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In Photos: Family of Victoria Hammah in tears as they reveal she is President Mahama's sister



The family of the beleaguered former Deputy Communications Minister, Victoria Hammah, at Kintampo has called on President John Dramani Mahama to “temper justice with mercy” and reinstate their daughter. According to the family, they were not in any way condoning the alleged unethical behaviour of Ms. Victoria Hammah, or justifying the issues talked about on the said leaked audio recording,, but were pleading with the President to save them from the shock and disappointment the dismissal had brought them. Madam Akosua Nimo, Grandmother of the beleaguered deputy Communication Minister, disclosed that Vicky Hammah and President Mahama were siblings, explaining that the President’s mother, Abena Kupor, was a direct sister of her (Akosua Nimo). “Victoria is a sister of John Mahama, because Abena Kupor is the mother of John Mahama, who is my sister.” Vicky Grandmother stressed. Madam Akosua Nimo further indicated that Victoria Hammah, from her childhood, aspired to become a politician and had taken serious actions towards achieving that dream, so her appointment came as a justification and a fulfillment of a dream, which was a joy to the entire family and the people of Kintampo. She said it was shocking and disappointing when the news came that Victoria had been sacked, due to the alleged audio recording of a friendly conversation she was having with a female friend. “I have been having sleepless night after the dismissal of my granddaughter, and plead with the President to forgive Victoria and reinstate her, even not at the same ministry,” Madam Nimo said. Victoria Hammah’s grandmother wept uncontrollably about their granddaughter’s ordeal, saying “My granddaughter loves her party (NDC) very much to do anything to destroy its fortunes, but she was trapped by a traitor, yet to be uncovered.” A former chief of Kintampo Nwoase, Nana Awiti Kufuor, an uncle of the former deputy Communication Minister, described the dismissal of the niece as shocking and disappointing, appealing to the President to forgive Victoria Hammah and reinstate her, whilst the family took her through series of counselling so that she would not repeat such a mistake. “It was due to her inexperience that has led her into such an ordeal, and her dismissal could worsen the situation due to her age as a young ambitious lady, therefore, she needs to be counseled by elders of the family,” Nana Awiti Kufuor noted. Nana Awiti Kufuor indicated that his niece was humble, obedient and respectful, so the incident was surprising to the entire family members and the people of Kintampo, since her appointment was an honour to Kintampo. Another Uncle of Victoria Hammah, who claims to be an elder of the New Patriotic Party at the Kintampo North Constituency, Nana Kwasi Fei, said his niece was trapped by an insider in the NDC, and unfortunately for her, she fell into the trap and was sacked by the President. Nana Fei indicated that though Victoria Hammah had erred, she should not be totally crucified by the public, since everybody could be a victim of such a situation, because traitors are hard to identify. He has, however, humbly called on President Mahama to rescind the decision of sacking Vicky Hammah to save her from double agony, because initially, she was traumatised by the leakage of the recording. The constituency vice-chairperson of the NDC at Kintampo North, Ohene Adu, a.k.a “Two Paddies”, on behalf of the party at the area, appealed for the reinstatement of Vicky Hammah to put life back in the people of Kintampo, since, according to him, the news of Victoria Hammah’s dismissal had demoralised Kintampo. Nana Efah Boakro, Kintampo Kyeremankomahene, who had just arrived from a funeral late in the evening, added his voice to the call on the President to reinstate Victoria Hammah or offer her another appointment in this current administration, to restore the satisfaction of Kintampo. According to Nana Effah Boakro, he was not holding brief for Vicky Hammah, but considered some portions of the audio recording as doubtful, because never would Victoria make such comments, which are injurious to the security of the nation. He, therefore, called for an urgent interrogation of the audio recording, particularly, in this era of doctored recordings to ascertain the motive and purpose behind the secret recording of Victoria’s conversation. According to him, there was no smoke without fire, so, definitely, there must be someone behind the whole machination to expose the young ambitious lady. 10 Enterance of Vicky Hammah’s family house kintampo 7 Inside of Vicky Hammah’s family house   9 front view of Kintampo NDC office 8 Kintampo township 3 Some relatives of Vicky Hammah in kintampo 1 Vicky’s Grandma crying uncontrallably 2 Vicky’s Grandma crying uncontrallably 5 Vicky’s uncle Nana Akwasi Fei 4 Nana Awiti Kufour, Chief of Kintampo Nwoase 6 NDC Vice Chair, kintampo, Ohene Adu culled from The Chronicle/ Michael Boateng, Kintampo]]>



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