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PinexGinja II Set To Bring Jamaica To Ghana Authentically



 2019 was heralded in as the year that called unto the African Diaspora. The Republic of Ghana has trail-blazed a national campaign beckoning the diaspora of African descent to visit Ghana, the Gold Coast. The climax of this call will happen during the popular holiday season, referred to as “Dezember In Ghana.”

Ford Communications in partnership with DreamxDefault is set to produce the second edition of the Jamaican themed destination event, PinexGinja (Pronounced  Pine and Ginger). PinexGinja II is the ultimate merger of Jamaican and Ghanaian cultures featuring top international DJ Bloodline Franco from Jamaica and renowned producer Juls Baby alongside Ghana’s very own Vision DJ. The party experience is set to happen on 24th December, 2019 at 6:00 PM at Pearly Gate Garden in East Legon. PinexGinja is an official Year of Return endorsed event.

First held in 2018, PinexGinja featured Jamaican DJ Bloodline Franco, Juls Baby, Vision DJ and Eddy Blay. The party’s success has led to its demand in Kingston Jamaica, as well as an encore in Accra. This year, Ford Communications and DXD have joined forces again to present PinexGinja II: The Bashment Edition. Attendees can expect  a 360-degree experience of authentic Jamaican vibes via the best music from Jamaica and Ghana, the most exquisite and authentic Jamaican food provided by Jamaican Spice International, visually provoking art installations culminating into a vibe that you can only find at PinexGinja.  The experience will also feature free WiFi provided by Busy Internet along with giveaways from Busy Internet throughout the night.

What’s a party without Jamaicans? PinexGinja is about celebrating who we are. This is more than a party, it’s a movement. PinexGinja is an effort to bring the Caribbean and Africa together,” shared Lakeshia Marie, co-founder of PinexGinja and Managing Director of Ford Communications, who is of Jamaican heritage.

The founder of PinexGinja, Mark Beckford had this to say: “PinexGinja for me is a vessel for the Diaspora to make  further connections to the continent.. Embedded in the experience are things that people love to connect over: music, art and food. So while people will be there soaking up a unique vibe and experience, they’ll be getting the underlying benefit of being in a time and space where people of the Diaspora will be as connected as they’ve ever been in recent history. And the relationships and friendships and partnerships that will bloom from this will rebound a thousand full to the universe.”

PinexGinja is a destination party experience curated by DXD Promotions and Ford Communications. The event is the ultimate merger of both Jamaican and Ghanaian cultures. PinexGinja will eventually take place in different cities, internationally.