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Reality TV star, Nelsyn launches career with the release of 'Sunshine'



nelsynBudding Afro Soul and Afro Beats musician Nelsyn says he is ready to take the world by storm with the release of his hit single ‘Sunshine’, which is currently receiving good airplay on radio. The former Stars of the Future, Voice Factory and Vodafone Icons (Mixed Edition) contestant is very optimistic about the song, saying it is a love song which was inspired by his own experience and will get everyone singing along. “I feel it is a beautiful song. Anytime I think of sunshine I think of beauty, fun, those special moments that are very personal to you and you wish you will see them last for a very long time. Like the first time you fall in love or your first kiss. The song tries to capture all those moments in a very simple clear language that can easily resonate with anybody that loves good music. “Sunshine was inspired by my own experience in my very first relationship. I was thinking of that very special person when I was writing the song, but aside that I was generalising so that other people can relate it to their experiences,” he said. Backed with a lot of drum beats and fused with guitar tunes, the song is mastered and produced by Derrick Asare, aka Deemusik. Nelsyn also added that “Sunshine serves as a new beginning because after Icons I feel I have matured vocally enough and I want to capture those moments. So I put them into Sunshine.” Talking about the way forward, he stated that, “I am here to stay and carve a niche for myself and share the gift I have with the world. So I look forward to recording more songs and sharing those emotions I have felt with the world, because I believe if you have an amazing talent like I have it must be shared with the world.” Right from Stars of the Future through Voice Factory to Vodafone Icons, he believes he has matured enough to take on bigger projects. “Those competitions served as growth processes for me, where I learnt various things from various places at various stages which gave me room to grow as an artiste. “I believe that after going to all those processes I can perform with a live band for hours and hold the attention of an audience when given the opportunity. These are things that I learnt when I was in these competitions and I am really grateful for that.”]]>

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