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Really?: Alleged pastor claims John Dumelo extorts money from women



john dumelo and wifeThis story is fast turning into something that should have appeared in Ripley’s Believe It or Not!. The news of the alleged marriage of John Dumelo has now received a religious twist with reports that a certain UK based pastor, Michael Sam claims that the actor makes a living from deceiving and extorting monies from woman around the world. Below is his unedited comment made online:

“I have been following this John Dumelo guy for a long time and all the places that he has been especially with his traveling and how he deceives, tricks and full women to take their monies and run off. He has done some with some ladies in Canada, Belgium, UK the recent one was in Australia, where he took some ladies money two of them he promised of marrying them and the others, the ladies gave him monies to give to their parents in Ghana and to my shock and that is what he has been doing he never fulfill his promise with all these ladies. Some have been calling him to the extent that they have made complains for his arrest, some have taking him to their pastors and some constantly put a cause on him, I wish I can give numbers of those ladies especially those ladies in the Australia. For me I think John Dumelo has a problem and he need to be careful else something, I wonder what will happen to him. Someone or his parents should talk to him cos he has a problem with money and how he deceives ladies and take their money. To Mr. John Dumelo, please go and pay those ladies in these countries I have mentioned you know what am talking about before something happen to you one of them is called “Brigitte” she is in Australia at the moment, she gave you money to be given to her parents and you have spend the money and keep on telling her stories. The other ladies I will hold their names for now and they all have evidence of the monies they gave you. Do our name “John Dumelo” and yourself this one favors and pays them cos you have a good future do let these things destroy the sweet future you have. My last word for you and as a pastor and a lawyer, Mr. John Dumelo try and seek for help because the things they are saying about you is not good okay. Look John Dumelo, your cup will full one day and all what you have built for yourself and your name will crumple down very shortly Go and pay what you have collected form all those ladies who struggled to get those monies and gave it to you to give to their folks and u have not given to them, not to talk of those who gave you money for other reasons which will come out very soon my brother, “It take years to build a name and reputation and it can take just a day to destroy that name, someone should tell this guys John Dumelo. God be with Him. Barrister/Pastor Micheal Sam – UK Thank you.”
Really? Well, as the one that broke the story on the alleged marriage I must say I never expected it to go to this extent. I have personally lost interest in the dilly dallying but just wanted to share this for whatever it adds to the twisted tale.]]>


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