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Red Hat Certified Engineer RHCE Exam Preparation Tips



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Red Hat Ansible Automation Platform checks the ability to manage and execute everyday system administration activities across several systems in the performance-based RHCE exam. Automating Red Hat Enterprise Linux activities, integrating new technologies, and using automation for efficiency and innovation are just tasks that an RHCE can perform with Ansible and scripting. To become an RHCE, One must first become an RHCSA. Red Hat Certified Expert (RHCE) is the initial step in becoming an  Architect (RHCA), the most advanced certification.



To be a certified Red Hat engineer, students who have completed Red Hat Administrator III: Linux Machine learning with Ansible, Red Hat System Management I or RHCSA Rapid Route Program, Red Hat Certified System Administrator (EX200), and Red Hat Administrator II (RH134) are eligible (RHCE). In a DevOps context, those who wish to demonstrate competence in automating some of their jobs.





The candidate must be eligible to efficiently do the following duties as a Red Hat Certified System Administrator (RHCSA) to sit for the RHCE exam:

Make sure One can carry out all the responsibilities of a certified Red Hat System Administrator

  • Recognize and make use of necessary resources.
  • Running systems may operate.
  • Make sure that your local storage manages correctly
  • Make a mechanism for storing data and configuring it
  • System deployment, configuration, and upkeep
  • Users and groups maintenance.
  • Assist in securing

Ansible Inventories Modules’ essential components:

  • Variables\sFacts
  • Plays
  • Playbooks
  • files used to configure a computer

Best Exam for Preprtion

It will help you familiarize yourself with the exam content and can help you prepare for the upcoming exams. You can also study by taking courses that focus on system administration. The RedHat EX294 exam is one of the most difficult exams. Make sure you prepare well for it.

Ansible modules and instructions in the Ansible documentation:

  • An Ansible control node must be set up and configured.
  • Install the necessary software.
  • Make a file with a static inventory of your hosts
  • To configure your system, you’ll need to write a file.
  • Define host groups with static inventories.
  • Control the use of parallel processing

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Passing Exam Easily

There are several ways to pass the RedHat RHCE EX294 Exam. If you are preparing for this exam, a practice exam will help you identify your weakest areas and identify ways to strengthen these areas. It would be best if you tried to find a practice exam that is web-based or desktop-based, as both types of exams are similar in their format. It would be best if you used a combination of both methods.

Ansible managed nodes configuration:

  • SSH keys generate and distribute to all controlled nodes
  • Managed nodes should have their privileges escalated.
  • Ad hoc Ansible commands it may use to verify a functional structure.

Script-related duties

  • Scripts written in the shell might be simple.
  • Efficiently execute ad-hoc Ansible tasks with simple shell scripts.

Plays and playbooks for Ansible:

  • Become familiar with the most common Ansible modules.
  • One can use the variables to get the results of a query by invoking it
  • Control the play’s execution by using conditionals.
  • Error handling set up.
  • To achieve a specific state for your systems, you need to create playbooks.

RedHat EX294 Exam

A practice test is an essential part of passing the exam, so you should practice all of the questions before taking the exam. Practising the different objectives of the exam is essential for success. During the practice tests, you can also ask your instructor for help with any questions that you may have. If you have any questions, he will respond to you as soon as possible.

For system management tasks, use Ansible modules that work with:

  • Packages and repositories of software
  • Services
  • It’s against the law to go via a firewall.
  • Systems for storing data
  • Devices for storing data
  • Archiving the content of files
  • Planned work sessions
  • Security
  • Groups of people

Become familiar with the various roles you can play.

  • Assign responsibilities to individuals.
  • Use roles that you’ve downloaded from an Ansible Galaxy.

Take advantage of Ansible’s more advanced features.

  • Use templates to quickly and easily generate your own unique set of configuration files.
  • Make use of Ansible Vault in playbooks to safeguard private information

Format of the examination


Must use RedHat Ansible Platform to complete hazard identification and risk in this hands-on, written exam. Examiners will list tasks to complete to meet the exam’s goals. Examinees are not permitted to carry any paper version or authenticity of the data into the examination room.

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This exam can also be done online as part of our remote testing approach. The Applicant must use Red Hat Certification Central to receive official exam results. Neither Red Hat nor its training partners are permitted to provide results to candidates directly. Within three U.S. business days, exam results are usually available.

“Contentration, Experience and Aptitude Lead one to Success.”


