. It’s easy, fast, and very precise.


If you go to Google and type on the search bar “PDF Tools,” you’ll find hundreds of different PDF sites, which is good because you’ll have many choices. But the problem is that you’re not sure which of them produces the best output. With that, don’t confuse yourself anymore; PDFBear has all the tools that will help you with your PDF needs.



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