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Q&A with William: Behind the creative lenses of Franklin Gyan JR



Imagine how heartbreaking it will be when people who you regard as a family come tearing you apart with hurtful words that seemingly made you feel “useless” just because of a career you chose to follow to the latter. But amidst all of this, he has risen above mediocrity and what society says to blaze the trail in the photography space.

Although his face might not be out there, his breathtaking works speak for itself. Throughout the country, his work with MTN, Nestle, Samsung, Afrochella, Wilmar as well as Star Beer, FranIce, Orijin, Accra Mall, and others sits comfortably on Billboards throughout the country.

Today, Franklin Gyan JR. continues to shine a bright light on the many young creatives who look up to him as a beacon of hope for excellence.
Q: Tell me about yourself growing up, education, and how photography started for you?

A: I had my primary school education at St Theresa’s school, then I moved to Mfantsipim School where I had my senior high school education; I studied visual arts. From there I moved to Accra International School of Advertising and Design where I studied Graphic Design. I applied to pursue Communication Design at KNUST but was initially refused despite qualifying academically. I later managed to divert from my given course to pursue a degree program in Communication Design for four years.

Upon completion, I was privileged to work with Innova DDB, one of the giants in the industry, and as time went on, I developed the love and passion for photography. At the time, Dennis Dartey was my mentor. He was the one taking me through the entire photography process but unfortunately, he died in 2013. From then till now, I have had to learn everything on my own.

Q: At what point did you decide to fully go into photography?
A: During my National Service period. Right around the time, I was about ending my stint with Innova DDB. It was either I stayed and be a graphic designer or move into photography full time. During my national service, occasionally I was given the opportunity to shoot some of the brands because they saw the potential in me. With time, I realized my passion for photography was fast overshadowing my design prowess so I just had to switch.
Q: Have you always wanted to do photography?
A: Initially, what I wanted to do was architecture, because I loved interior designing but unfortunately, I don’t know where it passed, it just vanished.
Q: Considering what you studied in school, were your parents really in support of it?
A: Yes, my mother was, but my father was skeptical. He didn’t understand it. But yeah, he couldn’t do anything about it. He was just skeptical, he wasn’t sure if this was what I wanted to do. But someway somehow as time went on and things started developing, they warmed up to it. I once remember an uncle of mine rubbished everything telling me I am wasting my time with art and design. He really made me feel useless and that is why I am trying to improve upon my work to prove a point to him. He has apologized for a couple of times and regretted his action.

Q: Professionally, how did you land your first photography job aside Innova?

A: (Sigh) This is a question o! I think that will be Brommon. That was through a friend of mine, I think somewhere in 2015 or 2016.
Q: How was the feeling like for you at the time, looking at the caliber of person you had to deal with?
A: Honestly, I didn’t know who he was at that time, so it was more of do your good work, you know! Just pay attention and get the work done because, at the end of everything, it is your work that is going to make them come back. So my whole mind at the time was to get the best work out. Before I shoot any project, I first look at how similar stuff is done on the international scene because I always want to put out my very best. That’s how I push myself constantly beyond the limit.
Q: Generally, do you think creatives in Ghana are being appreciated for what they do?
A: Errmm, initially it wasn’t but it is picking up, I won’t even lie. It’s actually picking up because the presence of social media makes our work important or relevant. People are actually realizing that you can be a doctor or business owner but if you don’t have a creative on your team nobody is paying attention to you. You might be selling the most expensive thing but if you don’t have a creative on your team, it’s not going to work. Initially, that wasn’t the norm, things have changed. I’ll attribute it to the presence of social media especially because right now some old folks who didn’t appreciate art appreciate it now. You can see that more people are not having problems being entrepreneurs in the art industry because they’ve realized that being on your own even within the art sector, can fetch you money. It is being appreciated but it can be way better.
Q: Which professional photographer aside your mentor has influenced your life and how have you inculcated that into what you do now?

The bob pixel in the early stages and it shifted to Joel Grimes.

