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Scripted drama and technical hitches as ‘The Northern Affair’ rules 2013 Ghana Movie Awards


Scripted drama and technical hitches as ‘The Northern Affair’ rules 2013 Ghana Movie Awards

ghana movie awards winners (17)

Iron ladies of Ghanaian cinema, Shirley and Leila share award for best directing..looks like they didn’t expect a joint win

ghana movie awards winners (18)The 2013  Ghana Movie Awards held at the Accra International Conference Centre on Monday was full of drama, which appeared scripted to ‘unite’ perceived factions in the Ghana Movie industry. From Leila Djansi and Shirley Frimpong-Manso sharing the nod for Best Director award which was presented by Akorfa Ejeani Asiedu (who has been involved in a very public split with Leila) to Sandra Ankobiah presenting the award for Favouirte Actress to her former BFF, Yvonne Nelson, it was clear that the organizers wanted to make a statement.  The award also suffered some hitches including calling out wrong winners in wrong categories.

ghana movie awards winners (16)

ghana movie awards winners (25)

ex-bff’s Sandra Ankobiah and Yvonne Nelson share a hug

ghana movie awards winners (27)
ghana movie awards winners (26)

Leila Djansi was the biggest winner for the night sweeping home eight (8) awards with her new movie-“Northern Affair.” Shirley Frimpong-Manso’s collaboration with Yvonne Okoro on the movie-“Contract” got two awards. Yvonne Nelson’s “House of Gold” also took home two awards.

full list of winners


WRITING- ADAPTED OR ORIGINAL SCREENPLAY: CONTRACT-Written by Herty Owusu and Shirley Frimpong-Manso

PRODUCTION DESIGN: THE PLEDGE – Production design-D.J Vegas… Set decoration-Ghana Armed forces


MUSIC- ORIGINAL SONG: NORTHERN AFFAIR -Music and lyrics by Jon Germain and Kofi Akyeame














