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miss ghana visit prez. nana addom5G6A7250The Ghanaian President, Nana Akufo-Addo has commended the Miss Ghana organization, the oldest pageant in the country.

According to the President, he was impressed with the organization’s various social interventions which has been spearheaded by various winners of the pageant. He said the Miss Ghana pageant “is of real value to Ghana.” The President was speaking at the Flagstaff House on Tuesday, March 7, 2017 when Exclusive Events Ghana, Organisers of the Miss Ghana pageant paid a courtesy call on him. The organization congratulated the President on his victory in the December 2016 elections and on Ghana’s 60th independence anniversary.

The visit was to afford the organisers the opportunity to inform the President of the plans for this year’s pageant (in line with the Country’s 60th independence anniversary) and the future hosting of the Miss World pageant in Ghana.
Inna Mariam Patty, CEO of Exclusive Events, who led the delegation which included three former pageant winners, told the president that the Miss Ghana pageant, over the years, had succeeded in promoting Ghana onto the world stage. The former queens present were Sheila Azuntaba Miss Ghana 1996, Afia Marfo Miss Ghana 1998, Selasie Kwawu Miss Ghanan 2001. He also commended the past award winners for their commitment to the Miss Ghana projects.

The Chief Executive Officer of EEGL said winners of the pageant, also concentrated their efforts on the aged, educational, health and environmental sectors of the Ghanaian economy, stating that one of the flagship projects undertaken by the Miss Ghana organisation is the Don Bosco Street Child Project. “We helped acquired a 10-acre land and built a hostel, where a lot of street children and those who cannot afford to pay their fees are given technical and vocational education. In the last 10 years, we have trained a lot of youth who can also contribute their quota to society,” she said.
With regards to healthcare projects, Inna Patty mentioned that several previous Miss Ghana winners had contributed immensely to minimise infant and maternal mortality rates, especially in the three northern regions. On
the environmental front, she revealed that pageant Organisers have partnered with the Forestry Commission to carry out various tree planting exercises across the country. To this end, she indicated that “we are hopeful that the proposal of having national support to host the world event (Miss World pageant) will be given a favourable
consideration. Countries lobby to host this prestigious event annually, as it generates millions of dollars in revenue and investment for the successful country. We are hopeful that in the nearest future Ghana, will be ready to host such an event.”

President Akufo-Addo, who thanked the delegation for the courtesy call, further described the Miss Ghana beauty pageant as “an event that promotes and sells the country.” It is for this reason that the President added that the Miss Ghana pageant “is something that should be of concern to all ” since it promotes Ghana as a viable investment and tourism destination.

The ‘Miss Ghana 60 Years On’ beauty pageant is expected to be organised in August this year, as part of the yearlong celebration of the 60th independence anniversary celebration.

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How to Prepare for Dissertation Defense: 8 Tips



Dissertation Defense

Writing a dissertation is no easy feat, and defending it is even more daunting. You have put in countless hours of hard work, and now you must defend your dissertation and ensure it is ready for approval. But where do you start? You are not alone. This step-by-step guide on preparing for dissertation defense is a comprehensive resource to steer you through the entire process. It provides a detailed breakdown of each step, from understanding what you need to do to preparing for the actual defense. With this resource, you can confidently approach the task, knowing you have done everything possible to ensure a successful defense. Read on to learn more about how to prepare for dissertation defense.

Preparing for dissertation defense: A step-by-step guide

Are you ready to defend your dissertation? Defending your dissertation is a significant milestone in your academic career and can bring great accomplishment. It is also a daunting challenge that requires much preparation and hard work. Fortunately, there are steps you can take to prepare for a dissertation defense. With the help of this guide, you will feel confident and ready. So, let’s get started!

8 tips to prepare for a dissertation defense

Read your dissertation

While different sources propose varying strategies and activities for preparing for a dissertation defense, reading your work is a constant. Doing so will allow you to identify potential issues or misconceptions in your work. Additionally, it will help you prepare for the question-and-answer session after your defense. You can also have someone read your dissertation aloud to you. Your supervisor or colleagues can help with this. Having someone read your dissertation aloud will make you more objective and critical of your own work, thereby unearthing potential mistakes. Students who use tutoring or dissertation writing services should spend more time reading their work to own and become familiar with their structures.

Understand your role and your responsibilities

It is crucial to understand your role and responsibilities before getting started. Your dissertation supervisor is responsible for determining whether you’re ready for your dissertation proposal defense. They will guide you through the entire process and will be responsible for ensuring your work is ready. On the other hand, you need to ensure that you’re prepared and have everything you need to make the process as smooth as possible. You must make all adjustments they suggest and meet all deadlines. Be on top of things instead of letting your supervisor push you.