A: In Tech, I used to look up to Bob Pixel. I used to have his pictures saved on my laptop. He is one of the biggest shots in the industry but along the line, it shifted to Joel Grimes. And like I said, I’m more endeared towards the western world so initially, it was Joel Grimes because my mentor at the time, before he died, also regarded Joel Grimes as his mentor. But then I realized that as time went on with the world developing and everything, people’s art sense started shifting from his style because I realized people weren’t appreciating his style as much.

Q: What was his style?
 A: It was a grungy dark type of photography and not everybody was appreciating it so I gradually had to re-adjust and try and do something that will be more appreciated both in the commercial, lifestyle, and fashion space. So I came across one guy called Eric Almas who is a commercial photographer based outside and honestly, his works still keep me on the edge. He’s the benchmark for me.
Q: But have you tried reaching out to him?
A: Eric Almas, I’ve reached out to him a couple of times but he doesn’t reply so, yeah. It is understandable. He’s a busy guy.
Q: What makes your work stand out particularly to you?
A: Am I the best person to answer this question? I don’t think so. I think it should be the people who view it. My work etiquette is what I can talk about because I always want to make sure that the client is happy, regardless. In whatever I do I want to make sure the client is happy. Doing good work and getting it on time, is very professional, not following the crowd or popularity; those are my guiding principles. Some people are clinging on to the thirst for popularity so they’ll practically do anything to make them popular. For me, I’m not like that. Because I have an advertising background it is more about how to sell a product or service. So if I’m able to execute this successfully, it’s more like a gain, for me.
Q: Arguably, you’ve built a huge brand for yourself, looking at the kind of people you work for. What do you think you’re doing right that others aren’t doing?

A: (Sigh and Laughs) Eei chale, these questions, errm, I think it’s being professional and the way you carry yourself. The fact that you are a photographer does not mean you cannot wear long sleeves, you can’t drive a nice car, you can’t wear a suit, you can’t have some type of conversation with some people, you get me? I feel like people have narrow-minded or boxed themselves so much that they think because they’re photographers they can’t express themselves in a particular way, they can’t do this or be here. Personally, I think I can attribute it to the way I carry myself. Your branding and presentation, your work ethics actually, make you stand out.

Q: You’ve worked for huge brands like MTN, Nestle Ghana, Star, Sarkodie, Brommon, etc, the list goes on and on. How does working with these brands feel like?

