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Random: What if we all had a share of the social network big bucks?



As I celebrated my birthday this year and I received thousands of messages from well-wishers on my wall on Facebook and mentions on Twitter, I asked myself what if these social networks were paying me a small amount of the revenue they make from ads that pop up each time a friend visited my page? The answer is simple: I could share in the fortunes that we create for the likes of Mark Zuckerberg, Jack Dorsey and others.

As someone familiar with Adsense revenues for adverts on my website, I wonder what if we had something similar to that on say, Facebook? What if Facebook gave users the option to sign on to a programme that allows them to choose whether to accept adverts on their pages or not. Then for those who choose to accept advertisements on the pages, there would be a payment plan for them based on the advert impression and clicks on the pages.

Yes, we are enjoying a  great free service on Facebook that requires some huge and expensive servers and perhaps technologies to maintain the network  and keep it running but come on; with the money that Zuckerberg and co have made, they can surely look into this for ‘poor folks’ like me that keep making them billions of dollars. They wouldn’t be losing anything only sharing the wealth and creating a social network of internet sub-millionaires instead of increasingly growing sociopaths. I have signed on to the new Google Plus network and though I think it is a bit too plain as it stands.  Perhaps Google could consider my proposal and who knows; it could give them the edge over Facebook in what analysts already see as a battle between the two giants.


Coming from a continent where, some young folks and even some rather old folks get on social networks to scam unsuspecting people across the globe in a variety of schemes, I want to assume that perhaps if these people got paid from the network, it would be an incentive to cut down on the scams. Simplistic, yes I know!

I can understand if I see adverts on my Yahoo Mail or Hotmail because those adverts are specific to me as an account user and the next person I  send an email with that account won’t see those adverts because probably he/she is on a different email service. Therefore my page isn’t an avenue to make the email service provider money based my network of contacts unlike the case is for social media networks like Facebook.

Pardon me if I have shown my ignorance in anyway. I am not a tech buff, only an entertainment enthusiast trying to make some money online. And God knows it is hard doing that when you live Ghana, a tiny country in West Africa. Laugh out loud! Anyway, while at it, I want to say a big thank you to all my friends that sent in birthday messageson Facebook, Twitter, and BBM. You Rock!