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Raw sex, big hips, beer and more… A quickie with Ghana's Mr Africa 2018, Jason Asare Akoto



 A quickie with Mr Africa finalist, Jason Asare Akoto A quickie with Mr Africa finalist, Jason Asare Akoto[/caption] Mr Model Africa 2017 winner, Jason Asare Akoto is set to represent Ghana at the annual Mr Africa pageant this year. The Bsc Banking and Finance graduate from the University of Ghana seems to have found a passion in the modeling sector and hopes to make it big on the international scene, despite the many challeges facing the sector in Ghana. caught up with 6.5ft tall model for a  fun quick chat as follows: How did you get into modelling? I began modelling in 2011, not professionally at that time. Did a couple of shoots and runway shows for a friend who at that time had a clothing line {Frozen Jungle}.  My older sister actually introduced me to my first agent; she kind of gave me that first push. But in 2015 I was spotted by one French Photographer Emilio who saw potential and served as sort of a “Sensei” on my model path. So would you say modelling in Ghana has been what you expected? Initially I was excited and expected a more grand and matured industry. But what I met was a young but promising industry, which lacks the necessary resources, both financial and organization. What are some of the challenges you have been facing as a model in Ghana? As a model in Ghana I encountered numerous challenges in terms of the structure and organization of fashions, not meeting designers until the day of the show to get fitted, lack of creative advertisement and promotional strategies, models getting underpaid. [caption id="attachment_131299" align="aligncenter" width="682"] A quickie with Mr Africa finalist, Jason Asare Akoto A quickie with Mr Africa finalist, Jason Asare Akoto[/caption] I think more financial attention must be giving to the fashion industry. Eg Banks sponsoring Fashion weeks. Organisers or fashion influencers must be more strategic with their planning and organizing fashion events in order to get the highest level of output which will hence raise the standards of the fashion industry in Ghana. In a nutshell, “Pay Attention to Details” What has been your biggest highlight? Well so far becoming Mr. Model Africa 2017 is the most highlighted for me How was the journey of Model of Africa like, why did you enter, how was the experience? What do you hope to achieve after winning?’ I joined the competition because I felt it’s the most ideal platform to expand my modelling career and exposure in the Fashion Industry. The journey was very demanding but very mind opening. Equipping me with the necessary tools to operate and thrive in the Fashion Industry. Hoping it opens greater opportunities and gives me the exposure I need to get to the top. What do you do besides modelling? Apart from modelling I’m a personal trainer, mostly home calls. Hoping to establish state-of-the-art Sports and recreational centres among a few of other plans in the vault [caption id="attachment_131300" align="aligncenter" width="720"] A quickie with Mr Africa finalist, Jason Asare Akoto A quickie with Mr Africa finalist, Jason Asare Akoto[/caption] Models are often seen as playboys, are you one? No I’m not a playboy although people assume and expect me to be one Are you dating? What is your taste in women? Yes I’m dating. She has to be smart, ambitious, beautiful and sexy, fitness conscious, down to earth. What has been your wildest sex experience? I don’t kiss and tell Which do you prefer a younger woman or and older woman? Older because the know what they want…most often than not What does being sexy mean to you? Sexy is being comfortable and confident in your skin What are your tips on staying sexy? Work out at least three times a week and be confident What is a routine day like for you? Typically hit the gym when I wake up, eat,  relax with some video games, if any business I gotta handle gets handled. Any training regiment? Training tips 100 push ups a day. 10reps of 10 sets, 100 sit ups 10 reps of 10 sets. Any special diets? Not really. Blessed with a fast metabolism. What is the funniest thing someone ever told you on social media I want you to marry my daughter. What are the trendiest fashion accessories of the moment for you? Fashionable Holsters Casual or formal? Casual. But I clean up good Leather or metallic watch? Leather Shoes or flip flops? Shoes Tattoo or piercing? Both [caption id="attachment_131301" align="aligncenter" width="720"] A quickie with Mr Africa finalist, Jason Asare Akoto A quickie with Mr Africa finalist, Jason Asare Akoto[/caption] African print or Western clothing? both Favourite colour? Grey Favourite fragrance/perfume? Issey Miyake Favorite food? Waakye Condom or raw? Raw Beer or spirit? Beer Football or basketball? Football Big boobs or big hips? Big hips]]>



Fashion statements by Naana The Violinist



Not only is Naana the Violinist a force to be reckoned with, but she is also a style star who leaves heads turning each time she steps out.