A: It feels good, it’s a good feeling to know that your work is that good that they trust you with their business. So it’s a good feeling, seeing it on a billboard. Initially, when I see my work on a billboard I’ll be crazy, jumping, take a picture and show it to my mom. But in all, it kind of avers my mind to the fact that there is some level or standard I have to keep raising. Because If these big brands trust you with their work, that means you’re doing something right. That means you’re on the right track and definitely, to reach bigger brands, you need to do better each and every day.
Q: Back to that, you talk about doing something right. What do you think you’re doing right that makes them come back? Because like you said there are equally other guys doing great stuff?
A: You need to treat your client as a priority. If the client is not there you’re not there. Artists have this ego when it comes to their work which I think you need to put aside for some time to be a business-minded person. If the client is not there your services aren’t needed. So make the client happy and you’ll be good. Some people will argue with me and say that what if the client is doing something… You need to come to an agreement, I meet you halfway, you meet me halfway, sort of thing. When the client is happy, you’re happy. Before any execution of work, let the person know how you work if possible. Give them what they want, if there’s any way you can actually reshoot some work you did that they weren’t happy about, do it. It might be your loss but it might go a long way to take your name further.
Q: You shot King Promise’s ‘As Promised’ album cover, how did you come up with the concept?
A: So King Promise wanted an Afrocentric approach to his album cover so that was what was the focus when deciding on the set design and props that will be needed and he brought the ladies on set with him and I think GG Bespoke, the lady designer, also brought the cloth and styling.
Q: Coming to the creative side, how long did it take for you to come up with that?
A: Once he said it, as I said, it was something the client wanted, so I did it for him. The client has a desire so he came to me that he wanted an Afrocentric design to his album, he gave me a couple of pictures as his inspiration. From there, I went to Art Center to get the props. I did all the gathering, put them together and it came out the way it did.
Q: Any awards so far?
A: No award. The only award I’ve had wasn’t in photography it was in Mfanstipim where I was an overall best student in ceramics. (Laughs)
Q: Any Reason?
A: I still believe I have a long way to go and yeah, I’ve not even accomplish half of what I want to do so definitely I have a long way to go.
Q: You seem not to be the outing type, are you?
A: I’m an outing guy, I go out a lot. But because sometimes work comes in the way, you get tired and you’re unable to go. I’m not that type that wants to be inside, no. But I don’t like letting people know where I’ll be, therefore, making noise about it. Mingling with people is good, some type of people I must say. I like to go out because I want to meet a lot of people, I introduce myself to people, show my work to people. I do that a lot. So I go to events, meet prospective clients, and engage them in conversations that they are interested in not what I’m interested in, share a card, etc. So yeah, I do go out.
Q: Aside from recommendations from others, how do you get your clients?
A: I send DMs a lot. I do this because I have this advertising approach to things, I see business and I can tell what they’d need and how it will help them. So I move to them and I tell them, I’m Franklin and this is what I do, I can do this and this for your business, we schedule a meeting if you’re interested in what I have, I can tell you more about what I can do for your brand with my services. Secondly, I think social media. People see my work on social media, link up and that’s it.
Q: What should upcoming creatives be doing to reap the full benefits of their craft?
A: I’m a commercial photographer, I also do celebrities and fashion as well. First and foremost you need to know what you want to shoot. You need to find your space, some people are very good at weddings, they know how to capture moments. I might not be able to do that, but once you find what you want to do, nail it and nail it very well. Also, you need to know your target audience and work for the target audience. You don’t just do it because you want to be popular, you’re doing it because you’re trying to satisfy the people that come to you with their work. So whichever aspect you find yourself, you just need to do it to the level where the client will be happy. So don’t get complacent, I think our problem as Ghanaians is complacency. You look at Nigerians, they are constantly pushing the bar higher every single time. I don’t think complacency is in their dictionary and that’s our problem as Ghanaians. It is not just in the art industry, the problem is everywhere. So basically, find your space, find the audience even if they’re not in Ghana, be resilient, and make them happy with your work. Photography is a problem-solving tool, solve it with your camera. It is not just about taking nice pictures. There’s more to it than just that.
Q: You talk about complacency, has that in any way limited the growth of creativity in Ghana?
A:  I’ve worked with a lot of creatives and I realized that most of them get complacent because a few people in Accra know them, they’re good. For others, once they get a lot of followers they feel they’re on top. Followers aren’t money, you can’t buy a Benz with followers. Their whole mind is that when they get into the space of popularity, then that’s all, they are good. But that’s not the case and that’s where the complacency sets in. When they get some fame, they’re like oh, I’ve made it, I’ve done a few, after all when they need me they’ll come and call me. You’ll be forgotten because guess what, every year there are new sets of creatives coming into the industry. Every new year there are new sets of creatives bringing in new ideas. So if you constantly put yourself in that space of complacency, you’ll be out of business in a blink. When I started I was doing shoots that people thought it was a paid job. I’ll take a product and shoot but I wasn’t getting anything. But in the long run, people saw that, came to me and said, I saw that product shoot how much did they pay you, for it? And looking at how that shoot was done it gave me the opportunity to charge more.
