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Prayer Sessions Were Held to Cast Rap Demon out of me- Eno Barony Reveals


Prayer Sessions Were Held to Cast Rap Demon out of me- Eno Barony Reveals

Ghanaian female rapper, Eno Barony has revealed that it was difficult convincing her preacher father that she wanted to do music.

According to her, prayer sessions were held to cast out whatever “ungodly” spirit that had possessed her.

Recounting how her music journey has been so far, the rapper revealed to Andy Dosty on Daybreak Hitz that it hasn’t been easy.

“You know my dad is a Reverend…My mum she was not supporting me and unfortunately she passed so it wasn’t easy to convince my dad that doing rap is not a bad thing…” she recounted.

The singer also disclosed that even though she wasn’t present physically, prayer sessions were held in her name to cast out any demon pushing her to go into music.

“Some people feel like that the devil is still in me. There are times that some people held a prayer [session] for me. I heard they put my picture in the middle and prayed…,” Eno revealed.

Eno however added that she believes her talent came from God hence there was no way they could cast it out of her.

“the talent is from God so you can’t take it away from me. Besides, doing rap is not a bad thing,” she added.

Eno has no bad blood with her father because he listens to some of her songs sometimes and she still visits her dad’s church from time to time.

“Even two days ago he was like ‘I heard your song but do gospel”, she added.

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