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PK Boadi kicks off 2017 with Me 'Paa Me Ni' music video



PK BOADI kicks off 2017 with a brand new single called ‘Me Paa Me Ni’. Taken from his new album titled “Give Me You” that he released in October 2016.

“Me Paa Me Ni” is filled with PK Boadi’s signature vocals, as he sings about moving away from the world and connecting with Christ.

Below is what “PK Boadi” said about his song “Me Paa Me Ni”

“Me Paa Me Ni”  (Am I the one God has blessed this way) – Is a thanksgiving song I wrote, to give thanks unto God for what he’s done for me. Is a thanksgiving song I wrote, to give thanks unto God for what he’s done for me. I was an idol worshiper way back in Ghana Africa. I recall the day I went to see the fetish priest for help me to make money. In the process of getting everything done, My master and saviour Jesus Christ revealed himself to me and asked me to work for him which I obeyed somewhere 1994. I was amazed to know that He cares about a sinner like me. Looking back, remembering what I used to do for the devil and giving my life to Jesus, what I’ve seen in my life and how God is using me to bless lives, marvels me. Because I don’t deserve what am seeing the Lord do in my life .So I did this song to show my appreciation unto God for his goodness towards me and my family”, he said.


“When I remember what I used to do and where I find myself now. Thinking about it marvels me. I keep asking myself, am I the one God has blessed this way? Because of all your goodness towards me, I truly owe you my praise. I vow from today, nothing will separate me from your love. Thank you Jesus. “ME PAA ME NI”, he continued.

“PK Boadi, the award winning songwriter / singer is the founder and President of London Christian Youth Movement (LCYM) and also the founder of ‘PK Boadi N Royalsoundz’, a group made up of young kingdom minded and tale

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