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Perry Official drops hot new single, ‘Pay Day’



OnePlate Music’s Perry Official has released his latest single titled, ‘Pay day’. The infectious afrobeats track celebrates the joy of having money on you on Pay Day.

Perry Tibiri, Born and raised in Accra, Ghana. He currently resides inthe United States of America. Perry was once a protege of VVIP previously known as VIP. Perry Tibiri continuedhis music career by forming a group formally known as OnePlate and becoming a founding member and writer of OnePlate’smusic.

The groupmade songs with Shatta Wale, Fresh Prince, D – FLex and more! After a successful run with OnePlate,with standout hits with Shatta Wale, Fresh Prince(4×4) and More. Perry is now pursuing a solo career with his debut single Catch-U featuring EL.