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Princess Shyngle Could Face a Possible Prosecution over Alleged Sex Tape Scandal in Nigeria



Princess-Shyngle Princess-Shyngle[/caption] Ghana-Based actress, Princess Christianah Shyngle, who is at the centre of a scandal being investigated and prosecuted by the Delta State Police Command, revealed in an interview with Saturday Sun, how her sex videos and nude pictures got into the hands of a Nigerian, who used same to blackmail her and her friend. How did you come about the young men who invited you to Nigeria? They mailed us through Instagram, that they are producers and they wanted to collaborate in a movie, that is how we got to Asaba. That was how we got duped. For how long were you in Asaba? A few days. Specifically, how long did you stay there? Like a few days. I can’t really tell the exact days. I was there for a few days. Up to two weeks? No, I said a few days, not up to that. Maybe probably up to a week? I said a few days. I can’t give you an exact time. But a few days. So for the few days, what were you doing? The allegation made by the suspect was that they brought you to sleep with some big men– What! And get their percentage from the deal, but you tried to double-cross them and that was what led to the entire controversy That is why the matter is in court right now. They have been charged to court and remanded in prison custody. That is their own side of the story. My colleague and I have our own side of the story, which we can prove with our Instagram message and voice messages. Everything he said was obviously all made up. There is no way my colleague and I would meet somebody on Instagram and just move to Asaba to meet some men to sleep with us. That is just ridiculous. That is a big lie. They lured us to Asaba all in the name of doing a movie. It has absolutely nothing to do with no man. Part of our findings shows they have your nude pictures and sex videos, how did they get all that?  Like I said, we were lured to Asaba in the name of shooting a movie, but these people that lured us in the name of a woman,actually had their own agenda, which was to steal from us, extort money from us. They planted secret cameras in my friend’s bedroom so that when we are having a shower or walking around the room naked, they have pictures of those things. They stole my personal phone and also got my personal information, my pictures and videos. Those things, they used to blackmail us, that if we don’t pay them, they would use the videos and publish our nude pictures. The sex video was actually gotten from your phone? Yes. They got a video from my phone. They also got a video from the cameras they planted in the room of me and my colleague. Yeah, just that. We promptly reported the matter to the police in Asaba and they sorted everything out, arrested him and he has been charged to court and remanded in prison custody right now. So, can Salma testify in this case in court? The thing is we are still in court right now and I am not allowed to give out any deep information. We don’t want anything to affect our case, so I am being very careful. How much did you lose to them in all? I am not allowed to discuss that with the press right now. After the whole case is over, then we can discuss everything. Who paid for the hotel accommodation for the number of days you stayed there? Those are information I cannot release right now–– Even the person that paid for the hotel room? Sorry? You can’t disclose the person who paid for the hotel room you stayed in? I can’t disclose. They are all personal things. When the case is done, then you will know everything in detail. Right now, I can’t tell you everything. Well, they claimed that one of the men you slept with paid for the accommodation and you did not give them a cut of what you made. I never slept with any man. I never met with any man. Nobody had any agreement with me to meet any man. And no man paid for no hotel anywhere. That I can assure you for a fact. The police have all these information. Whoever is telling you all of this is a liar because I know the police definitely did not tell you this. That means you paid for the accommodation yourself? I am not saying I paid for the accommodation, neither am I going to reveal who paid for the accommodation, but no man provided me the accommodation. Is there any other thing you want the public to know about the case before we end it? The only thing I have to say to young girls out there is to be very careful on social media. My colleague and I were very lucky that we were not killed or raped. When the case is over, we would come out ourselves and let the world know what really happened in detail. Do you also counsel young people to keep sex tapes on their phones? No, definitely not, but when you don’t have any bad intention for anyone and did not expect that people would just come into your life to try to ruin you, you know, like I mean things happen, mistake happens. It was a mistake. From now on, any text message I keep on my phone I delete them. I don’t keep messages or personal picture of myself on my phone anymore. It was a lesson. And I hope girls out there will definitely learn from it. Source:]]>

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