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peace hyde (3)TV Personality, Media Entrepreneur and Forbes West Africa Correspondent Peace Hyde has been nominated for International Business Woman of the year Award by the prestigious Women 4 Africa Awards 2016.

The ‘Women 4 Africa Awards UK’ seeks to honour and award a number of women from African countries with a focus on celebrating and empowering Africa and its women by supporting and celebrating their role in their communities via Conferences, education and giving special honours on such women identified who are nominated by the public at a prestigious venue in central London. The categories have been carefully picked so as to encompass women in their many business roles.

Peace Hyde goes up against veteran Nigerian Stylist Toyin Lawani, Interior Designer Tola Akerele and Lalita Junggee Anousha from India. Peace Hyde who won the Young Ceo Global leader Award last year at the renowned imperial college London for her outstanding work with her education not-for-profit Aim Higher Africa was also recently listed as one of the 50 most influential people in Ghana. She is also the first ever Ghanaian to occupy the coveted position of Forbes West Africa Correspondent.

Congratulations and we wish her all the best.


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Beta Malt Flip It Challenge launched



Screenshot 2022 10 06 at 18.08.26

Accra Brewery PLC has launched a new challenge dubbed the Beta Malt flip It challenge. This is a 3 phased school-based challenge, where schools will be tasked to turn plastic bottles collected into usable materials. This simple yet impactful platform combines fun and a purpose to give plastic bottles a second life.

The Beta Malt flip It challenge was launched at the 5 Garrison school at Burma camp on the September 27,2022 with150 participating schools in Greater Accra. The occasion was graced by the Head of Services Basic, Jeffery Adjei – Ministry of Education PR Executive, Reps from Recycling Partners (Mckingtorch Africa, SESA and), creative arts teachers from 7 District educational offices in Accra and employees from Accra Brewery PLC.

There was an array of activities with performances from students of Services JHS on the negative effects of poor sanitation and the need of recycling.

Mr. Makafui Awuku (Founder and CEO of Mckingtorch Africa), spoke on the rising concerns of plastic waste, the dangers they pose on nature and the need to eradicate them with utmost urgency.

Christopher Gyan Mensah – Operations Manager of SESA assured the effective training of creative art teachers from qualified participating schools which will adequately aid them assist their students to come up with creative artifacts that will be useful in the society.

Also speaking at the event, The Head of Marketing, Chuka Nnaobi stated that, “this challenge seeks to develop the creativity of the children as well as impacting knowledge in them to assist them achieve their goals”.

The Beta Malt Flip It Challenge is going to be in 3 phases, the Bottle Collection stage where students will be tasked to collect empty plastic bottles to meet the threshold of 30 Kg to qualify to the next stage, the Upcycling training Section. The teachers at these qualifying schools will be trained by industry leads (Mckingtorch Africa) on how to turn the plastic waste into useful materials and will be provided with all the necessary resources needed. Then the final phase which will be an exhibition event to give schools an opportunity to showcase their creative works. There are a lot of prices worth up to 10,000 cedis to be won.

Beta Malt is a nonalcoholic beverage, Jam-packed with fortifying vitamins, minerals, and nutrients for a good boost. Beta Malt has, since its official launch in 2015, proven its mettle in the non-alcoholic Malt market, enjoying enviable patronage among many Ghanaians. Besides its functional and nutritional benefits of being a nourishing true malt, the Beta Malt brand has assumed a symbolic importance, carving a niche as a brand that inspires, encourages, and empowers enterprising, vibrant young Ghanaians to reach for greater heights in their various fields.

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Prophet Jeremiah Omoto storms Ghana with a mega Crusade



IMG 20221006 WA0050

The General Overseer, Christ Mercyland Deliverance Ministry Inc, Prophet Jeremiah Omoto Fufeyin is set to storm Ghana for a Mega Crusade dubbed “Ghana Invasion 2022” (more…)

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Tips For Purchasing authentic Japanese Swords



Japanese Swords

Japanese swords are increasingly becoming popular in the market. These swords will make you a modern-day warrior. They will help you cultivate discipline in your life. They represent simplicity and determination. Owning a sword will make you strong and confident. However, there are certain things worth considering before investing in a Japanese katana sword. Keep reading to find the things you should know before investing in a Japanese sword.