Have a clear understanding of the format

The format of your dissertation can significantly impact the defense process. If selected for the oral defense format, you will be expected to present your research to your committee members via an in-person presentation. In that case, you’ll need to be comfortable speaking in front of a group and addressing their questions. However, if you’re selected for the written defense format, you will be expected to submit a well-written dissertation defense presentation, most likely in PowerPoint.

While many consider the written defense format easier, it’s more challenging. It requires students to send a defense sample to the committee in advance, giving them enough time to scrutinize the paper. This often leads to more difficult and demanding questions. The best approach in such a case is to seek help from professionals. For example, CustomWritings dissertation writing services can come through for you. The company writes research papers and dissertations for masters and Ph.D. students. Their writers know the specifics of a written dissertation defense and will provide you with a solid presentation. Most importantly, their services are cheap and timely, helping you beat even the strictest deadlines. Visit their website for discounts and more.

Plan for your dissertation defense

Your first step is determining when and where your defense will take place. You can find out if there are any additional requirements for your defense by contacting your university since they’re likely to have a specific process you must follow. Your next step is to create a timeline for the defense process, which should include dates for turning in various parts of your dissertation and when you must complete everything. Allow yourself enough time to complete everything you need to, but you should also set strict deadlines for yourself. Students who failed their defense presentations were often planless and unprepared.

Gather the necessary materials

Before you even step foot into the room for your Ph.D. dissertation defense, you must ensure you have everything you need, such as a copy of your written dissertation, pencils, and a notecard with key terms or ideas. A copy of your written dissertation is the most important thing you will carry with you. It’ll be used during the question-and-answer session that follows the defense. You can use your notecard to write key terms or ideas you need to include in your presentation. Pencils will be helpful if you use an overhead projector during your presentation.

Develop a presentation strategy

Your presentation should summarize your research and demonstrate your ability to think critically while synthesizing information. You should also incorporate visual aids to help your committee members understand your research better. You can use an overhead projector, computer, or even poster board. While defending a master’s thesis is not so strict, a doctoral dissertation is more stringent. In fact, you’ll not be allowed to refer to your written dissertation during a defense.

Practice your presentation

It is essential to practice your presentation multiple times to make sure you feel confident when you present it. You can do this alone or in front of a group of people. However, ensure that you deliver your presentation with the same enthusiasm and critical thinking you would use in a real defense. Thorough and diligent practice will help you become familiar with the structure of your research and allow you to correct any issues you might have with your project.

Understand the criteria you will be judged on

Your dissertation will be evaluated based on four criteria: originality, significance, clarity, and correct use of research methodology. These four indicators are essential to any dissertation, so it is crucial to consider them. However, basic etiquette, such as politeness, patience, dressing appropriately, etc., might also sway the board.

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Star Beer shines with Asanteman, begins production in Kumasi again



Star Beer Launch 14 2

Guinness Ghana Breweries PLC has today announced the relaunch of the production of the great tasting, quality ghanaian beer, Star Beer in Kumasi where it was originally brewed in Ghana.

For several years Star Beer has been a popular choice among consumers in Kumasi and it is often associated with casual occasions, good moments, celebrations and social events in the city.

Made from rich locally sourced raw materials, Star Beer is now closer to consumers in Kumasi with its signature million sparkling bubbles.

Commenting on the relaunch of the production of Star Beer in Kumasi, the Managing Director of Guinness Ghana, Helene Weesie, said: “Asanetman is known to be proud of its culture and royalty. Asanteman appreciates a brand that respects their values and proves it in its interactions with them. When we first started brewing here, it was about more than just creating a refreshing beer. It was about creating a connection to this city and its people”

“As we continue to execute a strategy to grow and expand Star Beer nationwide through cutting-edge consumer insights and marketing, we retraced our roots and decided not to gloss over it. I’m happy to say that, the connection Star has had with Asanteman has stood the test of time and is stronger now more than ever as we relaunch its production, in the Home of Star where it belongs”, she added

On his part, Head of Beers at Guinness Ghana, Roland Ofori noted, “Star Beer is a part of the city’s culture and tradition. Apart from refreshing the people of Kumasi since the 1960’s, Star Beer symbolizes the optimism of the everyday person in this region and that literally can be seen in the millions of sparkling bubbles in the liquid. Star Beer is not just a beer; it’s a part of Kumasi’s identity. Star Beer aligns with bravery spirit of the people, a spirit that drove their success against all odds through history.”

