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Why is President John Mahama advertising ‘Stable Jobs For All’ on my blog

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Why is President John Mahama advertising ‘Stable Jobs For All’ on my blog

mahama adI’m sure for some time now, some of you may have seen a government of Ghana advert on my blog saying ‘ Stable Jobs For All -Number 1 priority for Ghana’. First of all, I want people who think that the President or his team is paying me to show that advert on my blog to know that is not the case.  It is one of those Google Ads that pop up every now and then on not just my blog but also on most other websites. We may question why the President feels the need to pay for adverts to tell the world that this is his priority, but that is neaither here no there. My main conecern is that, what is the ad doing on my blog beacuse I the rate on that advert is so low and it is affecting my revenue from Google Adsense.  So dear Mr President, please ask them to increase the rate on the ads. Haha!!! This is one pointless post, I know! But it is the kind you do when you have had too much wine to drink at the opening of Marina Mall…Happy November to You all!!! Cheers

“”What Ghanaians need today are stable jobs that pay well and that they are happy to work at. Stable jobs that allow them to pay their children’s school fees and health bills. Stable, well paying jobs that make increases in utility tariffs inconsequential. And ultimately, stable jobs in agriculture, industry and services that are the machinery for transforming the economy, leading to real middle-income status for our dear nation.” Address by H.E. John Dramani Mahama to open the 4th Ghana Policy Fair Wednesday October 16, 2013″

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