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Premium: The Afrobeats sensation music lovers can’t resist



Premium: The Afrobeats sensation music lovers can’t resist

The Nigerian-born sensation has his sights set on the top. He is on the cusp of becoming one of Afrobeats poster boys and there is no stopping him.

As Afrobeats continues to assert its dominance as Africa’s champion sound, it is no surprise that the continent’s next generation of superstars are working hard to push the genre into exciting new territory. One such name at the vanguard of this movement is the Nigerian-born Premium. He is blazing the trail like no other budding artist out there to be the voice of a new generation, and the genre’s lovers are on high alert.

Born Edeh Victor Freedom Mmerichukwu in Enugu State, Premium has proven himself as the perfect case study for rising stars. From his days as a drummer in church to dropping a cascade of well-received hits, it is clear he has risen from obscurity to fame at a remarkable rate. In a short time, he has carved a niche for himself in one of Africa’s most competitive and busy music market through sheer ambition and talent.

Since his discovery by Shapmusic’s director Shad Appiah, Premium has gained momentum among fans. Following the release of his 2022 breakout single, ‘Mountain Bike,’ a supreme hit praised for its energetic and electrifying beat, the singer has released a total of four other songs this year alone, etching his name on a growing number of personal playlists with singles: ‘Yansh,’ a playful track adoring women’s curves and natural endowment; ‘Dilema,’ a touching portrayal of love and betrayal; ‘Only You,’ a romantic and soulful song dedicated to his special girl and the latest, ‘Love Garden,’ a collaboration with rapper Simple Don takes influence from a love experience of his during a recent trip to Ghana. And with his first EP on the way, he is far from done.


At face value, Premium’s music serves solely for entertainment. But to the singer, it is “the only way he loves to express himself.” He models his music after his life experiences, which revolve around his uniqueness. Every note he bellows, every lyric he utters is a form of therapy. They are medicine for the soul, with qualities meant to relieve listeners from stress and uplift them. Such complexity is why the buzz around his forthcoming EP continues to grow. Fans are eager to get a full-fledged experience of the artist’s vision and style, which is yet to receive a release date. 

Regardless, Premium’s fame is poised to skyrocket in the years ahead. With his eyes set on a stage show before the end of year, better believe the hype isn’t fizzling out anytime soon. A lot lies ahead of the budding vocalist who already has his sights set on the top of the culture. He is ready to conquer it all and is undoubtedly on the cusp of becoming one of Afrobeats’ household names. Anticipate.

If you are a fan of Premium and want to discover more about his vibrant style of music, you can follow him on his social media platforms below and stream it here:

Twitter: @Justpremium_
Instagram: justpremium__



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