Gracing the occassion as Special Guest of Honor, Asantehene Otumfour Osei Tutu II was optimistic of the success of Star Beer in Kumasi.

“I am here because i came to assure you that i am always a part of this development and.i shall always be, for my people and for Ghana.”

Star beer is a great tasting, award-winning quality Ghanaian beer. Made from rich locally sourced raw materials. Star Beer has won 4 Gold Awards at the prestigious Monde Selection Quality Awards with its most recent win being in April 2022.

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3 Hotels for a Luxurious Las Vegas Trip



Ameyaw Debrah in Las Vegas

Traveling in style can be a great way to relax after a long year of work and family life. Then, if you are looking for the ultimate luxury and elegance on your next trip to Las Vegas, here are some of the hotels and resorts that can allow you to start and end every day with indulgence.Picture 1 20

Source: Instagram, posted on June 7th, 2022, Westgate Las Vegas Resort & Casino’s official profile

1.   Westgate Resort & Casino

With almost 3,000 suites and a hotel tower that is 375 feet tall, the Westgate Resort & Casino on Paradise Road offers six tennis courts, up to 2,500 square feet suites, and a spa.

The Westgate Resort and Casino is perfect for those seeking luxury. Not only do their spacious suites ensure a good night’s rest with amenities like black-out blinds, mini refrigerators, and even microwaves, but their spa can offer you everything from body scrub to a facial to relieve the tension in your body and help you to feel good. You can also rest and reset with their offering of golf, tennis, and numerous pools for you to relax in. There are also many luxury dining options available for you, from sushi and steak to delightful desserts that can get your mouth watering. Then, you should consider booking one of the Las Vegas suites that they have available to guests.

Picture 1 21

Source: Instagram, posted on November 25th, 2021, Bellagio Las Vegas’ official profile

2.   Bellagio Las Vegas

Bellagio Las Vegas has 3,950 rooms and 100,000 square feet of casino games, as well as a 14,000-square-foot conservatory.

Whether you are heading to Las Vegas for a wedding or another special occasion, you will be spoilt by your time at the Bellagio. Even from its exterior, where you can watch extravagant fountain shows, you will be able to enjoy the heightened senses and spectacle that go hand in hand with luxury. As well as wandering the botanical garden and enjoying the courtyard pool, you can call on room service if you want to bring your luxury to you. You might also decide to pair your trip to the Bellagio with a little bit of pampering in the form of their Medspa, which can allow you to get treatments such as Botox and dermal fillers during your stay.

Source: Instagram, posted on November 25th, 2022, Aria Las Vegas’ official profile

3.   Aria Resort & Casino

Aria Resort & Casino has over 4,000 guest rooms in towers 51 and 61 feet high and a 150,000-square-foot casino.

However, if you are looking for a resort and casino that screams luxury, look no further than Aria Las Vegas. Not only will their suites give you a beautiful look over the Vegas skyline whenever you want it, but you will also be able to enjoy a personal concierge service, a private pool for Sky Suite guests, and spa bathrooms. The hotel can also arrange a luxury airport transfer for you that can get you in the mood for opulence as soon as you land in Las Vegas. Then, you should not fear that you will be unable to get the luxury that you desire in Vegas.

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Schoolingyonda Proffer Solutions to Education Tourism



Funmi Modupe

As part of this year celebration of International Day of Education, Schoolingyonda, an educational consultancy based in Nigeria has proffered possible solutions to attract education tourism in West Africa. The firm believes that a special focus and marketing of our music, dance and fashion to the world will definitely increase the in-flow of foreign currency to the sector.

Education tourism is one of the different forms of tourism, and is a way to providing best education to students learning while enhancing knowledge. The increase in this type of tourism is based on the growing popularity of attaining knowledge and technical competencies from the best destinations around the world.

According to Mrs. Funmi Modupe, Principal Consultant, Schoolingyonda, “Our major focus with EduTourism is to simply showcase what we have, that which we as Nigerians are exceptionally talented and the world already recognize.” She said that in today’s education system, we should be teaching our unique dance, fashion and music styles to attract other students around the globe.

“You will all agree with me that these are areas in entertainment that the whole world already identifies Nigerians speciality. We initiate a dance step, the entire world copy and via modern technology, it goes viral across different social channels”, Modupe stressed.