Carefully review your local laws. Before purchasing a Japanese sword, it’s imperative to ensure that your police department approves the ownership of such tools. In some instances, you may be required to obtain licensing to own an authentic sword. Alternatively, you may be asked to obtain an import permit from your governmental organization.

In case your sword gets confiscated for its misuse, your seller won’t be held accountable for providing insurance or issuing any refunds. So, be sure to observe the purchase protocols.


If you decide to make an international order, you might have to pay customs fees on its arrival. Thus, it’s important to consult your local customs office to find out how much you’ll be charged.


Determine if the seller offers adequate insurance. In most cases, the company will provide coverage if the swords were shipped by the Express Mail Service (EMS). The maximum amount of coverage is often equal to the sword’s original price. And it’ll only apply if your shipment gets lost or damaged.

Once you file your claim, you could receive compensation after EMS has carefully assessed your situation and proved that your sword got damaged during shipping.

Buying Your Sword Online

Purchasing a sword online can be quite tricky. And this is particularly true when it comes to antiques. Japanese swords have become increasingly popular nowadays. Because of this, other countries have been trying to imitate them while neglecting the level of care that the Japanese give their creations.


The katana swords are popular historical weapons. They’re considered to be collectible items because they were invented 400 years ago. They’re traditionally crafted with a unique type of steel known as tahamagane.

When combined with the meticulous smelting process, this will result in a tough weapon featuring a sharp edge. Before purchasing a katana sword, it’s best to conduct extensive research to confirm its quality and authenticity.

 For online purchases, it’s advisable to schedule a video chat to have a clear view of the swords. You want to make sure that you’re purchasing the right sword.


Tachi swords are much longer and curved. They were commonly utilized by armored samurais during the Muromachi period. They’re older and feature a more prominent curve than katana swords. They were once believed to protect their samurai.


Compared to wakizashi, tanto swords are much shorter and supplemental. They were commonly given to brides as gifts during traditional Japanese weddings. The Japanese believed that tanto offered sacred protection and kept evil spirits off.


These swords were designed for use in small spaces. They offered protection to the samurai warriors when they entered castles where they were prohibited. The swords became more prominent during the Edo Period when people had to identify themselves as military officers.

Sword Maintenance

When shopping around for a Japanese sword, there are specific guidelines you should take into consideration. This will help you to properly care for your valuable antique blade. Scheduling a virtual meeting will provide you with a thorough understanding of the sword’s functionality and how to preserve it.

What To Consider

Before purchasing a Japanese sword, be sure to check your local laws. Katanas aren’t legal in all countries. Certain states have very tight restrictions regarding the use of katanas.

There are numerous restrictions placed on the use of katanas. That’s exactly why true Japanese swords are extremely expensive and rare to find. Katanas are supposed to be sold with the correct paperwork, as well as, licensing documents. It’s important to store them in a safe place and not to openly display them.

Online Purchase

Countless counterfeit Japanese swords are being sold online. So, don’t be tempted to purchase them thinking that they’re authentic swords. Of course, they’re fabricated with steel and they could even be sharp but that doesn’t mean they won’t bend.

Traditional Japanese swords are created with a lot of attention and dedication. They’re hand-crafted and feature the highest quality on earth. Make sure that you’re getting exactly what you paid for. Most companies overprice their swords for nothing. They create counterfeit swords and sell them at exorbitant prices. Before making your final purchase, be sure to perform due diligence.

Becoming A Swordsmith

To become a seasoned swordsmith, you must undertake training with an experienced sword maker for about five months. Once you complete your apprenticeship, you’ll have to pass a certification exam that lasts for eight days. And after being certified, you can start practicing as a sword maker for many years to make.

Depending on the quality of your work, you’ll keep building your reputation until you become a renowned swordsmith. There are currently around 180 respected traditional Japanese sword makers.