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YouTube’s Alex Okosi Highlights The Need For A Comprehensive Digital Trade Strategy For Africa



Photo One

YouTube’s Managing Director, Emerging Markets, EMEA, Alex Okosi, was among the key speakers at the Africa Debate 2023, which took place on Thursday, May 11, 2023, at the Guildhall in London.


Okosi’s session, titled “Building a Comprehensive Digital Trade Strategy for Africa,” highlighted the challenges facing Africa in terms of digital infrastructure despite advancements in digital trade and e-commerce. He debated the best path forward for a digital trade strategy, with a focus on the 7th protocol of the African Continental Free Trade Area (AfCFTA) on e-commerce.


Joining Okosi on the panel were Michelle Chivunga, a Digital Trade Expert for AfCFTA and Chief Executive Officer & Founder of Global Policy House, who moderated the session, as well as Wayne Hennessy-Barrett, Chief Executive Officer, 4G Capital; Peter Njonjo, Chief Executive Officer, Twiga Foods; Toulay Oueslati, Head of Trade Finance & Commodity Trade Finance, Bank of Africa United Kingdom and Hardy Pemhiwa, Chief Executive Officer & Chairman, Cassava Technologies.



Organized by Invest Africa, a leading business and investment platform with over sixty years of experience on the continent, and in partnership with Africa Finance Corporation, the event was in its 9th year and focused on Africa’s trade profile through a comprehensive programme of talks, discussions, and networking opportunities.


“I believe that digital trade has the potential to transform Africa’s economy and improve trade relations with the rest of the world. However, to achieve this goal, we need to address the challenges of infrastructure development, regulatory frameworks, and digital skills training,” Okosi said.



The panel discussion explored the future of African trade and how the private sector can best support and prepare for a more integrated and competitive African trade environment.


“Collaboration between governments, businesses, and financial institutions is crucial in creating an enabling environment for digital trade. This includes developing regulatory frameworks, financing solutions, and digital infrastructure,” Okosi added.


Okosi is a highly experienced television, content, and tech executive with over 25 years of experience building successful businesses and brands globally. He has a track record of identifying and scaling new business opportunities, generating multi-million-dollar revenue streams, and delivering profitable growth.



Currently serving as Managing Director, Emerging Markets, YouTube EMEA, Okosi has been instrumental in driving the platform’s growth across key verticals, including music, gaming, TV/film, kids & family, news, and sports. In 2022, Okosi was named one of the UK Powerlist’s 100 most influential people of black heritage for the second year in a row.

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IMG 20230525 WA0082

Letshego Ghana, a subsidiary of Letshego Holdings Limited (“Letshego Group”) recently partnered with the Ghana Commodity Exchange (GCX) to facilitate and provide funding for farmers under the Warehouse Receipt Financing Scheme. The strategic partnership was confirmed through a partnership agreement held between Letshego Ghana and Ghana Commodity Exchange.

The Ghana Commodity Exchange’s Warehouse Receipt Financing Scheme is a financial instrument that receives, grades and stores farm produce and commodities for the local farmers in the Ghana Commodity Exchange’s ‘certified warehouse’. The farmers are then issued with certificates, enabling them to use their stored farm produce as collateral for loans from Letshego Ghana worth up to 70% of the value of the commodities in the certified warehouse for a maximum period of 6 months. This represents a great example of impact financing that aims to accelerate the sustainable transformation of the local economy to deliver beneficial outcomes and improve lives for local players, regardless of their scale or size. 

Letshego Ghana’s Director Geoffrey Kitakule said, “Letshego’s partnership with the Ghana Commodity Exchange will provide working capital for their farmers, brokers and aggregators in support of their operations. It will also enable farmers in the Accra region to deliver more produce to store in the warehouse operations, helping to reduce their financial burden and enabling them to focus on their core business and to grow and become more competitive in domestic and regional markets.”  

The financial support from Letshego Ghana also helps to increase liquidity in the farming value chains by improving the financial security of the farmers and stakeholders along the agricultural value chain making the sector more resilient to market shocks.

The Chief Executive Officer for the Ghana Commodity Exchange Mrs. Tucci Goka Ivowi said, The Ghana Commodity Exchange remains committed to improving the livelihood of smallholder farmers and easing the burden on farmers, especially during the planting season, until they receive their returns upon harvest. In meeting this objective, we will seek every opportunity to engage with the brokers, aggregators, smallholder farmers and other stakeholders in the agricultural value chain, to understand challenges and provide solutions for farming communities across the country. 


