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Freaky Table: Salatiel is King – What Next after collaboration with Beyonce?



Cameroonian singer and songwriter, Salatiel is on Beyonce’s “Black Is King” visual album in the song, ‘Water’ featuring Pharrell Williams and Beyonce. What does this collaboration mean for Cameroon music going forward and what has been the reception so far?

Freaky Table is a weekly talk/cultural critique show which brings social media trends to television. The goal is to provide a space for cultural conversations ranging from film, music, and other forms of artistic and cultural trends that make up discussions on the social media space. It provides a more holistic approach to this by presenting deep diverse perspectives through its co-hosts and occasional guests. Audience activity therefore takes center stage in the discussions and provides a backdrop for every topic.

The show is done primarily in English and has been running for three months. New episodes are posted every Monday on YouTube and distributed across different social media platforms including Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. It has also been broadcast on Fridays at 6pm on Canal 2 English.

So far, the show averages over five thousand views a week across the different social media platforms. This represents over twenty thousand views in a month, making it one of the most watched online English entertainment shows. The show is produced by DcodedTV, a division of Niki Heat.

The Team

The host of Freaky Table, Joan Ngomba, is an award-winning media personality with over ten years’ experience in entertainment and event hosting across Africa. She is the CEO of DcodedTV and previously worked for PulseTV in Nigeria. Joan has interviewed African entertainment heavyweights including the likes of Davido, Fally Ipupa, Diamond, Stanley Enow, Locko, Daphne etc. She has also hosted leading Cameroon entertainment and cultural events including the Canal D’or. She has over thirty thousand followers across different social media platforms.

Kwoh Elonge is an intriguing journalist and writer who has written for leading African magazines including African Arguments, This is Africa, The African Report amongst others. His literary work has been published in several journals across the world. He is also a socio-political commentator who runs the Facebook magazine called Unfiltered. He averages over ten thousand followers across his different social media platforms.

Yana Max Jr. is a branding professional, social media enthusiast and cultural critique. He works with Print Perfect in which he has been at the forefront of their branding department. He is a powerful influencer on social media with over seven thousand followers across the different social media platforms.



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