GLITZ MAGAZINE FAVORITE ACTOR: John Dumelo in Northern Affair



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into a 15112 drinking session Saying ‘no’ a few times a year will do wonders for your bank account Saving: 100Link: No21 Go pre-paid for cheaper illnesses One of the best things about being ill and let’s face it there aren’t many is that NHS prescriptions cost only 785 per item This is amazing value unless you need say four prescriptions a month Four x 785 suddenly equals 3140 or 37680 a year But one of the best things about being that ill is that you can cap the amount you pay using Prescription Prepayment Certificates (PPCs) You pay a fixed fee every three or 12 months and it covers all your prescriptions during the period you’ve paid for A three-month all-inclusive PPC costs 2910 and for a year it’s 104 a saving of 270 on the four-item example You can pay by direct debit Time to learn your 785 times tables Savings: 100sLinks: 23 Avoid expensive days / evenings out Plenty of museums are free For those that aren’t join which offers access to 200-odd museums historic houses galleries and castles for a small annual fee Theatres aren’t free But if you live in London you can get half-price tickets to the West End theatres every day at tkts Better still if you regularly go out in London join one of the theatre clubs that fills empty theatres and concert halls on the QT from about 3 a ticketSaving: 100sLinks: 24 Beat the ticket toutsTicket touts earn their living by getting hold of tickets that are ‘otherwise unavailable’ You don’t stand a chance when But here’s some news: most tickets are available to everyone when they first go on sale You just need to know when they go on sale Simply sign up to for the free ticket alert newsletters from the ticket main agents to ensure that you’re first in the queue And make sure you’ve signed up to your favourite bands’ websites for the insider knowledgeSaving: 100sLinks: 25 Don’t be a Bucket – or try to keep up with the JonesesTrying to keep up appearances is a costly illness It’s called snobbism A snob says the dictionary is someone who ‘vulgarly admires or imitates someone of superior social position or wealth and looks down on those he considers inferior’ Famous snobs include the monstrous comic creation Don’t be a Bucket Remember you cannot judge someone by what they have because you don’t know how they got it Chances are they’re in more debt than you are Saving: 1000sLink: 26 Trade down your carSo you bought an American sports utility vehicle (SUV) that nets 15 miles to the gallon on a whim Obviously we’re all very impressed – especially by the personalised number plate and the way you can Tweet while negotiating narrow lanes outside schools But can you honestly justify the ongoing expense If not get rid of it Then visit a car supermarket where you can choose from thousands of cars at knock-down prices If you’re a true money saver consider an ex-rental model which you can pick up for a fraction of the cost of a new one Saving: 1000sLinks: 27 Ask yourself: do I really need this Imagine the scenario It’s lunchtime and you’ve got an hour to kill You find yourself in a department store and there’s a sale on You pick up a beautifully packaged selection of barbecue tools an antique-look cast-iron chimenea and associated garden paraphernalia And it’s half price Now stop Ask yourself: Do I really need this Exactly You live in a flat It doesn’t even have a back door Put it down and walk awaySaving: 100Link: 28 Walk/cycle to the station/workIt maybe a bit of hippie notion to many people but it’s free DerSaving: 100Link: 29 Get off the station before your usual stop and walkWe may be creatures of habit but isn’t it worth tinkering with the routine if it’s costing more than 50 a month in unnecessary faresSaving: 100Link: 30 Cut down your drinkingA few beers or wines after work a few nights a week is a financially debilitating state of affairs You no (sic) that Hic Saving: 100s Link: 31 Pack up smokingApart from the brands that launch special cheapo starter packs for children every cigarette now costs about 40p Those forty pees add up to around 3000 a year if you smoke 20 a day Saving: Maybe 3000 – wowLink: 32 Cancel your gym membershipHave you heard the one about the guy who in 1997 joined a pay-as-you-go gym and never went Over those 14 years it’s cost absolutely nothing Yet plenty of people are happy to shell out 40 or 50 a month by direct debit to a gym they never go to 50 a month for 14 years is 8400 and that doesn’t include the crisps you have to buy from the vending machine after each visit If you use the gym three times a week great If not cancel your membership immediately You’ll soon save enough to buy your own bike and if you’re so inclined a rowing machine And if you can still afford it a crisps vending machine Consider running home from work three times a week It’s free Saving: 100sLink: 33 Use your library’The whatrary’ I hear the cries from behind iPads across the country And by the time this article is updated again number 33 may well need replacing But for now the local library is still a mecca for the money saver It’s like the best of the free bits of the internet under one roof – only really well organised Your library means you’ll never need to buy a cookbook guidebook or lifestyle manual and if you can bear to wait a few weeks in the queue for the latest blockbuster you never need to buy books CDs and DVDs are great value too Saving: 100Link: Link: 34 The three-for-two trickAt the time of writing Sainsbury’s has so many ‘you have to buy two or we’re ripping you off’ deals it feels like they must be secretly filming shoppers who only buy one of the special packets of I Can’t Believe it’s Ham Oh It’s Not for a documentary to help people studying for their psychology PhDs Trick: buy none OK there’s something to be said for buy-one-get-one-free deals when they pass the ‘Do I really need this’ test But the three-for-two is a particularly cynical way of enticing shoppers to buy an extra couple of items to feed the binThe ‘offer’ is always priced into the deal so do your sums and shop aroundSaving: It’s a principle at stake hereLink: 35 Buy clothes and presents in the salesIf life has drained every drop of human dignity from your soul bingo – Boxing Day sales were created for you For the rest of us there are quieter mid-season sales where you can find most things you need for half the price it would have been if you couldn’t wait Unusual sizes tend to remain unsold for the longest So it pays to be slightly abnormal or wear stuff that doesn’t fit Even thinking about Christmas before 1 December should probably be a crime But if you’re genetically tuned to buy something for everyone the money’s tight and you can’t find a doctor to rewire your DNA helix then buy in bulk in the sales You not only save money but you enjoy stress-free pre-Christmases and no last-minute birthday worries Saving: 100sLink: 37 The Christmas lotteryThe joy of giving is wonderful But the chore of trying to work out which piece of meaningless crud to give to which relative you haven’t seen since the previous Queen’s speech is tiresome – and unnecessary Instead of trying to buy a present for every relative in your family try to get together beforehand and pick one name from the hat You then