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People could not separate the real me from the character “Pusher”- Adjetey Anang



In the history of Ghanaian cinema, the character “Pusher” remains one of the most significant, and although the character was played beautifully by Adjetey Anang whose persona is entirely different from the character, he hasn’t been able to move past the “stigma” playing the character came with.

According to the award-winning actor, playing “Pusher” on the hit TV Series, “Things We Do For Love” made his friends and his neighbours view him in a different light, as he was portraying a persona they were not familiar with.

In a chat with Felicia Osei on Onua FM’s #AdwumaAdwuma, Anang reveals that the people who knew him were shocked and could not believe it him playing the role of a “bad boy” so well when in reality he wasn’t.


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“It was difficult in the beginning when I started acting as Pusher…My neighbours were shocked and my old mates couldn’t believe it because I am not a bad boy so most of my friends tried to find out if after school I probably fell into bad company because I was a very quiet person and I am always observing,” he stated.

Adjetey Anang, who turns 50 in a couple of weeks, added that  “it was difficult for people to reconcile the Adjetey they knew and the one on the space.”

The renowned actor revealed that there were people who thought he shared the same character traits as “Pusher” and would not believe that they were two separate individuals.


“And there were people who believed that the character I portrayed was really my character because playing a character like Pusher then I definitely have such traits so I needed to prove them wrong that I was only playing a character and after that, I’m back to my normal self,” he shared.

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