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nathalie koahAfter having suffered a setback last month in a court in Paris, which saw the banning of the sales of her book ‘Revenge Porn’, Nathalie Koah the former mistress of Samuel Eto’o Fils was nailed again at the Yaounde High Court, last week. 

According to, the Yaounde court accused Nathalie of theft in the first count. It is alleged that Nathalie stole a Rolex watch from the Cameroon superster Eto’o Fils.

She was sentenced to 6 months imprisonment and ordered to pay 12 million fcfa (Approximately 20,000 US Dollars) as damages to Eto’o. Furthermore she was given a 3-year suspended sentence.

The Yaounde court dismissed on the other hand accusations of threats , influence peddling and blackmail levied by Nathalie Koah against the superstar.