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Photos: Miss Malaika delegates go on a charity drive



baby mary mary and members of ohemaThe essence of being a beauty queen is not to only have a pretty face, be confidence and eloquent; the most important factor of being a beauty queen is having a giving spirit or being charitable. This year’s Miss Malaika delegates have embarked on their first task which is the charity task; their initial thoughts were “oh charity tasks are always easy” but were given a reality check when they were tasked to go the extra mile with this task. All three groups (Joselyn Angels, Queens and Ohemma Group) keenly competed for the best charity task project as they all thought outside the box and undertook charity tasks that the lay man will not even think of .This is what the Miss Malaika delegates had to say for themselves after they embarked on their charity tasks… baby mary mary family and ohema group member of ohema team giving a speech Member of Queens painting with a smile Member of Team Jocelyn feeding a patientJoselyn Angels comprising of Twumwaa, Priscila, Naa Oyoe and Selma “The goal for our charity task was to show concern, love and affection to inmates of the Accra Psychiatric hospital. We did this by initially paying a visit to the hospital where we met with the head psychiatrist who shared with us concerns of the hospital. We finally decided to organize a party for them, a medical screening session, donate some items from the prospectus they gave us and then commence on a project for a borehole for the hospital. We went on sponsorship “hunts” individually and also as a group, but to our disappointment, we got no sponsorship on board, thus we had to go with donations from friends, family, and our own pocket and were able raise 4200 Ghana cedis. With this amount of money we organized a party, bought items for donation, had a medical screening, and also donated the balance of what we made to the hospital. The borehole project is ongoing and we hope to achieve that before the end of our journey through Miss Malaika Ghana 2013. Our project was successful and the gratitude shown by inmates and staff of the hospital was enough reward for the hard work and efforts we put into this project”. Queens Group made up of Abigail, Lordina, Lois and Yoda “Our charity task involved a day care centre for children between the ages of 1-5years old at old fadamah. We registered them for the NHIS, had a health screening for them in conjunction with the Sangy Health services and painted their classrooms with the help of the Nima Arts (NGO). The Queens group also donated toiletries, stationary, clothes, food items, medical items and spent quality time with them. What really touched our hearts were the smiles we saw on the faces of the children after seeing their colorful classroom, this nearly moved us to tears because it was at this point that we realised how deeply we had affected the lives of these children. The party and the donation turned the children’s smiles into laughter and at this point we knew were more than beautiful angels (Malaika) to these children”. Under the guidance of a reputable NGO (Adopt a Lamb), the Ohemma Malaika group which has Aisha, Eugenia and Betty “we took up a charity project for our assignment. This project revolved around a 4month old baby (Mary) who had “encephalocele”. Encephalocele, sometimes known by the Latin name cranium bifidum, is a neural tube defect characterised by sac-like protrusions of the brain and the membranes that cover it through openings in the skull. By the grace of God we were able to raise 3,000ghc for the surgery and baby Mary is well, healthy and alive. We have also donated baby items to Baby Mary; we will continue supporting her especially with additional cost of surgery or baby products in the near future. On behalf of our god sister; Hammamat and the entire Ohemma Malaika group, we say: ‘Thank you to everyone who supported us God richly bless you”. Watch the full charity task and get inspired by the giving hearts of this year’s Miss Malaika delegates this Sunday at 8pm on GhOne entertainment tv. Text your favorite delegate’s name to 1757 across all networks. Miss Malaika 2013 is brought to you by GhOne Entertainment TV with support from Charterhouse Productions.]]>


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