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Pripyat Tour: TOP-8 Places In The Abandoned Town



When the disaster occurred, more than 40 thousand people were evacuated from the nearest to the nuclear station town. An accident was so sudden, that all the residents were forced to leave everything they had. In a short period, Pripyat had become the exclusion zone and it has been keeping this status till nowadays. No one is living there and no one will soon. Pripyat tour is a way to know how the town, full of the flourished life and industrial perspectives can become a place, where only grief and fear can be felt. How does the ghost town look like and what places should be necessarily visited to feel the atmosphere of renunciation?

The Most Popular Places In Pripyat

Nowadays, everything presented in Pripyat looks practically the same as on the day of the disaster. Simple architecture, old and untouched empty buildings – everything embodies the spirit of fear and hopelessness. What do trips to Pripyat allow to view?

  1. The amusement park

The famous Ferris wheel (was not used even once) appears in every photo, taken by tourists. Old swings, which were full of children playing there, stand-alone among the ruins of the past.

  1. Chernobyl “Bridge Of Death”

On the night of the disaster, hundreds of people were looking at the station burning from the bridge. Unfortunately, it stood too close to the radiation field. Most of those who were there at night acquired radiation sickness.

  1. The red forest

It’s called so because all the pines, which were growing there, became red after a few hours of the disaster. It has such color till nowadays.

  1. The arc radar

One of the three biggest installations in the USSR. It was used for missile tracking during the Cold War period.

  1. Cemetery of barges and ships

After the disaster at the nuclear power plant, all ships that were exposed to radiation during the transportation of goods had to be placed in settling. This quiet backwater was chosen as their final resting place.

  1. Cooling towers

The giant towers reach great heights. They were used in nuclear stations, especially – to cool the fifth and the sixth reactor blocks. Now it is available to come into them – the radiation field is minimally active there.

  1. The old shops and streets

Old cash registers, semi-automatic washing machines, remnants of counters are silent eyewitnesses of events and contemporaries of an era that has gone forever.

  1. The old swimming pool

It was popular among workers of the station and their families. The empty pit is only presented, without any sign of the alive soul.

How Can Trips To Pripyat Be Attended?

Pripyat tours in Ukraine are organized by groups of experienced guides, who have dedicated their lives to zone investigation and showing the truth to the world. They can be easily contacted and may help you to choose the correct type of your adventure.


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