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I have raised the banner for #Ghcomedy – DKB tells critics of his performance at Easter Comedy Jam



Comedian, DKB has an interesting reply to his critics who say his recent performance at the much-anticipated Easter Comedy Jam on Saturday was unimpressive. The comedian who was reportedly booed on stage, has been largely chastised  for repeating old jokes and using vulgar language during the show.  In response to the many criticisms, DKB tweeted: “When criticising me, just remember I have raised the banner for higher these past years! Just do pls..thanks ” Broadcast journalist and producer of ‘Morning Zoo’  on Starr FM, Caleb Nii Boye had this to say about the show on Facebook: For 2 years and counting DKB has carried the title as King of Ghana Comedy so a lot was expected from him last saturday.He had the opportunity to prove again but it seems it didnt work.. His entry with Medikal ( TooRisky) was superb.. He wasnt introduced so walking on stage with the song was catchy esp when Medikal has been talk of town for last 7days.. Tinny offers $1500 to help arrest thieves who broke into his car

Don DKb jab on Kennedy Agyepong was so spot on and made audience laugh out loud.. His shot on Ga landlord’s was jus below the belt,and the way he went about it got people asking me why this guy likes dissing in his jokes.. Am a Ga so i understood everything he said.. His use of vulgar words was just too much.. I think DKB didnt know there were kids as low as 6years in the auditorium so picking words like this on a big stage like the Easter Comedy was a alow blow to parents esp who brought their kids out that night. Why would the Former First lady walk out when the King of Ghana comedy was on stage. NB: that woman Has always supported made in Ghana goods and it wasnt surprising when she left cos DKB usage of Vulgar words was too hard . We havent forgetten our culture so Kelvin Hart and co can do it and go scout free. It doesnt mean it will work in Ghana.. One could make an argument that the former 1st lady was tired bcos the show started late but ask yourself why would she leave at a time DKB was on..NB: he is the King of Ghana Comedy I ( Caleb Nii Boye) personally had to beg some ladies to stop saying ( You Not Funny) when DKB asked the audience whats happening and why the energy was low. My supposed partner that night on Jacinta time wanted to walk out but i insisted she stays bcos i knew DKB would drop a BOMB.. A bomb which never fell to explode.. Overall it was a good show On my score sheet Acapella scored 9/10 Salvadore scored 8/10 Mammacita Eno Jacinta scored 6/10 Lezki scored 6/10 Khemikal as Host and also an act scored 8/10 Don Dkb scored 4/10

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