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Salty Baron Releases His New Single, ‘Paper’



In a showcase of his evolving artistry, Salty Baron, the vibrant force in Dancehall and Afrobeat music, has just released his newest single, “Paper.” This track stands as a glowing testament to his creative evolution, brought to life with the distinctive production flair of the acclaimed Ghanaian maestro, IbeeOnTheBeatz.

Originating from Medie, a suburb in the Greater Accra region of Ghana, Salty Baron, born Ernest Kwame Zito, has been a force to reckon with in the music scene. His journey ignited in SHS with a profound love for music, has seen him evolve into an artist with a versatile style that melds various genres, reflecting the rich tapestry of his influences. Through his music, Salty Baron explores themes of personal growth, resilience, and the complexities of life, resonating deeply with a wide audience.

Salty Baron’s stage presence is nothing short of electrifying. His performances are marked by an energy that pulls you in, ensuring that each live show is an unforgettable experience. His commitment to his craft has seen him grace many significant stages, endearing him to fans and critics alike.

Following the success of his “Emergency” EP in November 2023, which featured the likes of Ras Kuuku, Salty Baron continues to push the envelope with his music. “Paper” emerges as not just a song but as an anthem that speaks to the hustle, dreams, and aspirations that define our daily lives. It’s a reflective piece that motivates and uplifts, urging listeners to keep striving for their goals.


The collaboration with IbeeOnTheBeatz on this track is a match made in musical heaven. IbeeOnTheBeatz, with his adept production skills, has woven a soundscape that elevates Salty Baron’s lyrical narratives, creating a sound that is fresh yet familiar, innovative yet timeless. This partnership marks a significant milestone in Salty Baron’s career, showcasing his ability to seamlessly merge talents and visions to craft music that transcends boundaries.

As Salty Baron continues on his musical voyage, “Paper” stands as a beacon of his growth and the bright future that lies ahead. With plans for more releases and electric live performances, Salty Baron is undoubtedly an artist to watch. His journey, marked by dedication, innovation, and an undying love for music, promises to bring more groundbreaking work to the global music scene.

For fans and newcomers alike, “Paper” is not just a song—it’s an experience, a slice of Salty Baron’s world. It encapsulates the essence of his artistry and the vibrancy of his vision, making it clear that Salty Baron is here to stay and conquer.

Immerse yourself in the rich rhythms of “Paper” Click the link below to listen to the song on your preferred streaming platform:


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