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Photo: Keagan and Seydou shake hands over Talia



 It seems there is no love lost between former Big Brother Stargame housemates, Keagan and Seydou over their love triangle that unfolded under the watchful eyes of Africa. While Seydou was in the Downville House he didn’t get along too well with Keagan and he was Talia’s man. When he left, Keagan made moves on Talia and succeeded in winning Talia’s heart which ended in the couple making love while in the house. Keagan won the Big Brother Stargame prize money and the heart of Seydou’s woman, but the two shared a moment shaking hands after Sunday’s finale show. It appears there were no hard feelings between the two who almost fought the night before Seydou and her partner, Esperanca exited voluntarily.]]>

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