Crafting Japanese Swords

Samurai swords are often designed with high-quality steel. The steel is recurrently heated, forged, and layered. It’s then taken through a repeated cycle of folding and tempering. Thick layers of clay are then applied to serve as part of the differential hardening treatment which sharpens the blade and makes it shock-absorbent.

The layering process is repeated until the desired outcome is achieved. They won’t stop until they’re satisfied with the outcome. True swordsmiths are committed to creating high-quality swords that are both elegant and well-polished. It can take up to eighteen months to craft an authentic Japanese sword.

The Bottom-Line

Buying a Japanese sword is a nice decision. Besides decorating your home, a sword is a sign of strength and confidence. It shows that you are determined and focused on achieving your goals. Swords are simple but era effective. Purchase the right Japanese word. Use the above tips and tricks to purchase the best sword today!

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Are Retrospec Bikes Worth the Investment? Things You Need to Know Before You Get Your Retrospec Bike



Picture 1 3

Retrospec bikes are produced by an urban company that centers its attention on manufacturing single-speed yet reasonably priced bikes. Retrospec was launched in 2009 by a student from the University of Southern California. Ely Khakshouri was inspired by the rising fame of fixie bicycles during that time in LA.

Fixie bicycles during that time were put together through the conversion of multi-speed bikes, and it was an arduous procedure. This made the fixie bikes pricey and people could not afford them. So Khakshouri found a way to build the fixie bikes de novo. He began by doing everything on his own, and he obtained the necessary parts by himself. He had transactions with suppliers of components, and he was able to produce economical yet efficient bikes. His first market was his school, and many bought his bikes. The demand for the bikes was consistent until he began selling online. It seems that a lot of people were trying to find cheap fixie bikes that were both high quality and aesthetic.

When you search for bikes and come across retrospect bikes, you will be attracted to their visual appeal. They have those timeless yet chic designs and a selection of customizable colors. These bikes do not just appear aesthetically pleasing, but they are also top-tier when it comes to quality.

Retrospec bikes are popular with the biking community in urban settings. They are simple but have a strong frame. They are also reasonably priced, with entry-level models costing around $200 and upgraded models costing less than $500.

Retrospec bikes are ideal for entry-level bikers. You can also trust their standards because the bikes are built by reputable bike component providers like Kendra Tires, Shimano, etc. Thus, you can trust that these bikes will give their customers a satisfying and comfortable riding experience.

Founded in 2009, they have upheld its position until now. They continue to innovate their models to keep up with the demands and trends of the times. Their innovative models include:

  1. The 2009 Alpha is the primary fixed gear model manufactured by the company that paved the way to being the standard for cheap and quality fixie bikes.
  2. The 2011 Beta featured the modern benchmark for flip-flop rear wheel hubs. It had the distinctive trifecta of the flat top tube, zero toe overlap, and bar-spin clearance.
  3. The 2016 Beaumont is the company’s introduction of multi-speed bikes with a 7-speed transmission.
  4. The 2017 Barron is a high-end bike with an alloy and aluminum frame that can be purchased for less than $500.
  5. The 2019 Omega is a single-speed bike with innovative aesthetics and upgraded components like riser handlebars, VP freestyle pedals, and more.

Fixie bikes are indeed ideal for urban commuting with ease, but the company has upgraded its bikes to traverse challenging trails. But again, the price is still affordable even with the innovations. So to answer, if Restropec bikes are worth investing in, then yes. They have multi-speeds that you can select according to your terrain and rider level. Models for children are also available. Retrospec aims to provide simple, affordable, yet efficient bikes for you to enjoy riding outdoors.

There are Retrospec bike modes that are all the rage. They are:

Retrospect Harper Single-Speed Fixed Gear Bike, which is only a little under $200. Classic, chic, simple, and minimalistic, it captures the interest of bike riders. It has a durable frame and double-walled rims. It has the classic flip-flop rear hub. The maintenance of this bike is also low-cost since the parts are inexpensive. It lacks those high-end components, but it serves its purpose well.

