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Reggie RockStone Takes Jar Waakye To The World!



Your favorite waakye took over the trends on social media and it was nicely packaged in a jar. RockzWaakye in the new jar delivered in partnership with Reggie RockStone and his wife Zilla Limann and Jartogo, the logistics team powering JarWaakye.

The innovation which is the Waakye In The Jar is set to take a whole new dimension in the food service space. The jar comes with a leaf as it serves as a medium replacing the pack. Take it or leave it, it is here to stay no matter what. It’s main purpose is to give everyone within and outside Ghana, the original taste and feel of how waakye is to be enjoyed. It will be easier sending waakye to folks overseas in the jar.

There are some further advantages as to the purpose of the jar as well and they include preventing drainage waste, saves addition cost from packaging, food is bacteria and virus-free as a result of the packaging and handling, it promotes local content and supports local economy and uses solar power to ensure affordable clean energy source.

Don’t forget, the usual waakye in the leaves is also not left out. Pick that phone today and place that order. Connect with them via these social media platforms.
Twitter: @reggierockstone
Instagram: @reggiesrockstone711