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QUICKIE: LK4 talks about taking it steady with Koketso, developing basketball in Africa and more #bbathechase



lk4 koketsoUgandan Big Brother – The Chase Housemate, Isaac Lugudde-Katwe (LK4) has been back to real life since his eviction from the house some weeks ago. And it seems that his love interest from the Big Brother house, Koketso is a part of his reality.  The sweet South African beauty has been spotted severally with the Ugandan basketball player since they were both evicted on the same day.  I caught up with LK4 for a quick chat about life after BBA, his plans for Koketso, career, basketball and more. How is life after BBA? Life after BBA has been a blessing because of the fact that I have gained so much love from across Africa. It has its ups and downs in regards to adjusting but a blessing in the grand scheme of things.   What is the status of your relationship with Koketso outside the BBA house? Koketso and I are in a happy relationship and we are taking it one day at a time. We connected in the house on a higher level and it’s just increasing by the hour. I’m currently in SA, so let’s see. Wink, Wink!!!   Do you think Africa voted you out because they thought you were insincere with your feelings for Koketso? I don’t know why Africa voted me out but I believe that may be part of it. I guess time has shown how genuine I have been to her.   What have you taken from your BBA experience? I have taken a lot from it but in all, I have seen how beautiful it can be if all different nations came together for a common cause, we can create magic. We all have unique cultures and character traits which shouldn’t alienate us.   How did Uganda receive you? The love I get back home is jaw dropping. I was well received and continue to get the support and love. I was already well-known but being in the house allowed me to clear up some misinterpretations and misunderstandings about my character.   Do you still play basketball? Yes, it’s my profession, though I’m taking time off.  I already achieved a lot from international status, to championships; now it’s time to just grow the game from country to country in any avenue I can assist. How did you get into basketball and what were some of the challenges? Growing up in the USA, it’s a mandatory culture. I started when I was 7 and haven’t put the ball down.  The challenge in the game is competition. If you’re not sharpening your skills, then you will fade out. The game is more physical and skilled, so you have to keep up with the competition.   What is your view on Basketball in Africa? Basketball in Africa is the fastest growing sport and with having a Nigerian go high in the NBA Draft this year – that should tell you something. I want to help develop the grassroots level because from there that’s how we will grow and compete with other nations.   What have been the highlights of your basketball career? My highlights in my basketball career will have to be winning the 2010 championships in the Federation of Uganda Basketball Association (FUBU), then going to play Greater NC Pro-Am summer league with NBA greats such as John Wall and others.   What else do you do besides basketball? Besides basketball, I love business. I’m currently a dog breeder with over 30 pitbulls and South African Boerbels. I run an event entitled Uganda’s Ultimate Dog Show. I love fashion, and I’m an artist who likes to draw.   We saw you sing and rap a bit on BBA, any chance of you going into music soon? I don’t plan on doing music but I can see myself being a P.Diddy of it, like a Hype man.   What were your highlights on BBA? My highlights on BBA are any moments with Koketso, and singing with the guys, Sulu, Oneal, Angelo etc.   Who were your favorite housemates in the house? My favorite housemates in the house would be all but some stuck out to me, Koketso, Melvin, Sulu, Bassey, Oneal, Maria, and of course Beverly.     Now that you are out of the house, how do you see the housemates? Now that I’m out of the house, I watch some housemates and have seen that deception has become so easy for us as a people. Lol.   Who do you think will win the game? I think Melvin will win because he’s my brother, he’s great and he’s been second in everything his whole life. I love that guy.   What should Africa expect from LK4? Africa should expect me to be in your country helping to develop basketball with the youth. Then growing my brand LK4 and getting into the TV business. Watch out, coming to a TV near you.  ]]>

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