Rapper, Nelly dating gay video vixen ?


Nelly-Tae-Heckford-Datingn_zps0c7cf596The internet streets are buzzing that something might be going on between Nelly and “The Game” vixen Tae Heckard.“The Game” actress and video vixen Tae Heckard set the internet on fire after she posted a pic of herself with rapper Nelly on her personal Instagram account with the caption “Niggas sswweeaarrr it’s medicinal. Pull out yo prescription then.”

Tae (who is super cute by the way and we love her on “The Game”) has the right to post whatever she wants on her account, but it just looks a little suspicious when you post a pic of you and a rapper….who is publicly linked to someone else….and when you know rumors are twirling about an alleged relationship?  Messy.

So have Ashanti & Nelly broken up?  Or is Nelly just getting in some play time while Ashanti’s away filming “Army Wives”?  

One of Tae’s followers asked her about the rumors that she was gay…and if she was now dating with Nelly.  Interestingly, she ONLY addressed the gay rumor.


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