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Rotary Club of Accra South Hosts ECG Managing Director for an Insightful Discussion on the Future of Electricity in Ghana



On 9th May, the Rotary Club of Accra South welcomed Samuel Dubik Mahama, the Managing Director of the Electricity Company of Ghana (ECG), for a captivating discussion on the challenges and opportunities facing the nation’s power sector. The event, held at the prestigious African Regent Hotel in Accra, saw a remarkable turnout and fostered an atmosphere of anticipation and engagement.

Aligned with this year’s Rotary theme, “Imagine Rotary,” the meeting aimed to inspire participants to visualize a brighter future for Ghana, powered by a more efficient and profitable ECG. The collaboration with 11 other Rotary Clubs demonstrated a united effort to address critical issues affecting the nation.

During his talk, Mr. Mahama provided a comprehensive overview of the various challenges plaguing the ECG, such as the role of the government and other agencies in the company’s debt situation, and the way forward for the organization. He emphasized the importance of collaboration between the ECG and the public in achieving a more reliable and efficient power supply.

The engaging presentation covered a wide range of topics, including the ECG’s efforts to improve its infrastructure, increase reliability, and enhance the functionality of the ECG app. Throughout the discussion, Mr. Mahama responded to numerous questions from the audience, addressing concerns and sharing his vision for the company’s future.


The event concluded with a renewed sense of optimism, as attendees recognized the potential for the ECG to become a profitable, consistent, and capable organization, provided that all stakeholders work together to create a better tomorrow. As the Rotary Club of Accra South continues its efforts to imagine a brighter future, the discussion with Mr. Mahama served as a reminder of the power of collaboration and innovative thinking in addressing the nation’s most pressing issues.

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