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Quick chat with Mr Ideal Nigeria, Olawale Bello

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Quick chat with Mr Ideal Nigeria, Olawale Bello

As Nigeria gets ready to hold auditions for the second edition of the Mr Ideal contest, the reigning Mr Ideal, Olawale Bello is enjoying the last days of his reign and looking forward to more opportunities as an aspiring model. Mr Ideal is a Nigerian male beauty pageant which began in 2010 and the first event was held in the city of Akure, Ondo State in the spirit of the Nigerian 50th anniversary celebrations.

According to the organizers of the competition, Twitch & Stiles Events, the primary purpose of the pageant is to encourage the Nigerian youth to come up with their own business ideas without depending on organizations or the government to provide them with one. Unlike other male pageants, the winner of the Mr Ideal receives funding to start their own business and also create a campaign that is geared towards encouraging other young people to start their own businesses. Olawale Bello took up the challenge and has successfully started a business of his own called TWITCH Active, a premium fitness outfit which takes fitness to clients in the comfort of their homes.

Since winning Mr Ideal, Olawale has become keen on having a career in Fashion modeling. “I also have the contract to work with various designers”, comments the aspiring model. Now signed to Xa! Models and Twitch Fun House, he shares his ambitions with us.

Ameyaw Debrah: What inspired you to get into modeling?

I got into modeling because of my strong point which is my body; people’s encouragement; and my personal interest in it. My role models include Arnold Schwarzenegger and David Agbodi.

Ameyaw Debrah: How did it feel winning Mr Ideal Nigeria?
I was not expecting to win it because the competition within the contestants was so keen.  I wanted to scream out loud when I heard my name being announced. I thank God that all went well and I won.

Ameyaw Debrah:  What type of modeling have you done since winning?

I have done some few fashion jobs here and there but I would love to explore more photography because of my unconventional appearance in pictures.  I haven’t really ventured much into the industry because of work, my campaign and school. Male modeling in Nigeria has been great in recent years. It was previously not given the attention but it now receives tremendous attention. The industry is growing very fast and it is giving opportunities to young people.

Ameyaw Debrah: What’s your worse experience as a model?

That has to be, going for auditions and not getting picked for whatever reasons.  I plan to forge forward to greater deals than I have been into so far. I am an engineering student of Ogun State University now and I would also really love to do acting, doing big shows, and doing huge billboard adverts.

Ameyaw Debrah: What is a routine day for you like?

Busy – gym, school, assignments, travelling. I am always planning to make more gains because money keeps us moving.

Ameyaw Debrah: What is your training or exercising regiment like?

It is strenuous. I hate body fat so much and I will stop at nothing to remove every bit of it from my body. I hardly use drugs or painkillers because I train hard.

Ameyaw Debrah: Any special diets or habits that keep you in shape?

Yeah, I have corrected my walking postures, sitting postures, and eating habits. I don’t eat just any food likewise I don’t eat just at any time.

Model Behaviour
Favourite Designers – Deola segore (Nigeria) because of the spectacular use of colours.

My Trendiest Fashion Accessories – Shoes, watches, pants.

My Sense of Style – Clothes that can bring out my shape and package well and cloths that have bright colours to give me the attentions I need.  I also love cloths that will portray decency.

Favourite colour of clothes – Red, blue, black could be in any combination

Favorite perfume – RESPOND

Favourite photographer– Fantastic concept

Favourite African food – Amala and Efo Rirro

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Ameyaw Kissi Debrah, known professionally as Ameyaw Debrah, is a Ghanaian celebrity blogger, freelance journalist, and reporter.

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