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Perfume Lounge opens in Osu, Accra

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Perfume Lounge opens in Osu, Accra

World renowned East End Cosmetics Group on October 8, would outdoor the first of a line of perfume outlets in Ghana under the brand name , ‘The Perfume Lounge’ in Osu, Accra. The Perfume Lounge is the latest addition to the group and forms part of a chain of perfume and cosmetic outlets being launched in West Africa.

Established in 1980, East End Cosmetics offers high street products at competitive prices. The company offers branded, discounted perfumes, cosmetics, hair care, skin care, toiletries and beauty products. The extension in Ghana would ensure that Ghanaians are able to enjoy the same competitive prices on offer without having to source these products from outside Ghana. The group presently supplies throughout the UK and over 15 countries in Asia, Africa, Europe and the Middle East. The Perfume Lounge promises to be the first perfume outlet of its kind in Ghana.
“Our ability to offer such high end products at competitive prices, whilst still ensuring excellent customer service, has transformed the group from a reputable family business to a global operation. We’re very much excited to be able to expand to Ghana through the launch of The Perfume Lounge. We are equally thrilled about the prospect of building on our rich experience and network of retail stores to be able to offer our products, services and excellent customer experience to Ghanaians at extremely affordable prices.” explained Conrad Warnuckla, CEO of East End Cosmetics Group, in an interview.

“Continuing to keep our overheads low and developing strong relationships with our suppliers has enabled us to build up a sizeable business over the past 30 years. The group over the years has expanded into the wholesale market. Presently operating from three major warehouses, the group has increased its operations to an international level. I certainly look forward to arriving in Ghana this week to interact with Ghanaian perfume lovers like myself at the launch of The Perfume Lounge.” Conrad added.

The Perfume Lounge will officially open its doors to specially selected guests and its social network fans at an exciting celebration of music, dance and warm fragrances on Friday October 8. All guests will receive free sample perfumes and up to a 50% discount off any orders on the day.  One lucky guest will walk away with a full year’s free supply of top brand perfumes.

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Ameyaw Kissi Debrah, known professionally as Ameyaw Debrah, is a Ghanaian celebrity blogger, freelance journalist, and reporter.

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1 Comment

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