Q: Has there been any moment where you felt humiliated for the work you did?
A: Yes, my second shoot with MTN. (Laughs) Oh my God! The work didn’t go on well. I think that was when I started. I didn’t understand strobe lighting, I didn’t understand a lot of things but they trusted me. It wasn’t the major job but it was one of those jobs that were going to be featured in a Newspaper so they asked me to handle it. But when I went in, my lighting wasn’t working and the shots that came out were horrible. Everybody in the agency blasted me, my competency just dropped. I had to build it up again.
Q: How did you build that up again?
A: I wasn’t directly working with MTN it was through Innova because they are the agency. So with that, I had to prove myself and because I was undergoing my National service then, I had to keep shooting till I won their trust. So once in a while, I’ll shoot and show it to them. They gradually realized it was a mistake. I convinced them, worked on some free shoots, then eventually, it worked.
Q: In the next five years where do you see yourself?
A: As a business owner, an entrepreneur running a huge multinational production company operating in and outside Ghana. Back in school, we used to produce Bissap drinks, I’m looking at going into the drinks business again not necessarily the same thing but the whole point is to be a business owner.
Q: Are you expensive?
A: I’m very affordable for those who can afford it. To some people it can be very expensive, for others it can be very cheap.
Q: You’re not married, are seeing someone?
A: I’m not married and yes I’m actually seeing someone. I will surely get married soon and well, everything is in God’s hands.
Q: Do you see yourself more as a business-oriented or a family-oriented person?
A: The thing is, there should be a balance between both. If I am not happy at home it definitely will affect my business as well. The more reason why I was pushed to work hard was mainly to escape hardship and other personal problems. I gradually started making myself happy when I realized I could work and work well for big clients to accept and even display it on huge billboards.
Q: You appear to be very friendly, is that who you are?
A: Yeah, I’m very friendly but people say I’m not. I’m always a happy person. Most people see me and they think I’ll be very difficult to approach but I’m actually a nice person. I think the reason why people see me as such is that I always have a serious face but that doesn’t mean I’m strict or not friendly. We are human and we certainly need human beings to move forward. You wouldn’t know where your next blessing will come from and who exactly that person will be. That’s why I respect everybody.
Q: On a typical day, how is it like for you?
A: Let’s say on days I have a shoot, I prepare myself very well the previous day with my team and plan on how things will go. And if I have some free time on my hands, I usually like to sit alone mostly by water or where there is cool music. I sometimes do that at Kempinski by the pool and get myself a drink and if I can link up with friends, I do. Mostly on Thursdays, we go for game nights but aside that I go see my girlfriend. I also use that period to research, and meet clients and edit my works.
Q: If you had the chance to start your career all over again, what would you have done differently?
A: I would have done real estate and architecture. As I said, I want to be a business owner.
Q: How do you define success?
A: My definition for success is being the best at whatever you see yourself doing. Being comfortable and not having the stress of purchasing what you want and helping people. Basically to encapsulate everything it’s just financial freedom with no problems.
Q: Who would you like to work with?
A: I would want to work for an airline company as in shoot for them. I’d want to work for KLM or Emirates, I’ll be very happy to work for a brand like that. I want to work with Nike one day or any Hollywood celebrity where the whole movie cast will be shot by me. I’d be glad to work for any reputable multinational company outside Ghana, for my work to transcend to all parts of the world.
Q: You haven’t reached out to any yet?
A: It is a matter of time, it is a building process. I don’t want a situation where I’ll go and pitch for a job and there will be a question and I don’t have what it takes. It will hurt me, and it hurts me when I lose jobs. Initially, I’ll even cry! When I lose a job that I know I’m competent for, I’ll either keep quiet and stay somewhere but if I’m not able to control myself, I’ll cry and be sad for a very long time.
Q: Has there been any case like that?
A: Oh yeah, there are jobs I lose, I don’t get it and I cry sometimes. I’m a very strong person but when I get emotional, I get very emotional, unreasonably emotional. I hate myself sometimes when it happens that way.
Q: When all is said and done what would you want to be remembered for?
A: My excellence, my work, and my ability to change the industry to prove to the people who didn’t think arts can fetch people money. And also prove a point to the parents whose kids have the desire to study arts and are being denied. Mind you, not everyone who read arts is failing. There’s a problem, most people think art students are the shallow ones. So if you don’t do well in anything, go to the arts and guess what they are the same people who come out to be the fashion designers, etc.  Apple, the richest tech company in the world works with arts. The aesthetics, design, and everything. There needs to be a mind shift.
Thank you so much for your time.
Guest: Thank you too, I’m grateful.
Interview by: William Lamptey
Editor: Joshua Quodjo Mensah