The Way Forward

Some solutions proposed by Schoolingyonda will interest government institutions, administrators in the education sector, parents and the ultimate benefactors – Students. The firm argues that there is a pressing need for Nigeria to argument the existing programs especially in our tertiary institutions and centres of learning.

Nigeria has some unique dance styles which can be researched, recorded, designed and crafted into programs to be learnt by students from diverse regions. This will further increase the interest of young Nigerians in the arts and creativity.

The firm also proffers that there is a need to bring our dance and music into academic learning for posterity, developing history and increased diversity. Restructuring the arts with a good blend of our traditional and contemporary dance will definitely spark positive global attention.

Considering the CBN’s release of $680m for foreign education in 2022, Modupe believes we have all the necessary skills and talents to harness the economic benefits in creative arts. She advocates we introduce innovative programs infused into our traditional music, fashion and dance across selected public and private institutions.

Schoolingyonda is an educational consultancy service with the goal to offer students personalised study thereby assisting parents and their wards to acquire opportunities abroad. Interested participants can subscribe and watch on to comment and join the conversation on the development of EduTourism in West Africa.        

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Tom-Chris Emewulu Joins African Fashion Futures Incubator As Program Manager and EIR



Tom-Chris Emewulu, NY Times Square Featured Venture Builder Joins African Fashion Futures Incubator As Program Manager and EIR

New York Times Square featured venture builder and founder of Ghana’s edtech Stars From All Nations has been tapped to lead the inaugural African Fashion Futures Incubator as program manager and entrepreneur in residence.

The African Fashion Futures Incubator provides a space to challenge ideas and business concepts and give access to mentors and resources for 14 fashion designers from Ghana, Nigeria, and Rwanda participating in the program. The incubator will equip new, up-and-coming fashion designers and brands with the necessary skills and monetary resources to create a brand founded on ethical principles in regard to people, place, and profit.

Participants will experience an exponential and transformative program over a 9-12 month incubation period to scale their ventures and enhance their value chains. Through a tried and tested methodology, the fashion designers will receive hands-on support from industry experts across a global network and grant funding of up to USD 5,000 each and additional fundraising support.

The African Fashion Futures Incubator was initiated by ​Impact Fund For African Creatives in partnership with the African Fashion Foundation in Ghana, with Seedstars as the implementing program partner.

“Statista estimates that global revenue in the fashion vertical could reach $9.60bn this year, with a CAGR 2023-2027 of 13.01% and a market volume of $15.65bn by 2027. As Africa is the new frontier of global commerce, I’m thrilled about this opportunity to participate in building up Africa’s fashion industry,” says Tom-Chris Emewulu.

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Encroachment of Trasacco lands



PHOTO 2023 01 26 12 03 26 2

Empire Builders has observed with shock the defiance of management of Top Kings even when the Supreme Court of Ghana in its judgment ruled in the case of Empire Builders vs Top Kings and four others that “Top Kings (defendant) was declared owner of only one parcel of 22 acres and another parcel of 40 acres (39.5 acres)” which the aforesaid real estate agency have already exhausted and developed into ‘King’s Cottage’. The court further indicated that, 114 acres of the disputed area belonged to the Government of Ghana. It is worthy to note that, Empire builders subsequently purchased and paid Government of Ghana for the said 114 acres of land for its development .

It is therefore disturbing that Top Kings and The Nungua Stool would further encroach on acres of land that does not fall under its titleship while collaborating with the Nungua Stool, one of the defendants in the case to embark on this act of flagrant disregard and contravention of the apex court’s ruling and further courting public sympathy by alleging that, Empire Builders is preventing them from peacefully enjoying their property. Indeed although displeased with the outcome of the court, we have never challenged the fact that 62 acres was awarded to top kings and we have never tried to go onto their property.

Encroachment of Trasacco lands

Encroachment of Trasacco lands

Hiding behind the cloak of the Supreme Court ruling, Top kings has with the help of the Nungua Stool employed the services of the Southern Command of the Military under the auspices of Brigadier General Amoah Ayisi to offer them protection while they embark on their encroachment activities. It is regrettable but same is true, that, there have been deliberate attempts by using Omanhene and Asempa FM to slander Empire builders by creating the impression that, it’s chairman is openly defying the Supreme Court judgment whilst the reverse is the case.

Per the above, it is an act of transgression and contempt against the Court for Top Kings and the Nungua Stool to develop lands that does not fall under their remits.

Empire Builders is therefore admonishing the general public to treat all statements and publications from Top Kings regarding the aforesaid subject matter with the contempt it deserves.

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