Naana the Violinist is a name in the industry that needs little to no introduction after gradually carving a pedigree as one of the top violinists in Ghana.

Over her time in the industry, she is becoming a force to be reckoned with and amassing a fan following in the thousands.

She shot to fame after performing at the 2018 VGMA, where she performed with Efya, Adina, MzVee & Akosua Agyapong in a tribute for the late Ebony Reigns.
As an avid user of social media, the Violinist often takes to her Instagram account to share pictures of her in-vogue looks and style.

If you’re looking for any kind of fashion style inspiration, Naana’s Instagram page is one of the places to go.

From gracious gowns to sophisticated Ankara wears, Naana most certainly fulfills the style quotient in every look. We’ve had our eyes peeled on the violin for quite some time now and her style has always been rather flamboyant and eccentric.

With that being said, we rounded up three Naana the Violinist looks that turned heads and got people celebrating her.

1. When Naana The Violinist stepped out in a custom baby pink Kwesi Miller dress which featured a side low slit and beaded with crystals.

The one-hand full-sleeve satin gown had all sorts of goals and was turning onlookers green with envy.

2. Naana was spotted at the 2021 Vodafone Platinum night, in a black and gold satin off-shoulder gown with ruffles on one shoulder. The dress hugged her body in all the right places and accentuated her hourglass figure.

Naana did complete justice to the dress which flared out into a mermaid tail at the bottom beyond her knees.

The Violinist teamed the floor-length dress with a pair of matching heels.  For this look, the Instrumentalist had her hair styled straight and a minimal make-up look.

3. Naana The Violinist was spotted in a green floral lace gown, with spaghetti straps, teamed with black ruffles on one shoulder.

Aside from fitting into the Christmas theme, the outfit exuded elegance and the panache of the merry-making season.

After rounding up these three looks, we’re left undecided as to which look is the one for us. Naana The Violinist has set a mark that should be replicated by all in the music entertainment industry.

As the famous quote goes “what you wear is how you present yourself to the world, especially today when human contact is so quick. Fashion is instant language”.

A language that Naana The Violinist has quickly learned to speak to her esteemed list of clientele.

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The Editor’s Meets Fashion Brunch 2022 Starts The New Year In Style



Debonair Afrik began its year with its annual New Year event, The Editor’s Meets Brunch. The themed event has seen much patronage as guests were expected to style according to themes. 2022’s TEM Brunch was themed, “In Time of Luxe”.

The Brunch featured performances from DJ Lissa Monet, The Wanted Band; Ria Boss and Titi Owusu. The event had a panel discussion with Rozan Ahmed and Alexanda Julien, moderated by Fife on the topic “Style, Story and Identity: Fashion’s Role in Communicating the Multi-textured Fabric of Africa”.

TEM Brunch’s tradition of the new year’s toast was the highlight of the day! The toast proposed by the Editor In Chief and Founder of Debonair Afrik, Emmanuel Ekuban and his team. Nuel Bans as he is known in creative space shared his heartfelt message recounting how far Black Creatives have come and to celebrate another mile stone of winnings and long life. The toast amidst fireworks and confetti climaxed the event with loud cheers, laughter and best wishes for the Fashion year ahead.

An event that started as a conversion among African fashion shareholders has now grown to be a New Year’s premium fashion experience that no one wants to be left out. The Editor’s Meets Brunch is an initiative of Debonair Afrik to gather people in the African fashion industry and fashion lovers to have progressive deliberations about African fashion, network and celebrate the creativity that exists in the continent’s fashion scene.

TEM Brunch 2022 produced by Debonair Afrik Studios, sponsored by GH. MUMM was supported by Wax Print Media, designed by JR, décor by Tinsel Events, and hosted by Vanessa Gyan did all the justice in setting the tone for the fashion year, African luxury style!



