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PL-3R Valkyrie Rail Mounted Light Review



PL-3R Valkyrie Rail Mounted Light Review

The PL-3R Valkyrie rail mount light is Olight compact weapon mounted light for pistols and sidearms. Combining a 205 meters throw with a 1,500 lumen max output, the PL-3R Valkyrie is best for law enforcement and self defense. The latest design has integrated the mounting base into the lights body ensuring the light stays where you put it. Featuring 2 different light levels, IPX6 waterproof rating up to a meter, and a powerful frame, the PL-3R Valkyrie is ready for anything.


Upgraded performance

Powered by 900mAh rechargeable lithium polymer batteries, it has a highest output of 1000 lumens and a maximum output of 1500 lumens with a 205 meters throw.


Rugged and flexible

The rail mount features an adjustable locking block with screw for a customizable fit on a range of rails. A robust locking device makes secure attachment while permitting simple one-handed mounting and dismounting without tools.

Amazing compatibility

Come standard with both Picatinny and Glock rail inserts for simple mounting to almost any little setup.


First impression

If you are looking for a new option for a weapon light, you are spoiled for choice. But the latest PL-3R Valkyrie from Olight is one you need to consider. Packed with specs, top on performance, and competitively priced, no doubt this is the real choice for your weapon.

The Valkyrie permits new flexibility in mounting options due to its creative mounting design. The really great part of this mounting system is the sliding notch and big screw sits in the middle. This permits the user to move the locking notch, accommodating a much wider range of rails. The PL-3R Valkyrie is also run by a 900mah rechargeable lithium polymer battery.

One test example appears with a perfect anodized FED finish with no issues, the plastic for the activation buttons feels robust and like it could take a best knock. We felt the markings on the light were just too loud, we would have preferred them to be black or another FDE shade to blend a little bit more, but this does not truly detract from the appeal of the light.


When completely juiced up the PL-3R Valkyrie throws out the 1500 lumens to a claimed distance of 205 meters. We did not have that much room to test distance, but it did a remarkable job of lighting up the opposite side of our big warehouse. The PL-3R Valkyrie also has 2 light levels to match the user’s objective and needs at the time. The users can switch the high brightness level between H1 (1500lm) and High2 (1000lm) by programming the highest brightness they want at any time.  There is an automated time warm protection feature that after so much time of constant on will decrease the output without user input as well, this serves also to make the battery life longer, should you need light for that amount of time.

Finally, the Olight PL-3R Valkyrie is a light that punches well above its price range. Its specs match that of light that cost twice the amount, has some specs than some of those more costly substitutes, and is sure to be a helpful tool for any person looking for a strong weapon light at a killer price.

Advantages of PL-3R Valkyrie light

Identify targets at night


The one is pretty clear, as many self-defense conditions happen in dark areas or at night. The most vital thing when it comes to risky encounters is determining whether a risk is legitimate before plugging the trigger. What if you fear and make a big mistake? Being capable to see your target rightly is very essential.

Some people pick to use a torch with their gun, while others find it pretty channeling. Moving around may become hard since you will be using both your hands at once. This is the reason more and more people are investing in PL-3R Valkyrie tactical light. It makes the process more convenient and straightforward, and it does not take away from your precision when taking a shot.

Blind attackers

Imagine you are in a fully dark room and any person points a bright torch straight into your eyes. This can be very confusing and disorienting. A weapon light provides you a meaningful benefit over a potential attacker because it can provide you an extra second to decide if the risk is legitimate and to shoot on target if necessary.


Increase control of your firearm by using both hands

Imagine you need to unlock the door or pull back a curtain with both your hands full? Try unlocking the door with a gun in one hand and a flashlight in the other and immediately take your firing position. It is nearly impossible, and a lot more difficult than Hollywood makes it out to be. Even if you are much trained, you would not be as precise holding a torch as if you would be with a weapon light.

PL-3R Valkyrie helps you control your weapon quickly, and it gives more right fire. When you shoot with both hands, you have a distinct benefit. Shooting with a weapon light permits you more amazing speed and efficiency than using a handheld light.

More easy to carry


Most people who carry a handgun generally need to have a few other things in their everyday carry. This can contain an extra knife or mag, and if you add a handful of torch – there may be too many things you need to take and carry around. A weapon mounted light is one of the ways to make things more straightforward and perfect. You will have one less thing to hesitate about.

Home defense

A carry gun is also a home defense gun for lots of people. If you have a weapon light, it permits you to carry your home without turning the light on and announcing your position. Sometimes it may not be simple to even get to the light switches. This is why having a weapon light is extremely helpful when it comes to home defense.



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