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This is how Regina Honu is developing the country with her project

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This is how Regina Honu is developing the country with her project

regina honuThis woman cannot understand why Africa always needs an outside help. In her opinion, Ghana is a self-reliant country that lacks skillful people.

“There is only one gap making us lag behind rich countries. It is the level of skill development.”

According to her words, we will overtake the leading locomotives if our citizens are skilled at science and technology. Regina Honu sacrificed her banking career in order to improve skill development not only in Ghana but on the continent as well.

In 2012 she started the project called “Growing STEM”. It implied teaching maths, engineering, science and technology to kids in villages.

Regina spotted a low percentage of girls involved in the endeavor. Another project in the next year “Tech Needs Girls” attracted 3, 500 girls from 8 regions. As Yen News reports that Honu has achieved miraculous results not even knowing how the Non-Governmental Organizations work.

Any kind of project needs a lot of money and she skillfully generated them from her software company for “Tech Needs Girls”. At present, one more office of “TNG” is situated in Burkina Faso.

The two projects have resulted in a much bigger one—Soronko Academy. The establishment is able to teach children, adolescents and adults. It is never too late to study!

Regina mentioned that lots of boys kept coming to us and we could not but accept them. Certainly, girls will be working among both sexes and it is a perfect opportunity to teach them how to exist together at work.

Mrs. Honu got in the list of 12 Inspirational Women Rocking the Development of Africa. In addition, she is one of six female contributing to the advancement of technology on the continent.

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