Ghana Commodity Exchange’s key goal is to link Ghanaian smallholder farmers to diverse agricultural and financial markets to ensure Ghana’s farmers secure competitive prices for their commodities, assuring the market quantity and quality as well as timely settlement of their trade in ways that meet the nutritional needs of the Ghanaian people.


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Osae Nyampong VI donates $10,000 Adisadel College millennium group legacy project



IMG 20230526 WA0028

Otwasuom Osae Nyampong VI (Kamenahene of the Akwamu Traditional Area) has donated $10,000 towards the legacy project of the Adisadel Millennium (2000 year) group.

Osae Nyampong VI, who is also the Patron for the 2000 year group, made the presentation when the President of the group, Mr. Richard Nii Amu Arthur paid a courtesy call on him.

The $10,000 cheque presentation adds to the group’s fundraising efforts towards the restructuring and modernisation of the Job 600 block in Adisadel College, to include an Amphitheatre, classrooms, a media centre, a robotic centre and a counselling centre.

Commenting on the patron’s gesture, Richard Nii Amu Arthur said: “I am elated by this kind gesture from our Patron.
Indeed, he has set the tone for what our contributions as the host year group should be, and I am proud to acknowledge him as my mentor. This should encourage everyone to reach out to other Santaclausians and also corporate Ghana to ensure that we exceed our intended target and deliver a very successful project.”

The Board Chairman of Gensar Energy, Osae Nyampong VI g, has over three decades of experience as an entrepreneur in diverse industries, including procurement and logistics, real estate, and trucking.


Although the Kamenahene of the Akwamu Traditional Area has worked hard to achieve all his successes, he attributes his training from Adisadel College as the shaping point of his life.

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The newest QC signee, SCY Jimm has just shared his new video single “Set In Stone”. Hailing from the small town of Bunnell outside of central Florida, Jimm recently garnered the stamp of approval from label boss Pee, being crowned with his official QC pendant chain earlier this year.

After SCY Jimm’s breakthrough year in 2022 with his mixtape ROOKIE OF THE YEAR, which was highlighted by a string of successful singles, as well as collaborations with his contemporaries like Luh Tyler, Goldenboy Countup and Wizz Havinn, Jimm has proven that he’s become a household name within his state’s booming scene. Earlier this year, SCY Jimm officially made his QC debut with his fifth project, Trench Baby, and made a standout appearance on frequent collaborator Luh Tyler’s debut project. Looking to continue his monstrous momentum into the new year, “Set In Stone” already serves as SCY Jimm’s fourth single of the year.

As SCY Jimm continues to keep his foot on the gas, he’s working to transition from a regional star to breakthrough international success. On “Set In Stone”, a quick yet authoritative offering, Jimm reflects on his ascending come-up. ”I was servin’ fiends for loot before I ever hit the booth and started rappin’”, he raps in the first verse, before flexing his status in the rap game later on –  “We finna hit the top, know it won’t be long / Told my mama, ‘you ain’t gotta worry, I’m gon make it home”. With his signature Floridian flair on full display, as he effortlessly riddles off his bars informed by his growth and maturity as an artist, SCY Jimm is continuing to expand upon his dynamic sound with the release of “Set In Stone”, and looking to proudly cement himself as a central member of Florida rappers putting on for their state.

Please find links below to watch and stream “Set In Stone”, and stay tuned for more announcements to come:

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Gordon’s Pink Berry Spirit Drink Soiree Unites Trendsetters, Influencers, and Media in an Unforgettable Night of Music, Cocktails, and Good Vibes



IMG 3622

The Gordon’s Pink Berry Spirit Drink Soiree transcended the boundaries of an ordinary gathering, becoming a night of opulence, sophistication, and delightful pleasures. This exclusive event served as a magnet for trendsetters, influencers, and members of the media, bringing them together to revel in an unforgettable fusion of good music, delectable cocktails, and an overall atmosphere of pure indulgence. 


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A post shared by Ameyaw TV (@ameyawtv)

The Gordon’s Pink Berry Spirit Drink Soiree was meticulously curated to provide a sensory journey like no other. The venue itself, adorned with plush decor, exuded an air of elegance and exclusivity. The dimly lit room was bathed in a soft pink hue, reflecting the spirit of Gordon’s Pink Berry drink itself, creating a visually stunning backdrop for the night’s festivities.