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Tropics Groups Of Companies Presents Its 5th Annual Tropics Business Summit October 12-16



The Tropics Group of Companies presents its 5th Annual TROPICS BUSINESS SUMMIT (TBS) which will take place virtually, from October 12-16, 2021. The theme for this year’s Summit, Accelerating the Transition to Circular Economy, will focus on eight key sectors for pan-African economies offering opportunities for investors in Finance and Capital Investment, Infrastructure, Energy, Agriculture, Consumer Products (FMCG), Sustainable Tourism, Telecommunications and Technology, linked to the economy including industrial ecology or the economy of functionality.

This four-day event draws on a multicultural community of investors seeking new markets’ opportunities, governments seeking to attract new investment, entrepreneurs/startups seeking capital investment or new ecosystems to help them thrive. The Summit will bring together a cross section of world class leaders, key global policy and decision makers, government officials, international investors, with ideas and insights to help formulate investment strategies, business leaders from all sectors at the forefront of global investment trends, investment offices, CEOs, heads of asset classes, small and medium business owners, influencers, innovators and senior investment staff directly or indirectly managing assets for institutional investor entities across Africa.

The digital format of the event will offer innovative content and feature 100+ virtual sessions, virtual deal room, marketplace and service providers, and a robust networking platform where Anglophone, Francophone, Lusophone, Hispanophone and Arabophone participants can make the connections they need to push their investments forward.

In addition to the four-day event, TBS will host two pitch competitions, before the Summit in October – Tropics Startups Pitch Competition on the 24th of September 2021 and the Tropics Women in Business Pitch-Day on the 25th of September 2021, both in search of the most promising startups where entrepreneurs will showcase their innovative products and solutions to global audience of major investors and industry leaders. Winners will be able to walk away with a chance to win over $800,000 in grant and cash prizes from financial institutions, investment companies, venture capitalists and institutional partners.

Venicia Guinot, Chairwoman and Executive Chair and Founder of Tropics Business Summit says, “This year’s summit will give participants access to valuable content, global exposure, and build relevant connections with the different actors of the innovation ecosystem. Our annual Summit is where strategic and deal-making gatherings of startup business angels, venture capital and innovation leaders from Africa, the Caribbean and around the globe meet.”

Tropics Business Summit (TBS) is an action and results-oriented business forum connecting 54 African countries to the rest of the world. The Summit takes place yearly in the month of October as a global, livestream event. It is a deal-making marketplace, where the summit organizers, along with their global partners, position the African continent as a key investment destination, forge new synergies and structure new deals that will help close the funding gap between Anglophone, Francophone, Lusophone and Arabophone markets. Businesses benefit from the opportunity to talk with representatives from Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs), corporations, investors, incubators, business accelerators, trade commissioners, and more, receiving advice on market development and access to foreign emerging markets.

Register to watch the TROPICS BUSINESS SUMMIT at home or from work, free on the web; global viewers need to register at to book their virtual seats in advance. Alternatively, you can register at Eventbrite to TROPICS BUSINESS SUMMIT 2021

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Let’s talk about



If you don’t know what it is, it’s a relatively new B2c online shopping app where people can advertise their products and services in few simple steps.

When I first heard about it, I thought it was just another usual online shopping App, except for me to find
out some outstanding features.

Fortunately, I managed to get access to the app and explored it over the weekend. I will say, it’s nowhere near what I expected it to be at all.

The best way I can describe the app is this: Atonzo is an app where you can basically advertise anything at all like electronics, fashion, properties, even job vacancies. And now, I can see why the platform has over 100 verified sellers in less that 6 months, since they launched it.

They took the concept of B2C shopping platforms (i.e. jij, tonaton and olx) and brought it to a whole new level. Even though there’s no Ios app Yet, as far as I know, the android app was released september 2021.

Personally, I can see it a great alternative to tonaton, jiji and olx. I’m not sure if I can say the same for other platforms. But, one thing is for sure, it seems like a great way to market your business, which’ll lead to more revenue and customers.

Now some other interesting things i found about this app is it allows you to post unlimited ads for free with little or no restrictions. the app gives you a direct integrated whats app button so that you can easily reach product owners
directly without having to save their numbers first before whatsapping them.