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Men’s Comfort Waist Denim Shorts



Choosing denim for the summertime can be a tricky task. You need shorts and you’d like to pick denim, but you also want comfort and flexibility, so you have the movement you need on those long, lazy summer afternoons. Investing in great, high quality denim mens jeans means you’ll track down the perfect men’s comfort waist denim shorts to give you the look you’re craving with the luxury of feeling comfortable, all day long.


At 883 Police, we think the perfect combination of comfort, quality and style equals your favourite pair of shorts, so our denim is soft, easy to wear and has just enough stretch to give you the wearability factor you’ve been searching for.


Style it simply


When it comes to wearing denim shorts, you have the versatility of styling them exactly how you like. Rules are relaxed, so team it with your favourite graphic T-shirt, a smart polo shirt or get cosy in the summer evenings with a super-soft hoodie with some stylish detailing to keep you extra warm. Don’t forget that you can also dress your shorts up with a fitted, open-collared shirt and classic suede loafers, giving you serious five-star holiday vibes.


Rip it up


Take your comfort waist denim shorts to the next level and rip them up! Well, maybe not literally, but why not try a pair of seriously distressed and rugged denim shorts, which also happen to be made from luxuriously soft denim with a little flex for extra comfort? Rips have stayed well and truly on trend in seasons past, and this summer is due to be no different. Pair your stylishly frayed mens shorts with a T-shirt and trainers for a casual everyday look to last beyond the coming season.


Opt for cargo?


Fancy a pair of denim shorts with both a comfort waist and some convenient extra pockets? You’ll fall instantly for for the ultra-versatile denim cargo short. The ultimate in casual men’s style, denim cargo shorts are one way to take on this summer’s essential trend with a twist. Choose between patch pockets, zip and rib detailing and hints of distressed-look denim or opt for all four effects in one pair with our Porter Denim Shorts. Cargo shorts are back in style and denim is the new way to rock this timeless look.


Whichever style of denim shorts you go for this season, make sure you treat yourself to a pair with a comfortable waist to see you through the summer.


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Perfumery and Clothing Shop “JSM Collection” Officially opens



JSM Collection opened its doors for the first time to the general public on Friday, 17th December, 2021 at New Achimota, Accra. JSM Collection is a clothing, perfumery and accessories shop.


The idea of the JSM Collection was birthed by two sisters “The Mprah Sisters” who love fashion and like to look good. Upon countless positive comments received from people, they decided to partner and bring the collection to life, so people can appreciate, patronize and most importantly look good and comfortable.


The concept of the JSM Collection is to make available what one will generally find in a woman’s closet: clothes, shoes, bags, perfumes, jewellry, accessories, belts she can easily dress up with.


The brand started in 2019 mainly as a perfumery which took a year and half prior to create concepts, look for partners that could try out the smells and scents that they were looking for, then evolved, adding other elements of fashion.

The JSM Luxury Fragrance Collection is a modern fragrance brand which is inspired by the rich Aromas of the Middle East and the Orient. To JSM, each scent tells its own story and is made from exquisitely blended ingredients that break with tradition to express the many moods of both classic and contemporary women.


The unique Eau de Parfum sprays fragrance line is created for an individual, seeking the exuberance of youth and a hint of mischief. The selections of unique scents can be worn solely, or layered with JSMs wide range of Eau de Parfum pure oils for a unique and individual effect and create one’s own signature scent.


The MPrah Sisters mentioned on the launch day that, “In here, you’ll find clothes that are unique and a little bit different. We are not looking to sell clothes that women will only wear once and that’s it. We are looking to sell things that women can add on to what they have in their wardrobes and keep them for as long as they like.”


She further mentioned that: “The clothes are carefully selected from chosen brands that make quality items.”


The shop stocks clothes and accessories like jewelry, reading glasses, sunglasses, watches from brands like Victoria Beckham, Marc Jacobs, Tom Ford, Chloe, Channel, Motley London, Thomas Sabo, Coach, and modern everyday fashion jewelry sourced from Dubai that will complement any outfit.