There was an  exceptional mixology experience where Skilled barsenders, armed with the finest ingredients and a vast array of spirits, showcased their craft by creating imaginative and enticing cocktails featuring Gordon’s Pink Berry Spirit Drink. Each cocktail was a work of art, capturing the vibrant essence of the pink berry infusion, resulting in a medley of flavors that delighted the taste buds of attendees.


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A post shared by Ameyaw TV (@ameyawtv)

Talented band Made Music took the stage, enveloping the venue in a captivating aura. Acclaimed DJs curated an eclectic mix of tunes, encouraging guests to let loose, dance, and immerse themselves in the joyous atmosphere.



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A post shared by Ameyaw TV (@ameyawtv)

The Gordon’s Pink Berry Spirit Drink Soiree was an extraordinary gathering that transcended the boundaries of a typical event. It brought together trendsetters, influencers, and media in a celebration of elegance, creativity, and the joy of living in the moment. From the mesmerizing cocktails to the captivating music and the vibrant connections made, every aspect of the evening contributed to an unforgettable experience. This soiree was not just a party but a testament to the power of indulgence, collaboration, and the creation of cherished memories.

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Ogilvy Africa Introduces InfluenceO: An end-to-end solution for effective Influencer Marketing in Africa



Akua Owusu Nartey Ogilvy Africa Regional MD at a panel with content creators during the launch of InfluenceO Ogilvys Influencer Marketing solution in Africa

Ogilvy Africa has officially launched InfluenceO, its end-to-end influence solution designed to empower businesses, brands, and creators in Africa to excel in the realm of influencer marketing. 

By leveraging cutting-edge technologies and innovations from around the world and Africa, InfluenceO enables brands and influencers to establish genuine partnerships and drive highly impactful marketing campaigns like never before.

“In today’s rapidly evolving landscape, influencer marketing has emerged as a powerful tool for brands to connect with their target audiences. It goes beyond mere reach, allowing them to establish and maintain deep connections with their audience. However, the methods of thinking, planning, and executing influencer marketing have fallen behind the pace of its evolution. With the launch of InfluenceO, we now possess the power to transform our approach and fully harness the potential of influencer marketing as a formidable channel,” commented Patou Nuytemans, CEO EMEA at Ogilvy.

InfluenceO revolutionizes the brand-influencer collaboration process while expanding marketers’ perspectives on and strategies for influencer engagement. By integrating the best global and local tools, Ogilvy equips brands with a more robust strategy, enhanced methods for influencer identification, industry-leading legal and financial processes, more impactful creative capabilities, seamless integration with media buying models, and advanced measurement techniques for assessing campaign effectiveness.

Key features of InfluenceO include:

  1. AI-powered influencer identification: Utilizing AI technology, InfluenceO identifies the most influential figures for brands, ensuring an authentic fit with the target audience. It also locates micro and nano influencers who may otherwise go unnoticed.
  2. Streamlined onboarding, contracting, and payment processes: InfluenceO incorporates world-class technology to simplify these crucial steps for clients, ensuring creators are recognized and rewarded more reliably.
  3. Integration with Ogilvy’s proprietary media technology Feed: InfluenceO seamlessly integrates with Feed, Ogilvy’s media technology platform, to amplify the impact of influencer marketing through dynamic, effective, and efficient methods.

In addition to these innovative features, InfluenceO provides clients with comprehensive analytics and performance metrics. These insights go beyond traditional metrics like clicks and engagement rates, delving into conversion rates and long-term changes in brand sentiment, delivering valuable data on campaign effectiveness.

To facilitate transparent and efficient collaboration between brands and influencers, InfluenceO offers a centralized dashboard where both parties can manage campaigns, review content drafts, negotiate terms, and track deliverables. This streamlined approach eliminates communication barriers, enhances efficiency, and ensures mutual satisfaction.

Moreover, InfluenceO goes beyond technology by reinforcing Ogilvy’s commitment to support creators across sub-Saharan Africa. It aims to assist them in developing their skills, enhancing their profiles, and advancing their careers.

Commenting on the launch, Vikas Mehta, CEO Ogilvy Africa, said “Today marks an important milestone as we introduce InfluenceO to Africa. It’s an award-winning global asset, cutomised meticulously to the need and nuance of sub-Saharan African countries. It brings world-class functionalities and rich databases to hitherto underserved markets. With InfluenceO, we hope to unleash the vast potential of this continent’s content and influence landscape.”

InfluenceO is now open for brand and influencer registrations. To learn more about the platform and join the influencer marketing revolution, visit or send your query to   

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