So far so good i can say its one of the fastest and simplest online shopping site i have used so far. After all that i made contact with the site owner,  Daniel Agblo, in my conversation with him he told me atonzo is a step ahead with combating fraudulent activities engaging in recent time online shopping cases. Apparently the site verifies sellers in an unusual way, registered sellers are made to verify their identities on a video call and some other interesting ways, he mentioned.

He continued by saying ,online marketing companies like play a crucial role in helping businesses boost their branding and sales online. Nowadays without some online marketing, a business is not going to be achieving its full potential because so much is done online. You reach more customers, it reaches beyond local marketing to global proportions and it helps keep you relevant in your industry when there is likely a lot of competition.

Downlaod the atonzo app via link[ ]

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HUAWEI FreeBuds 4i: The must-have earphones for your ultimate entertainment



Are you looking for a pair of new wireless earphones with high quality sound, super long battery life, impressive active noise cancellation, fast charging, and one that comes with a chic design? Huawei has exactly what your heart desires – introducing the HUAWEI FreeBuds 4iearphones with high quality sound, longest battery life and active noise cancellation.


HUAWEI FreeBuds 4i – Honey Red


Listen to your music with high quality sound

Huawei’s newest earphones are designed for the young, active city dwellers who enjoy listening to their music a bit more than everyone else does. Speaking of music, the HUAWEI FreeBuds 4i comes with a 10mm dynamic driver with well-balanced performance, ensuring sharp sound and high quality no matter the kind of audio. The HUAWEI FreeBuds 4i are expertly tuned for music, they subtly balance instrumental and vocal audio frequencies making these pair a great companion for all sorts of music lovers.


Rapid charging with long battery life

What is the point of wireless earphones if they cannot be charged swiftly or if their batteries run out of power every now and then? Another problem avoided with the HUAWE FreeBuds 4i, more charging speeds equals more operational time. The HUAWEI FreeBuds 4i can offer 10 hours of continuous music playback or 6.5 hours of voice call on a full charge. Together with the charging case, it could achieve up to 22 hours of music playback or 14 hours of voice call. Moreover, these earphones can provide 4 hours of audio playback with just a quick 10-minutes coffee break charge. Additionally, the HUAWEI FreeBuds 4i supports fast charging to address any concerns about low battery. Thanks to its fast-charge and impressive battery life, you no longer need to worry about the battery level when you are out or rush back home just to charge your earphones.


Isolate yourself from unwanted noise

Listening to your favourite tunes when in noisy places could be a challenge, we know. Talking to your superior over the phone when in crowded areas can also be difficult sometimes, thankfully the HUAWEI FreeBuds 4i addresses these issues. The HUAWEI FreeBuds 4i actively cancels out noise to provide you with immersive audio, regardless of where you are. Moreover, the HUAWEI FreeBuds 4i comes with an Awareness mode to stay aware of your surroundings and communicate clearly with those around you without having to take off the earphones.

Your calls are also clear, thanks to the multiple technologies used by the HUAWEI FreeBuds 4i including the emission of “inverted soundwave”, supported by two external microphones for accurate sound pickup. It also comes with a unique anti-wind design, which can effectively improve wind noise cancellation for greater call clarity.


A chic and dapper design

Since you are probably going to be wearing earphones a lot, you do not only need them to provide you with high quality sound but you also need them to be sleek and stylish. The HUAWEI FreeBuds 4i comes in three colourways: Ceramic White, Carbon Black and Red, they are also lightweight fitting the ear canal and ultimately making them comfortable to wear all-day long.

Buy the Huawei Freebuds 4i now for GHS429 and get a free gift in the Huawei Back To School Promo. Available at the Huawei Experience Store Accra Mall and Accredited Retail Stores.

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How to Mail Order Cannabis at your Doorstep today



Marijuana consumption is typically believed to be harmful to health around the world. However, the fact that it provides various health benefits might take you by shock. 

This article will discuss some of the medical benefits that marijuana has to offer. For further information, check out buy weed online from HighGlowCo. Canada

A Brief History of Marijuana

To get started, let’s travel back to 2737 BC. History says that the first direct reference was discovered in China. The Chinese emperor Shen Nung’s writings were the home to this reference. Cannabis was first employed for psychoactive compounds. 

