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Rhythmz recruits another hot light-skinned chick!



As people continue to condemn skin bleaching among Ghanaian women and indeed women of colour, I am starting to fathom why these women go to such lengths to lighten or tone their skin. Although a bit simplistic, I think that what we see in the media has something to do with the unfortunate phenomenon. In recent times, it has been silently expressed that lighter skin is more beautiful and pleasant to the eye, and so we see such people starring in movies when in fact they can’t act to save their lives or that of their families. Anyway that’s just by the way.

Rhythmz, a one-hour interactive music show on GTV seems to believe in that notion. Although the main host of the show, Chris Attoh is as black as he could possibly be, the same can not be said for his female co-hosts over the years. Maybe the producers, Charter House, just want to compliment Chris’s complexion by having a pretty girl with a lighter skinned as his sidekick. It is clear that Charter House does not look out for skin colour when choosing people to host their shows because we have seen several  beautiful black ‘girls’ hosting many of their shows. So what is it in particular with Rhythmz that makes only the fair chicks qualify to host the show? Don’t get me wrong, they are good at what they do in spite of the colour of their skin.

Chris Attoh’s first co-host for Rhythmz was the foxy and petite Pam Blackmore, the younger sister of rapper D-Black. When Pam left the show, she was replaced by Joselyn Dumas. The vibrant and usually elegant Joselyn joined Chris for some months before recently moving to Viasat 1 to host the more mature and challenging lifestyles chat show, ‘The One Show’. Needless to say, both Pam and Joselyn could pass as white chicks- no I’m just kidding.

Last Saturday, Chris introduced his new co-host and yes you guessed right; another light skin girl! I wonder if Rhythmz has ever aired New York based Ghanaian rapper, Lighter’s ‘Dark Skinned Girl’ music video. Laugh out loud! The new co-host, Nicky Samosa is not new to the screens; she has acted in some TV series and movies in the past and goes easy on the eye. When Chris asked her about what additions she was bringing to the show, she replied: “I am crazy, I will bring swag and girl power!” For some strange reason she left out ‘colour’. Haha, happy viewing people!!!!!