Next is the Retrospec Bikes Harper Coaster Fixie Model, a convenient choice for urban commuting and recreation. It is built with a handy bike rack and coordinated enders. It ensures safety and regulates the speed with its anterior and posterior brakes. It is economical, but its performance and appearance exceed its price value. It is easy to assemble and also low-maintenance.

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Twitter Co-founder Jack Dorsey to speak at the inaugural Africa Bitcoin Conference in Accra



Jack Dorsey speaks at ABC

Jack Dorsey, Chairman of Block and co-founder of Twitter will attend the first Africa Bitcoin Conference happening in Accra, Ghana on 5 – 7 December 2022, as a keynote speaker. (more…)

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Should Trader Joe’s Enter The Online Grocery Delivery Business Why Or Why Not?



Picture 1 2

The founders of the grocery store company that started it all in 1967 stand by the idea that they are dedicated to providing low prices. Customers love it because of the unusual and reasonably priced items it sells. It’s a retail giant, with locations in 43 different states from Alabama to Wisconsin. Products with the Trader Joe’s label are more prevalent than those with other brands, and they cover the gamut from the unusual and intriguing to the essential.


The fact that this restricted access exists is great news since it’s beneficial to workers. It’s possible that line of thinking still won’t have you ordering Trader Joe’s groceries online and having them delivered. To that end, I have compiled a list of the six most popular Trader Joe’s delivery alternatives brought to you straight to your door.


Is a platform that puts those who need assistance with mundane chores like delivery in touch with “taskers” who are able to complete the work for them. TaskRabbit customers can place their grocery orders at Trader Joe’s by following these steps:


-Access TaskRabbit via their official website.

-Tell them where to bring the items from Trader Joe’s and what you need them to bring.

-Pick the person you want to do the job. Someone called a “tasker” will run out and get the groceries and bring them to your home

-The provisions are on their way, thanks to Tasker.

-Use TaskRabbit for payment and feedback


Is a well-known website that provides classified advertising on the internet and allows users to buy and sell products online. Since you will be dealing directly with the vendor, Craigslist is merely acting as a go-between for you. On Craigslist, you can look for Trader Joe’s groceries by following these steps:


-Visit Craigslist and enter your zip code.

-Check out the “Sale” tab.

-Make a selection.

-Choose what you want by clicking on it.

-Review the information, then hit the “Reply” button to send an email to Trader Joe’s.

-The seller will then let you know when and where to meet up to complete the transaction.


Dumpling Grocery

Is a shopping and delivery app that lets users choose the store they wish to do their shopping at, and then delivers the things to their doorstep. This is in contrast to the majority of delivery apps, which give the Amazonbusiness no choice but to sign up with the respective delivery app. In order to shop at Trader Joe’s and take advantage of Dumpling’s delivery option:


-Check out Dumpling’s “Shopping” tab on the app.

-Trader Joe’s and other local retailers will appear once you enter your zip code.

-Make use of the app’s in-built live chat function to ask inquiries and voice your opinions.

-Make a purchase

-On-time shipping


Is a massive corporation that sells a wide variety of products, including food. You may order Trader Joe’s products through Amazon’s online grocery store. You can place an Amazon order for Trader Joe’s products by doing the following:


-Make sure you have an Amazon account, or if you already have one, sign in here.

-To access the “Groceries” area, navigate to the “Departments” section.

-You should look for the Trader Joe’s products that you desire, then click on each one individually.

-Examine the products and add them to your shopping cart.

-Proceed with the purchase by inputting your shipping address.

-Pick a mode of payment to continue.

-Place your order


Famous for its low prices and unusual selection, Trader Joe’s is a go-to supermarket for many. Trader Joe’s doesn’t offer its own delivery service, but you can have your groceries delivered by a third-party provider. If you’ve been putting off a Trader Joe’s order because of the store’s “no delivery” policy, you can stop worrying about it now. Trader Joe’s now has a grocery delivery service so you can get your goods delivered to your door.

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