Over the course, its use traveled from China to India then to North America. It eventually ended up in Europe in 500 AD. The United States Pharmacopeia recognized weed from 1850 to 1942. It was employed for treating various medical conditions like nausea, labor pain, pain, and rheumatism. 

THC, an active element of marijuana, was synthesized in 1966 to make it more medically acceptable. Finally, the US FDA approved it in 1985. 

The Medicine Institute of the United States of America discovered the therapeutic qualities of cannabis in some medical illnesses such as chemotherapy-induced nausea and AIDS-related wasting. It was found in a 1999 project funded by the US government.

Since 1999 various types of research have been conducted to prove that smoked weed has pain-relieving properties. The first-ever state to legalize marijuana in 1996 for the medical purpose was California. Nowadays, nearly all states have some form of medical cannabis laws. 

Marijuana’s Health Benefits

You will be surprised to learn why numerous studies were performed on marijuana. Here is a list of some medical benefits provided by marijuana. 

  • Delays and Stops Cancer Cell Proliferation

Cannabidiol has been discovered to have the potential to halt cancer by switching off a gene known as Id-1. CBD was first identified in 2007 as having the ability to suppress disease from developing.

Cancer cells were treated with cannabidiol by the researchers when they had a massive concentration of Id-1. The cells had lower Id-1 activity and were less vigorous instigators as a result of the study. However, it was discovered that cannabis effectively slows tumor progression in the nervous system, breast, and lungs.

  • Alzheimer’s Disease Prevention

The primary element in marijuana, THC, helps to reduce the onset of Alzheimer’s disease. THC reduces the creation of amyloid plaques by inhibiting the enzyme that produces them. These deposits damage brain cells, possibly resulting in Alzheimer’s disease.

  • Glaucoma Treatment

Glaucoma causes the pressure inside the eyeballs to rise, harming the optic nerve, leading to visual loss. Weed can also be employed to treat the disease. Marijuana, as per the National Eye Institute, decreases intraocular pressure, which can forestall blindness.

  • Aid for Crohn’s disease

Weed may aid in the treatment of Crohn’s disease. Crohn’s disease is an inflammatory gastrointestinal illness that causes symptoms such as discomfort, vomiting, diarrhea, and weight loss. Cannabis THC appears to aid in the management of microorganisms and gastrointestinal activity in the gut.


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No matter your age, there is an online game for everyone



My wife recently spoke to me about getting some video games for our three-year old son to play on his tablet. She had seen how the children of her colleagues play various games on their smartphones and tablets, so enthusiastically. Nathan is used to playing a lot of education videos and games on his tablets but my wife felt it was perhaps time to try something new like Candy Crush Saga or Temple Run although these games are recommended for age 10 plus.


I have also observed keenly, how video games excite children, so I agreed it would be a great option for Nathan as well. I still remember my earliest encounters with video games. I always wanted to have a video game for myself but my parents denied me during my primary school days. My father said it would distract me from my studies.  So, I usually played the likes of Super Mario Bros and Sonic the Hedgehog in school on my friends’ Nitendo Gameboy. The Iconic Tetris console was of course a favorite for me too, back in the day.


I remember when our neighbors got an Atari video game console; I was always in their living room at any opportunity I got to play Pacman and other games (I don’t even remember them now, but I think it included Contra). Then, finally my cousins visited Ghana from the USA with a Sega Genesis in the 1990s. This introduced me to games like Power Rangers, Mortal Kombat and Street Fighter.


Then in the 2000’s I got my first computer so started installing programs that allowed me to play a variety of games on the desktop. When I got my first laptop in my university days, it was the era of the Internet and so I explored a number of games online. But after the university, I had not played a video or computer game until recently when I was looking for options for Nathan.


I came across, which brought back a lot of the good old memories I have with video games. It stocks a number of free browser-based online games. There are hundreds of free games across various genres including arcade classics, cartoon games, comic games, education, solitaire, sports games, pinball and more. All games are unblocked free HTML games which you can play directly in your web browser with no app downloads.


