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Really? Tyler Perry lays anointed hands on T.D. Jakes after donating $1Million



 photo td-jakes-tyler-perry.jpg Film producer Tyler Perry gave an impromptu speech about “giving” and the anointing of GOD during  Bishop T.D. Jake’s Mega Fest in Dallas, TX this weekend.  The clip, which has gone viral, begins with Tyler speaking about the voice of GOD moving in him and directing him to donate $1 million dollars to The Potter’s House.

“My intention was to just leave the check and bless God. See, I love to give. I’ve been a giver all my life. You see, when people have given to you and sown into you and God has touched them and given you favor. When you have favor with…”
While speaking about his donation, Tyler began to pray in tongues and walked towards Bishop Jakes.  He then layed hands on him as the men of the church gathered around him.  Yeah, that happened…. Comments about the viral clip have ranged from positive to skeptical.  We guess it depends on where you are in your life and your relationship with King Jesus.  We’ll reserve comment.


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