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Sammy B and M-Net speak out on Hannington’s violent behaviour

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Sammy B and M-Net speak out on Hannington’s violent behaviour

Ghana’s evicted rep to the ongoing Big Brother All Stars reality TV show, Sammy B has described recent actions by fellow housemate, Hannington, which has received widespread condemnation as rather unfortunate. Hannington hit female housemate Lerato after a heated argument over issues affecting Africa earlier in the week. According to Sammy who was talking to a local TV station, Hannington wasn’t thinking right and so made a terrible decision when he was pushed to his limits.

Although Sammy blames Lerato for overstepping her boundaries, he stated emphatically that he doesn’t agree with Hannington’s actions. He added that it is psychologically tough on housemates in the Big Brother house and so sometimes they act without necessarily thinking their actions through.  Sammy returned home to Ghana after opting out of the barn due to health reasons. Hannington has been disqualified and evicted from big Brother All Stars following his actions.

Meanwhile the producers of the hit reality TV show have released the following official statement:

Big Brother All Stars is a reality television programme that is designed to contain 14 housemates in a house for 91 days under certain rules and regulations.  In an incident late on Tuesday night (14 September) there was a breach of the Big Brother rules and M-Net and series producer Endemol has had to evaluate and consider the sanctions to be imposed for the breach of these rules.

In order to assist in providing these sanctions, M-Net and Endemol called in a psychologist to assess the situation and the individuals involved, to ensure fairness and that the best interests of the housemates were taken into consideration. The psychologist advised that an assessment of the housemates was required and a series of interviews was conducted in order to determine their mental and emotional state before Big Brother made public his decision on this matter.

Further to this intervention, M-Net and Endemol have decided on the following course of action: Hannington Kuteesa will be evicted for contravening the Big Brother rules in relation to violence and Lerato Sengadi will remain in the house but will also be sanctioned. Hannington will be offered support and treatment on exiting the house. The details of this treatment will be revealed once Hannington has completed the process and we ask for his privacy to be respected in this matter.

Big Brother also wishes to note that this was an incident that could have been avoided, through discussion and a mature approach to conflict.  For this reason Big Brother deems it necessary to continue the anger management and conflict resolution process that has begun in the house to ensure that all housemates understand their roles in creating conflict and in contributing to explosive situations.

Ameyaw Kissi Debrah, known professionally as Ameyaw Debrah, is a Ghanaian celebrity blogger, freelance journalist, and reporter.



  1. Syl

    September 18, 2010 at 1:37 pm

    In my humble opinion I feel Big Brother also feels the heat this as brought up. The decisions made in this incident were not fair at all.

    If Big Brother was to follow the rules, they should have been followed from day 1, What happened when Mwisho hit Meryl? Nothing, what happened when Meryl made death threats to Kaone with a knife? nothing, what happened when bottles where thrown around in the house, and Diary room attacked? nothing!

    SO why out of the blue, after 3 days, did MNET or whoever decide Hannington had to be evicted?
    We need answers to these sudden events that occured.

    To me, yesterday I SAW THE WELL DESERVED WINNER of the show walk out of that BARN, and this is totally unfair to UGANDA as a nation.

    I think Ugandans should boycott any further involvements in the series.

    It is so sad. Sammi B, we love you.

  2. Syl

    September 18, 2010 at 1:44 pm

    OOOh, and by the way, they both need help!
    So they should evict Lerato and she also goes for the same help as what Hannington will receive.

    Totally unfair!

  3. somewhere in europe

    September 21, 2010 at 1:46 am

    Africa is dancing to the tune of western world,where in the name of protecting women from violent men are being caged as animals and their rights trampled upon,even when women are violent against men the men are punished,shame on africa,soon divorce will become your portion too,with women trying to run homes and control men,knowing when the men complain they will call the law to deal with them,shame again on you all

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