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Rama Brew and daughter announce ‘Ultimate Paradise’ rerun



Veteran Ghanaian actress Rama Brew and her daughter are set to bring back the classic TV show “Ultimate Paradise,” which first aired 30 years ago.

In a social media video, Rama’s daughter reflected on the passage of time, noting, “So this is impromptu from us to you. Listen, it’s been 30 years. Actually, it’s been 30 years. Now. Let me tell them about what 30 years actually means to me. It means I am now 48 and I was 20 years old at the time. It means I’ve had 2 kids since then it means that you are in your beautiful 60s. (Let me tell them I am going to be 69 on the next day) Oh, yes. So as a pre-birthday celebration to my mother and from us to you the faces that you used to see way back in the day 30 years ago in the program that went by Ultimate Paradise.”

Addressing fans’ anticipation, they assured that viewers would have the opportunity to watch the original episodes again, allowing both old fans and a new generation to experience the beloved series. “So I know a lot of people have missed it and a lot of people are saying where are the cast of Ultimate Paradise? Are we going to have a remake of the ultimate of paradise? Are we even going to see the old episodes of Ultimate Paradise, yes. the new generation of today who didn’t get to watch Ultimate Paradise, we get the chance to see it,” they stated.


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