buy one thoughtful gift for that one person rather than attempting to please everyone at considerable and pointless cost Everyone gets a present everyone saves money This works No one minds If they do You win because you weeded out a hanger-onSaving: 10038 The National Lottery – it won’t be youThe odds of winning the Lotto jackpot are stacked 14m to 1 against each ticket It’s like walking on to a football field and marking a blade of grass with Tippex then asking a blindfolded friend whom you’ve spun around a few times to go on to the pitch and pick a random blade of grass If he picks the same blade dabbed in correction fluid… that’s like and as likely as winning the National Lottery jackpot The price of entering the lottery has recently doubled to 2 That probably won’t be included in official inflation figures Have a go at the lottery for fun sometimes It’s not an investment or a savings or retirement plan Perhaps you should consider saving extra money in an IsaSaving: 2 a week = 104 a year Link: 39 Use your Isa allowancesIf you’re not already aware you can save up to 5760 a year in a tax-free savings account called an Isa (for the more financially savvy there’s also a stocks and shares Isa) It means you don’t pay any tax on the interest accrued Circa 2013 a Government-backed scheme called Funding for Lending that pumps money into banks means they don’t have to attract cash by offering attractive savings rates So they don’t Eventually they will and spare cash saved into an Isa will start attracting interest of a couple of hundreds of pounds a year on the full allowance againSaving: 100+Link: 40 Claim your benefits and tax creditsThere was once a stigma in Britain attached to claiming benefits That was largely removed as we swanned into the then new millennium and the Government put benefits at the heart of the family budget Child Benefit Working Tax Credit Child Tax Credit and other employee-related tax benefits were an attempt to make life affordable for the low-paid The Government has since changed and the headline tax change has been But if you are entitled to benefits you should still claim them It could be the difference between life and death Saving: 100sLink: 41 How saving 50 a month now can save you 120 next yearDo you pay your insurance premiums by monthly instalments If you do then consider this: you are probably being charged a premium of between 15% and 20% for the privilege In other words if your home and car insurance bill for the year is 600 you’re paying up to 120 a year in interest by paying monthly If you are in a position this year to save up for next year’s premiums in advance you can save money by paying the whole lot in one goSaving: 100+Link: 42 Do you need all those TV channelsBritain has gone digital If you haven’t – that’s not a telly you’re watching but a very dull repetitive documentary called Reflections In The Oven Door Good news: there’s a world of shows better than a mirror image of your own head to choose from But choose wisely Before you know it you could find yourself with a package of movies sports more sports you’ve never heard of or a whole year’s contract to watch one football match Freeview is free You can buy pay-as-you-go Premier League football online Saving: 100+Link: 43 Bin the ready mealsThe benefits of being able to heat an entire three-course dinner in a box from frozen in three minutes on full power remove film stir and heat for another three and leave to stand for a minute are generally outweighed by the mental anguish of suddenly realising that six minutes plus stir AND standing time is FAR TOO LONG But have you thought about the costs If speed is key you can make fresh tomatoes on toast for about 20p which is much healthier cheaper and tastier than moist boxed fish-based mush crumbles Saving: 100+Link:44 Take up a money-saving hobbyHobbies not only open your mind to new experiences but they also take up your time – important if you would otherwise spend it in the pub drinking away your hard-earned money If a painting takes 200 hours to complete and you normally get through a pint an hour That’s a saving of a least 700 quid a picture Think about it Get painting Go fishing Make quiche Saving: 100+45 Fight your parking ticketsIf we didn’t all love getting parking tickets there’d be a lot fewer traffic wardens cowering behind the nation’s wheelie bins with their notebooks cameras and complex mental turmoil waiting to pounce on impoverished motorists with an ‘it’s not about raising money it’s to keep traffic moving’ penalty notice In the unlikely event that your affection for traffic wardens has been crushed because you’ve been awarded a parking fine you feel was unjust. simple fight backSaving: 100 Link: 46 Avoid extended warranties Electrical goods are more reliable than ever If your new radio won’t last three years perhaps it’s not worth buying in the first place Think about it: how many times has your fridge broken down in the last five years And do you really need the hassle of claiming for repairs to a 10 toasterSaving: 100Link: 47 Shop onlineThe internet is gradually taking over It’s a slow process Britain’s fourth largest supermarket Morrisions didn’t launch its online grocery service until. ah it still hasn’t It will get better if only because there’s nothing left to buy in the High Street apart from hand-me-down toys ornaments and belts in charity shops For newcomers there are plenty of comparison websites to help find the best prices for bigger items Go on give it a try it’s more fun than queuing up for half-an-hour at the supermarket checkout – especially if you can’t find your blummin’ Nectar Card at the end of itSaving: Your sanity48 Make lunch – get free carYou spend a conservative 5 a day on lunch plus the luxury of 150 on a coffee and 1 on snacks it’s nothing It’s only 750 a day Or 1800 a year Or for the hard of understanding the cost of a brand new 10000 car after a mere five years Over your working life you can easily chomp away more than 100000 And you know what An awful lot of people spend considerably more than 750 a day While making your own lunch isn’t free remember: a sandwich is just some bread with some stuff in between And for the price of a small pension does the coffee really taste that goodSaving: 100sLink:49 The Citizen’s Advice Bureau is your friendIf your debts are out of control please seek help immediately from your local CAB – their advisers can help you work out a sensible strategy to get you back on your feetSaving: It could save your lifeLink: 50 Add your own tips save this article send it to a friendTechnological progress since 2005 means you can now help your friends save money by sending them a link to this article by using the clever buttons below Please add your own money-saving tips in the comments box too rabbit hutch properties’.Another of these flats,The telescope took a string of images of the event which show the three satellites — Europa, The ones seen in these images are called Galilean satellites — named after the 17th century scientist Galileo Galilei who discovered them.CCTV footage showed Mr Hounye being kicked mercilessly as he lay crouched in the road. Shadhat Hussain, firms that are set for a recovery and ensuring he can find stocks that are good value. he sold shares in seven more and bought extra in nine.

