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Renovating the Bathroom



When most people undertake a project, such as a bathroom renovation, they are excited about what could be. Even though that is the case, it can still be a little stressful, and it might feel as if you’re biting off more than you can chew.

It’s important to remember a few things when going through this type of project to help you end up with a beautiful new bathroom. These tips come from designer Charlie Williams, and there are six suggestions to help you make the most out of your renovation.

  1. Choose the Products Right for the Job

The first thing to consider is the bathroom layout. You have limited space in any project, so you need to have enough room to fit everything and still have room to move around. In many cases, replacing items one on one is the best way to go. This also can save a lot of time because you don’t have to move any water lines. If you want to make more of any existing space, sometimes moving one item, such as the sink, can make all the difference in the world.

Keep in mind the weight and height of any products in the bathroom as well. For example, you may find a cast-iron bathtub to be a beautiful addition to the bathroom, but it is much heavier when replacing an acrylic bathtub. In addition, having a large mirror in the bathroom is beautiful, but if it doesn’t fit, it will not work. Always consider the larger products and measure them carefully to ensure they fit before you get started.

Have you ever had a problem with the water pressure? This is something to consider before you get started. Perhaps you have envisioned putting multiple showerheads or taps and enjoying a drenching shower. That would be fine if you have the proper water pressure, but it will be less than enjoyable if the pressure is low.

  1. Your Lifestyle Matters

Before you do anything with the bathroom, you need to think about the way you live your life. Sometimes some of the simpler changes you may make in the bathroom will help your day-to-day lifestyle and make the room more functional. As an example, if you have a Caversham freestanding short or tall boy, it will help to give you the additional space that may be necessary. Having extra space enables you to avoid clutter.

Other products may also be easier for some family members to use than others. This could include lever taps or perhaps toilets that are at a more comfortable height. These can be added to a bathroom to create a unique style, but they also look good in the area. It’s good when you can make the bathroom functional while also considering every family member.

  1. It’s Not Always Good to Invest in a Cheap Bathroom

Undoubtedly, a bathroom upgrade will be an expensive project, but you still need to consider what you are spending. If you purchase cheap products, you will have a cheap look. Investing in a higher-quality item from Hansel Stone is always better, particularly when upgrading to a quality bathroom. Saving money will not likely get you something that has longevity, and if something should happen to go wrong, customer support may not back things up.

One of the better things you can do is visit a local showroom and look at the products. It’s one thing to save money, but it’s quite another to look into why it may be less expensive and find out what may be missing in the process.

  1. Getting a Proper Heated Towel Rack

Bathrooms tend to be smaller than other rooms throughout the home, and it’s easy to sometimes look at a large or tall radiator for your towels. When you start to look at the options, you may find some smaller and more compact radiators that still have a lot of style. This includes the Baby Clifton or Oakham shown below. It lets you heat your bathroom and towels comfortably without encroaching on usable space.

Heated Towel Warmers

When looking at different radiator options, consider the British Thermal Units (BTUs). You may have an option that is less expensive at the cash register, but once you get it home and use it, you will find you are spending more on energy bills. When you have a higher BTU, the room will warm quickly, and you always have a nice, fluffy towel waiting for you.

  1. Bathroom Tile Choices

When you consider the available area and colors of your bathroom renovation, it can also help you choose the best tile for the space. If you go to the store to pick up tiles when you are almost finished with the job, you will likely spend more and may replace them before too long.

As an example, you can use a larger tile in a small bathroom to make the bathroom feel as if it is larger. A lighter color in a tight space can also make things more comfortable. That is especially true if outside light sources are not readily available. Do you have high ceilings in the bathroom? You may consider some Art Deco tiles to make the most of the room’s height. Soft white walls with darker patterns and tiles can also look great.

  1. Don’t Forget to Finish up Properly

It’s not difficult to forget the finishing touches but don’t expend your entire budget without leaving some behind to finish things properly. It could be some towels that will pull the colors together or perhaps some other accessories, such as lighting, that will make a difference. Don’t overlook these essential needs because they will make a difference, and your bathroom will be more than just a small room in the home. It will be a place you can enjoy every day.