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Sammi B and Hannington out of Big Brother All Stars but…


Sammi B and Hannington out of Big Brother All Stars but…

Big Brother threw up a new surprise yet again this week as the  two recently evicted housemates, Hannington and Sammi instead of getting on the next available flights to their respective homes, rather made their way into the Big Bother Barn. Yes, Biggie changed the rules and heated things up. Housemates who have been Evicted out of the All Star House will be housed in the Barn. The All Star Housemates have no idea of the existence of the Barn.

the barn

Hannington  was the first to be evicted.  He sat pensively when Tatiana broke the news to him that she had saved herself and replaced herself with him. Bewildered and shocked Hannington was been evicted from the Big Brother House. The Housemates sat in deathly silence when IK announced for Hannington to leave. Meryl held her face and covered her eyes. He even received a hug from Tatiana. Sheila held on so tight. Tatiana sobbed and hugged Sheila.

Hannington did not say a word. When he walked onto stage and IK asked him how he felt about it, Hannington cooly replied that he was shocked but he’s been through it before so “he knows how to handle himself”.

The Housemates were not happy to see IK’s face pop back on the television bearing bad news. They sat on the edge of their seats again not knowing which friend would be leaving them. When Sammi heard his name he got up immediately, hugged his friends and walked out. The Housemates walked him out and side by side Jen and Kaone let him go. Jen had a face strewn in tears and Kaone did not speak to anyone.

He told IK that Sammi was not suprised and it was meant to be. He doesn’t judge Africa for letting him go too soon.

This weeks Daggers will have the Housemate recipients certainly unhappy. There were two new exciting Daggers created to be thrown to get revenge on All Stars still in the House.The first Dagger was thrown by Hannington at Sheila. This means that an entire week, starting the very next day after the Dagger was thrown, she cannot drink any alcohol. Sheila jumped up and down in disbelief. Hannington said that he would not mention the reason behind it, he’d tell Sheila once she left the House. IK jokingly said that it may have something to do with the promise ring. Hannington did mention that this was also to show that he had no hard feelings toward Tatiana.

Sammi was next to throw a Dagger. The Dagger he threw would make one Housemate bake three large loaves of bread every day for a week, also starting the day after the Dagger was thrown. Sammi decided to throw his Dagger at Lerato. Lerato sat quietly.

This is the second Dagger in a row that Lerato received. She had a Dagger thrown at her by Head of House Tatiana during the week 1 Eviction Show, where she was required to dress up in a pigs costume. She was not as diligent as she should have been three times a day with her previous Dagger, so lets see her this week.

But the fun continues. Disorientated and confused, IK explained the Rules of the Barn and how the Barn works to Hannington and Sammi. The Barn mates are still in the game. The life-style in the Barn will be different from the Big Brother House as the comforts won’t be the same. The Barn mates will still perform tasks, and wager for luxuries with their basics will be supplied. There will still be Diary sessions. There is a Barn Rulebook available for the Barn mates.

IK mentioned to the Barn mates that they will be sharing their humble abode with animals, and the Barn mates responsibility will be the make sure no harm comes to the animals. The Barn mates will still be covered by camera’s 24/7 that will be viewed across Africa. There is hope for the Barn mates to return to the House but this will be influenced by their performance int e Barn.

Housemates that are Evicted from the All Stars House proceed to the Barn. And there is a possibility that Barn mates can return to the House. However if Barn mates attempt to communicate in anyway with any one outside the Barn, they’ll be punished. The punishment could extend to “complete Eviction” from Big Brother Africa. Complete Eviction means the Barn mates will go home and will no longer be in the running for the Grand Prize.

Most importantly, the Barn mates are still in the running for the Grand Prize.

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