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Q&A with Dagbani rapper, Saani

Ameyaw Meets

Q&A with Dagbani rapper, Saani

saaniSo after sharing some few singles of Dagbani rapper, Saani this year, i decided to have a quick questions and answers session with him to find out more about his music, the future and more.

Is Saani your real name? 

Yes, it’s actually my surname, my full name is: Mohammed Muntala Saani!

Where are you from? 


Were you born there? 

Yup born and raised

What Language do you rap in?



Did you want to do music when growing up ? If no what changed?

I’ve always wanted to do music. In the beginning I faced some resistance from a few people close to me; family and friends but my ambition has aligned them with my thought process and career choice


The language you rap in is a barrier, do you see yourself overcoming it? 

I actually don’t see it as much of a barrier, I honestly believe that if you put out good music people can vibe with it even if they don’t understand what you’re saying. An example of that is Phyno’s Alobam it was pretty popular among the youth across the country but not many of them understand Igbo.

I see “Half-A-loaf Projects” on your videos and social media are they a record label, a management firm or your executive producers? 

They’re my record label

For how long have you been signed to them? 

Just a couple of months; they signed me in November last year (2015)

Do you know why they signed you? 

Because I’m special Hahaha… Um I’d say it’s because they saw potential in me I’m working hard reciprocate the faith.

It looks like you’re a predominantly hip hop artiste is this true? 


Do you plan on dropping any dance music? 

Of course my next single might be an afrobeat song.

Do you yourself riding the trap/electro/pop wave ? Electro/Pop?

Yes I listen to a lot of Major Laser Afro Jack and the likes I would love it if any electro DJS did remixes to my songs. As for trap that goes without saying Trap is where its at now so I’ll definitely do trap!

Which musicians influence or have influenced your music? 

I’d say Lil Wayne, Kanye recently Travis Scott

Your debut Single is “Saani” why did you keep it only on urban media platforms?

Because that’s how my record label decided to promote it I can’t say I know why

What do you do when you’re not writing or recording music?

Listening to music, working out, watching TV shows, movies and play video games .

Have you started getting booked for shows? 

No not yet hahaha

What reception is your music receiving back at home? 

My people are proud of me , Saani got a lot of rotation there and I’ve received a lot of congratulatory calls from friends family acquaintances and the likes

You just dropped a second single “Holding on” it looks and sound personal is this assertion correct?

Not necessarily I just decided to rap about something I see people going through a lot of times.

On the average Musicians hit their peak after 5 years where do you see yourself in that time frame?

5 years I want to be a house hold name in Ghana and be a bit popular across the continent

What fuels that ambition? 

Talent Hardwork and faith in Half-A-Loaf Projects

Apart from the music are there any other things you’d like to invest your finances and influence in ultimately?

I can’t tell now but it’s safe to say that if an opportunity presents itself in the future and I have the finances, I’ll take a good look at it.

How can people get in touch with you and follow your music?

Via my social media accounts:

Facebook: IamSaani

Instagram: @iamsaani

Twitter: @saanimusik

All digital music outlets

YouTube Channel: Half-A-Loaf Projects

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