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PODCAST: Dem Times Episode 4 – Top Boy



After giving the worst apology in human history, Samuel’s attempt to play peacemaker with Kofi and Danny, the bullying prefects, fails miserably and things are only going to get worse. Now almost every prefect in Onuakrom Academy is about to enter into an all-out war against him.

Rumours of Samuel’s demise are imminent. His days are seemingly numbered. Judgment day is coming. Unfortunately, this news has yet to sink in with Samuel and his ego. His new nickname “Top Boy” is spreading far and wide throughout the school.

What’s worse, Tiwa and Efua are running out of time to perform miracles and get Samuel’s geography skills caught up with the rest of the class. There’s lots to learn before Saturday evening where weekend entertainment will be yet another talent show and jams, thanks to the charisma of Derrick and Belinda. Nii has promised, “ultimate revenge” on the pair of them for denying him his debate. What could he be planning?

Also, will Mrs. Ampofo finally be able to eat her lunch in peace without another “Samuel problem”? Find out in this week’s episode: Top Boy.



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