In the JSM Collection shop, you will also find handbags from Gucci, Michael Kors, Christian Dior, Prada and London brands that are “high street” like Massimo Dutti and Other Stories.


The shop also has an extensive collection of clothes from designers like J Crew, Neiman Marcus, Biba, Whistles, Marks & Spencer, Other Stories, and Nigerian brand Nkwo.


JSM wants to highlight the good sense of fashion and creativity of Africans through stocking these varieties of clothes and accessories to show how women can match African and western outfits.


The JSM Collection Shop is located at New Achimota, right beside Chef Zack restaurant and a few meters away from the Kinsby Hotel.


Find more about JSM Collection on Instagram @jsm_collection and Call or WhatsApp: 050 316 0312


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Brango Clothing Offers Huge Discount on International Brands this Christmas!



Brango, the international men’s fashion brand from Turkey, has launched in Ghana with a world class store in Accra. The new store is dishing out massive discounts on men’s clothing in December 2021.

Brango offers the stylish contemporary man who wants to be well groomed, a wide variety of affordable modern clothing to choose from.

Established in 2005 in Turkey, Brango has become one of the important players of the menswear fashion worldwide. In Ghana, Brango first appeared on the market in 2015, when J&S Primal Limited (Primal Shirts & Suits) introduced the first batch of products in the country.

With this new store opening, Ghana joins the ranks of Dubai, Iran, France and Turkey, as countries that have a world class model store.

The plush new store, located on the Spintex road in Accra, is a modern space that stocks a large collection of the latest affordable fashion pieces suitable for every occasion.

Speaking at the store opening, managing Director of J&S Primal ltd, Mrs Susana Ribeiro said, ‘We realised it is difficult finding quality yet affordable clothing for today’s quintessential man in Ghana, so we decided to source for one of the best brands to supply us quality clothing that is affordable for all. Brango GH is here to stay. “We even have advanced plans to start local production soon”, Susan added.

The store was opened earlier on August 28, 2021. In attendance was award winning blogger, Ameyaw Debrah, and Ghana International football star, Prince Tagoe, who were both treated to a special shopping experience.

Locate the Brango GH shop on the Spintex road, Accra, adjacent Palace shopping mall.
Contact Brango on telephone 0509958888, or follow on social media or visit

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Ghanaian Fashion Brand JOEY debuts Menswear line Alpha



Ghanaian fashion brand JOEY debuts its menswear line Alpha with the “DNA Collection” on Monday, 6th December, 2021 on their Instagram and social media platforms.

The clothing brand births its maiden collection which is inspired by the Alpha male, a man who is a leader, an innovator and a tastemaker. This collection is designed to reflect the boldness and drive for excellence of the Alpha man.

The collection strives to serve as an epitome of Distinction and Versatility. Key elements of this collection are: the use of  premium fabrics, sharp tailoring and cuts, as well as accessories that are aesthetically pleasing and functional. The pieces in the collection can be mixed and matched for different settings which reveals how versatile and cohesive the collection is.

“The Alpha man is charismatic and commands respect in every setting, therefore it is important that he is able to dress up and dress down without losing the essence of the clothes and the position he occupies.” says the Creative Director, Joshua Darko.

This capsule collection is made up of seven looks with one layered look which can be separated to create an additional look. These seven looks represent every day in the life of the alpha man with the transition from executive corporate settings to semi-formal settings and also social/ casual settings. With this collection, the Alpha man finds himself in the perfect outfit for every day of the week and for every occasion as his responsibilities and status requires.

The outfits come in colours like burnt orange and oxblood burgundy which are bold and mix and match well with each other.

The designer draws his inspiration from observing how people go about their daily activities and how clothes can enable them to excel in their roles. Joshua Darko, stated that he creates his unique designs by infusing functionality with modern tailoring to ensure that when his garments are worn, there is class, comfort and confidence to show up as one’s best.

The Alpha man stands out from among his peers and this collection provides just the right clothes to do that and more.

Find out more about the DNA Collection on Instagram: @joey_thebrand. Alpha

is available via:  email: Instagram: @joey_thebrand.

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