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Roverman Festival Of Plays Presents 5 Plays Over 5 Days To Celebrate 5 Years Of Uncle Ebo Whyte’s Original Plays



rovermanThe Roverman Festival of Plays presents 5 plays over 5 days to celebrate 5 years of Uncle Ebo Whyte’s original plays!! Its 5 in 5 at 5! The Roverman festival is in partnership with National Theatre Joy fm and Graphic Showbiz and sponsored by RLG. What’s My Name? Saturday 28th December 2014 Dennis loves courting trouble and using his wits to outsmart everyone. He is convinced he is the smartest person alive. And ‘’What’s My Name?” is only one day in the life of the unstoppable Dennis who leaves his boss exclaiming, “You are something else, you know that?’’ ‘’What’s My Name?” is Uncle Ebo Whyte’s most hilarious play to date and explores how far wits can take anyone bold enough to live by it. The Last Flight – Sunday 29th December 2013 Introducing Nash the braggart; Santo the customer service manager and Tracy, the stewardess. What do these three have in common with an illiterate grandmother, a bishop and his celebritywife? Nothing! Put them all together in an airport terminal add tons of drama and you have ‘’The Last Flight’’ a hilarious, thought provoking play about the diversity of humanity. Apartment N1 – Saturday 4th January 2014 On the eve of the vetting of Mr. Ken Nti, a minister designate, he gets an urgent call that makes him rush to Apartment N1, an expensive dollar-rated apartment occupied by Serwa, a sexy student from a poor home. Thirty minutes later, he dashes out without his shirt and goes home to lie to his wife; The next morning, Serwa is found dead. So, when Ken should have been in parliament for his vetting, he finds himself in the grips of the law and a bitterly disappointed wife. What really happened at Apartment N1? And why is a senior police detective losing her mind over what she is discovering in her investigations? Apartment N1 explores the issues of love, duty and fidelity. Men Run Women Cry – Sunday 5th January 2014 Becky walks into a beauty salon to be made up. It is the happiest day of her life since she is getting married to the love of her life, Yohan. Unknown to her, Yohan is hopelessly professing love to a girl he has just met and has followed her to the same salon. What has come over Yohan all of a sudden? Is it love at first sight or something more sinister? Will the day be saved for Becky or will she leave the salon with her dreams of a blissful marriage shattered? Things get pretty twisted when the one who is trying to save the wedding is on the verge of losing her own marriage to her insecure and verbally abusive husband. Many are the things that can make men run and women cry. The Day Dad Came – Wednesday, 1st January 2014 Ama is in an abusive relationship and is hiding this secret from her father and the world. Things come to a head on her birthday when her sister Jane, visits with a gift to wish her a happy birthday. Ama’s husband Kofi, unaware that they have a visitor, attacks Ama, accusing her of hiding his lost phone. As his attack becomes physical, Jane runs into the hall to rescue her sister.After the “lost” phone was picked up by a girl named Candy, Kofi leaves and Ama goes intodamage control mode, pleading with her sister to keep it from their father. Jane refuses; so when Kofi returns home late, as is normal, to continue abusing his wife, he finds his father-in-law waiting for him. The Day Dad Came explores the issue of domestic violence – why love relationships become abusive; why people stay in them; and how to turn an abusive relationship around.]]>

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