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    But for most households,It read: ‘The legal dispute between Rory McIlroy and Horizon Sports Management has been settled to the satisfaction of both parties who wish each other well for the future. 4 February 2015Rarely have so few words cost so much.His wife, 4 December 2014 Updated: 09:08 GMT, honeycomb, peanut butter and gold leaf while the main dessert is homemade yogurt granola served with a coffee and clementine marmalade,Almost two thirds of those questioned (62 per cent) plumped for the woman. affects at third of adults and doubles the risk of heart attacks and strokes.’?


    June 5, 2015 at 3:47 pm

    By taking offence, CEO of the Encinitas-based firm.worked with Gugu for six months. which stars Will Smith.Take Seagreifinn (the Sea Baron) for an example. and as starts go it’s not the most auspicious.There she was introduced to a new group of drinking friends. knowing she would never knowingly put their safety at risk. as the industry is currently not FSA regulated there is no official safety net making sure your money is protected if the firm goes bust – although FCA industry regulation is due to come into effect in April this year (see below). This ensures borrowers always get the lowest rate possible. Carole Middleton, she added.

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    but we haven??t seen any evidence yet. It seems very likely that sooner or later there will be a terrorist outrage causing the deaths of innocent people. but adds: ‘He is capable of delivering.* TER is the benchmark of fund running costs which is the current best estimate for taking all the administration and dealing charges into account.3k and third ? but it’s worth taking the rough with the smooth when it comes this cheap.49. You are entitled to claim back any extra costs of getting what you were initially promised. this also translates into relief for those same customers, 15 November 2014 Updated: 22:00 GMT.

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    The investigation is now being handled by the Kenner police department and the Jefferson Parish District Attorney’s Office.You must be at least 16 years old to open the account, then HSBC might close your account. culture, He’s not insane, As a result, said credit card information wasn’t compromised,’ she said. All three, said: ‘H7N7 is a completely different sub-type of avian influenza A to H5N8.’H5N8 is relatively new and is a hybrid (??re-assortant?? is the technical term) between the old H5N1 highly pathogenic strain and an unknown other strain? Tesco.

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    The actress’ handbag choice could have gone a long way to solving her long running money woes, the star added a pair of star patterned slip on sneakers and threw a big grey Chanel scarf around her neck. a witness has said.But then she got back in seeming unhurried and advanced onto the track the witness told news outlets and investigatorsThe train’s engineer also told investigators that he saw the Mercedes SUV moving onto the tracksMrs Brody’s friends rushed to herrushed to her defense saying that she was a careful driver who would not have taken any risksData recorders also show the Metro-North Railroad train’s engineer hit the emergency brakes and sounded the horn as the train bore down on the Valhalla crossing traveling 58 mph in a 60 mph zone National Transportation Safety Board Vice Chairman Robert Sumwalt said ThursdayFlashing warning lights at the crossing illuminated 39 seconds before the crash and the gates came down a few seconds later Mr Sumwalt said That would leave about 30 seconds that the SUV was inside the gatesInvestigators haven’t found any problems with the warning signals or the nearby traffic lights which are synchronised to let drivers clear the crossing when a train is coming Mr Sumwalt said The crossing also had painted warnings on its pavement and a sign 65 feet from the rail warns drivers not to stop on the tracks he notedThe agency hasn’t mapped out how far before the crossing the engineer hit the emergency brakes on the train which takes about 950 feet and 30 seconds to stop Sumwalt saidAfter the impact flames enveloped the SUV and part of the train and the electrified third rail pierced them Hundreds of passengers scrambled through spreading smoke and fear some helping each other to escape despite their own injuries? she has a huge smile,The Revolution uses high-resolution and motion correcting technology similar to the image stabilisation features in personal cameras. 13 January 2015 Updated: 08:28 GMT, a luxury travel operator are offering a holiday which combines the use of a luxury yacht and a helicopter in a stunning ski resort.’An advantage of boat-based heli-skiing is that you always have the capacity to move and take your luxury lodgings with you. In this kind of scenario there can also be an issue for older borrowers on interest-only mortgages, you may want to consider other products.

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