One thing I have noticed is how computer games have now turned into intriguing storylines, filled with extraordinary graphics, inspiring characters, and elements of realistic approach towards gameplay setting, and overall production design.  But when I really looked through the options onsite, I knew deep within me that the true essence of computer games has never changed.


I tried my hands on Break the Worm, which is a players’ favorite on the website. This is a classic ‘beat em up’ game where Finn is trapped in a nightmare on a quest through 3 worlds, to defeat a worm. He gains unique magical powers in each world. The game is easy to play and there is a full guide on how to play it even before you start, from how to hit and block punches to how to swerve the worms and other adversaries that come your way. My favorite is using the special moves to kill them faster or easier.

I am not one for reading guidelines so I went straight into it punching may way through it all, and discovering new tricks as I went along.  I kicked off with level one, ‘Ice Kingdom’. Here, the opposition was largely easy to defeat worms, and some robot-like machines. I fairly aced it in a matter of time, with no failure. Just as most combat games, I was able to pick up items that boosted my lost energy due to the hits I received, as well as extra lifelines along the line.

quick tips pop on screen on how to play the game

quick tips pop on screen on how to play the game

Level two, ‘Dad’s Dungeon’, was slightly more difficult but after some few failures I managed to ace it and moved on to the third level,  ‘Candy Kingdom’. As sweet as the name sounds, I haven’t been able to complete the level yet, although I tried over ten times on my first day.

I haven’t given up yet on ‘Candy Kingdom’ because thankfully, I get the option to continue from where I left off anytime I go on and choose Break the Worm.  So I will try it again when I have some more time on my hand.

According to details on the website, beating the game unlocks a second harder version of the game called Nightmare Mode. I will surely keep trying to see what the nightmare mode has waiting for me.


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How to clean parquet floors?



Parquet flooring is very durable and reliable, and because it is very economical, most of the houses have parquet flooring in some areas. Parquet flooring can be used in any type of room. These factors make it very famous, but with some benefits, there are also some disadvantages of using it. For example, cleaning parquet flooring is very difficult because dirt and debris get stuck in the space where two parquet flooring pieces are joined together. So, it becomes challenging for us to clean parquet floors without damaging the flooring pieces. However, by following this helpful guide, you will know how to clean parquet floors. In this article, we will discuss that in detail.


  1. Vacuum the floor:


Vacuuming the floor is the most effective way to get rid of unwanted dust particles. Although parquet flooring is very durable, sometimes it cracks. So, dirt starts gathering in those cracks, and it becomes overwhelming for us to remove it. In that situation, vacuum cleaning will help a lot. It will remove all the dust particles from the cracks and even from the gaps between the flooring. So, do vacuum cleaning at least twice a week if your family is large, but for small families, vacuum cleaning once a week is perfect.


  1. Sweeping:


Regular sweeping is also very important. We know that it will not remove stains, and it will not remove stuck dust, but sweeping removes the excessive dirt particles, which, to a large extent, prevent the particles from getting into the flooring. It is known that once the dust particles get in the flooring, then they cannot be removed easily. So, it is a good practice to sweep several times a day, and you cannot do that; make sure you sweep at least 1-3 times.


  1. Mopping:


Mopping after vacuuming is the most effective way to clean the parquet floors. The reason it is behind vacuuming is that vacuuming the floor does not include the use of water. On the other hand, mopping will be done by using water. Most of the parquet floors are not waterproof. Use of water in small amounts will not be detrimental, but mopping parquet floors every day may damage the flooring. So, you should mop the floor, but not more than once every two weeks. If thorough cleaning is required, or you are trying to remove any stain, then mopping is perfect for such situations.




It can be hard for you to clean parquet flooring, but our guide will help you a lot. As vacuum cleaners cause no damage to the parquet floors, you should do it as much as possible to prevent the debris from getting into the cracks and gaps. One thing to keep in mind is that you would have to clean your floor every day, or else it becomes very difficult to clean it.



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Watching gossip makes playing online a much more enjoyable experience. A good show can certainly improve any immersion. The bitcoin casino scene has exceptional games available for you to play while watching your shows. Crypto casino is a great way to mix gaming, and gossip, as you can watch all your shows, and it will be an enjoyable experience.