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Sai wine1Sai Wine & Champagne Cafe is a great place for friends to meet, relax and unwind along the often busy streets of Labone, in Accra. Since I attended the opening sometime back in 2015, I had not been back until recently.

The opening was packed, so as much as I enjoyed the people, I had not seen the simplicity and coziness of the cafe yet. My recent visit was more intimate as I took part in a simple wine tasting event at Sai to familiarise myself more with cafe and their selection of popular wines, as well as new arrivals for the new year. Sai wine4

The wine tasting event was indulgent experience as we explored interesting Sauvignon blanc, Merlot and Rosé pairings with selected cheeses and meat. On a regular day Sai serves wines alongside complimentary food cheese and cold meat platters, oysters, clams, pate, salmon, lumpfish roe and others for the enjoyment of guests. Sai wine5

Sai wine & champagne cafe is wonderful addition to Accra’s interesting and evolving food and drinks culture. Sai sell’s nothing but wine and champagne from key wine producing countries through out the world.great place for friends to meet, relax and unwind, hold corporate meetings or simply just to drink some fine wine and champagne
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